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"Molly continues to love Sherlock even as she dates other people.”

This. This is fucking important. Molly Hooper’s strength, ladies and gentlemen. She doesn’t stand there, waiting for Sherlock Bloody Holmes to have The Epiphany and confess his undying love. She knows it to be very unlikely. So, fuck it. She takes matters into her own hands. She’s trying her best to be happy. Also? She doesn’t settle. The end of her engagement is proof of that. She might never have the man she wants, but she won’t accept anyone else just for the sake of it either. She has standards.

More? She doesn’t blame Sherlock for it. A lesser person could end up bitter and resentful. It’s only human. But, as we all know, she is above average. If she can’t be his partner, she will be his friend. And what a friend…

Role model. Simple as that.

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Sherlock Holmes never missed a day without saying i love you to Molly Hooper.

Some days more than once with a kiss on the cheek or hug or even both.

And it was sweet at first, really sweet.

But she began to get tired.

It wasn’t like she didn’t appreciate him opening his heart for her.

But she thought he didn’t need to vocalize it every single day .

They weren’t some kind of new young lovers who build their relationship with sweet words.

They were more than that.

Till he forgot.

She woke up early to find him already fully dressed and talking fast about a case out of London and he was already late for meeting John at the train station and would stay there for few days and he left.

she didn’t think about it at first but it hit her in the middle of her working day.

he didn’t tell her he loves her.

The unease she felt surprised her.

Isn’t this what she wanted?

But she felt something were missing.

It annoyed her all the day and even when she reached her home.

She tried to call him but there was no connection for hours.

She promised herself to call him the next day and tell him she loves him with all her heart, even if he forgot a day she would never forget.

She knew from experience now maybe words aren’t the only proof of love but she can’t underestimate them, they are the soothing part you don’t know how important till you lose it.

She was about to sleep but she heard the door of her apartment got opened.

She ran to close her room’s door and call the police but stopped when she heard his voice.

“It’s just me” he raised his voice.

she left the room in hurry.

“I thought you won’t come back before a week, did you solve the case already?”

“No” he answered quietly.

She frowned deeply.

He walked slowly and surrounded his arms around her.

She lied her head on his shoulder still confused but feeling relaxed.

“I love you” he said it and kissed her hair and sighed peacefully.

She grinned.

“You know a phone call could also work” she teased him looking to his beautiful eyes.

He looked guilty for a moment.

“I… I forgot, I got a notice about this case which is at least nine and I was in hurry that I only remembered after getting out of the train” he said feeling ashamed.

“I know you said before we don’t need to say it everyday but I need you to know Molly you are the first priority in my life, nothing else, and this is the only way I know how to show this to you” 

She was dazzled, she never thought he was thinking of it this way.

She took his hand between hers and kissed his knuckle, he inhaled sharply.

“Then you can count on me if you forgot one day, I would definitely remind you”she said smiling.

He hugged her tighter, burying her head in his chest and burying his nose on her hair.

He left to the train station in the same night, but never missed a day without calling her and telling her he loves her.

He never missed a day in his life.

She didn’t mind anymore.


Molly Hooper’s kitchen appreciation post

Molly Hooper is never afraid

Molly is not afraid of Sherlock ever, not even once. When she meets him and everyone describes her as meek, she asked him out. She is not afraid when she tells him that we all do silly things, and asked if ’she’ is his girlfriend, which most would find embarrassing given her obvious infatuation. She’s not afraid to tell him she sees him and to offer her help even as he’s being rude and telling her to shutup, she then tells him he should say thank you! She is not afraid when he asks for her help, he makes it very clear that maybe she is no longer helping ‘a good guy’, she doesn’t flinch. 

Time and again, every scene, the frown at the inappropriate joke, asking him straight out ‘what was today about?’ The slaps, these are all very scary things to do. This from a woman who states in her blog that she turns into a mouse when around him.

So my question is this, what is Molly Hooper like when she isn’t being a mouse

I totally agree with you! [Post being referred to]

And I would add one further thing: that in their (tipically masculine…) contest for the title of “who pisses the farthest”, both Sherlock and Moriarty initially didn’t give a bit of consideration to the shy, inconspicuous “Molly Factor”.
Luckily enough, Sherlock - being the Good Guy - in the end noticed what had been right under his nose all the time: that Molly is awesome!