molly fitzgerald

Okay, but Sherlock and Molly - Fitzgeralds AU:

▪ Molly being like Zelda, a young woman who rebels against her father’s rules and just wants to have fun and escape the small-town life she is trapped in.
▪ Sherlock being like Scott, an aspiring writer who falls in love with her at first sight and writes Stories based on her words and actions.
▪ Both of them having the time of their lives while he is still in town. Enjoying long walks in nature, talking about poetry, dancing and dreaming about leaving.
▪ Him having to leave for war and being so in love with her that he asks her to marry him because without her he would be nothing.
▪ Molly having to turn him down because he doesn’t need her to be an amazing author.
▪ Them exchanging letters during the war, still deeply in love with each other.
▪ War being over, Sherlock ends up finishing his first Novel, which becomes a Bestseller.
▪ Molly traveling to New York to finally see him again and marry him.
▪ Molly feeling insecure all around those big city girls and Sherlock telling her that she is, no matter what she is wearing, the most beautiful woman in the room.
▪ Them being the Power Couple of the City.

This was strongly inspired by “Z: The Beginning of Everything” and I could go on, but the story of the Fitzgerald’s gets quite sad & I like to imagine that Molly & Sherlock get a happy ending. 😬

@marvelcolm Your facebook status earlier had me thinking and, obviously because I never had a comic book (self-)education I was like “goddamnit, but why are there no Irish superheros?” AND OH FUCKING BOY WAS THE THREE SECOND GOOGLE WORTH IT. Shamrock. Not only is Shamrock a ginger cuddy dressed in green, she’s also the daughter of an IRA man and her fucking superpower is luck. I see you, Wikipedia, trying to hide the sheer, raw stereotypical nature of that shit by labelling it “probability manipulation” but we all know that means she’s just a lucky bastard, sin é. Now, I’m not sure why nobody fucking told me about Shamrock in my 24 years of existence but I’d like it to be known that without this information, my life hasn’t been what it could have been. Despite everything wrong with the stereotyping, this information oddly thrills me. I love her. I have no idea why. But I love her. Molly Fitzgerald aka Shamrock. It’s so awful that it’s amazing. Sign me the fuck up.
Molly Fitzgerald (Earth-616)

Almost done talking about Fearless Defenders #9. Decided to go ahead and dig up “the waitress”, Molly Fitzgerald (aka Shamrock), because I had never heard of her.

Molly Fitzgerald was somehow mystically changed to become a vessel for souls of people who had died as innocent victims of war. Whenever Molly finds herself in physical trouble, a displaced poltergeist will manifest itself for a fraction of an instant as a telekinetic burst of energy that ultimately causes improbable incidents to occur for her benefit. This “good luck power” seems to also manifest in allowing events to fall in Molly’s favor, although this may be simply coincidence in light of the full origins of her powers. Molly assumes these powers to have been depleted.

Marvel Wikia

Could be an interesting addition to the team, although I’m sure she’s just a cameo. Apparently, her “luck powers” ran out and she broke her foot and retired.