molly caps

it’s so fun not knowing what a pokemon evolves into so like its first stage looks all cute so you name it something like kippy or cupcake but then it evoLVES INTO THIS GIANT OVERLORD OF A POKEMON AND NOW YOUR METAGROSS IS NAMED CUPCAKE

Sirius trying desperately to make Remus breakfast on his birthday and burning everything, so he calls Molly and he’s panicking and begging her to help him. 

She comes over with plates full of bacon and eggs and toast and platters upon platters of fruit and then the whole Weasley family is in the kitchen, setting the table. 

Remus comes downstairs in his ratty bathrobe, rubbing his eyes because of the beautiful racket and what is that delicious smell, Pads can’t cook to save his life

Everyone cheers HAPPY BIRTHDAY REMUS and he’s grinning from ear to ear. 

Sirius is just standing in a corner exhaling heavily and thanking his lucky star for the wonderful woman that Molly Weasley is, saving his arse yet again. 

Molly knits herself little caps with cat ears on them and Greg accidentally wears one to a crime scene, after an unfortunate dressed in the dark incident. The first thing Sherlock does when he arrives on that crime scene is screech YOU’RE SLEEPING WITH MOLLY HOOPER and Greg just sorta smirks and mutters, yeah well I’ve got better taste than you do. And Sherlock is like !!!! I HAVE EXCELLENT TASTE IN GAY THINGS BECAUSE I AM GAY, JEROME and he would storm off in a huff, except this is an 8 and he hasn’t seen an 8 in ages and Anderson slips Sally a tenner because he just lost two bets.