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If I don't find a new placement for Jadzia by Friday my sister is country dumping her

I’m currently homeless and crashing at my parents with my cat (Caterrina, Jadzia’s daughter) and my dog molly. My parents have capped it at that animal wise. So my sister had Jadzia, who I’d been fostering looking for a home for her, temporarily- but it’s been a month and my sister is done. On Friday if I don’t have a place for her to go my sister is dumping her in the country where we found her.

She is a smallish black cat. She has an abdominal hernia which doesn’t bother her and that can be fixed when she gets spayed. She loves attention and cuddles. She will play but if you aren’t interested in play she will accept that.

There’s a pic on my twitter if you need it.

So. Thor 3.

My spoiler-free reaction:

Spoilery reaction beneath the cut. At times it devolves into an angry letter to Marvel. Lots of swearing and 6/10 sentence structure. 3/10 organization.

As per usual: + positives, +/- mixed, -negative

+ Solidified the headcanon that Thor is magical on his own without Mjolnir.

+ Valkyrie

+ Jeff Goldblum

+ Hulk didn’t take over the movie mostly.

+ Thor wasn’t 10000% Poptart!Thor as I’d feared.


+The solution to Hela was very reminiscent of the first Thor when he destroyed the Bifrost.

+/- Destruction of Asgard. Raises the stakes a bit, changes up the game in an interesting way. But it wasn’t done very carefully. Did they get EVERYONE out of Asgard? And that being said, are we supposed to expect everyone on the ship was all of Asgard’s residents? With a population that small, how did they manage such a commanding military presence?

+/- Loki. I liked that they pushed his craving for adoration and attention, but it was made the butt of a joke instead of really using Tom Hiddleston’s acting skills, which we know he has, to portray they depth of emotion and motivation he has. I’m not Loki’s biggest fan in general, but he has never felt flat as a character, and this movie he was flat as a pancake.

+/- The Odin!Loki reveal. It felt like the writers of Thor 2 had an idea of how they wanted to reveal Loki, but the revelation was done in like…… less than a minute and had just about no consequences. I liked that Thor was the one to figure it out, even though it wasn’t via his intuition. The way he did it was pretty clever as well.

+/- Hela. As a villain, she had some well-laid out motivations, but they weren’t carried through in the acting at all. Let Cate Blanchett act the shit out of Hela. Give her more dramatic character beats in an intimate setting. I get that they wanted a “comedy” but in all good comedies there has to be a moment when it’s not funny anymore. More on that later.

+/- I can’t remember the dialogue but when they were talking about going through the Devil’s Anus Thor was talking about the tech that would be needed to go through it and I just wanted to add a line that was like “Jane’s taught me well.” or some shit. Idk. But Jane rubbed off on him. He was talking in perfect Earth science terms.

–Where. The. Fuck. Are. My. Girls.


———WHERE THE FUCK WAS SIF. Where in the fucking shitty ass hell is Sif. They couldn’t even be bothered to give her a mention? Like, you’ve got enough time to callously kill the Warriors 3 but you don’t have time to just give a lil update on where Sif is? Do you seriously care THAT FUCKING LITTLE about your female characters as integral parts of your storytelling? Who am I fucking kidding, of fucking course you don’t. Sif wasn’t an integral part of the story for them so they just dropped her and didn’t care to mention where she was. Fuck that shit. Fuck. That. Shit.

—They murdered every single one of the Warriors Three without a goddamn sendoff. Volstagg and Fandral might as well have been extras for all the care they were shown. Hogun got at least some moment in the sun, but still. Straight up murdered and there was zero time to mourn them. We were right back to cracking jokes a scene later. Thor didn’t even get a reaction to HIS BEST FRIENDS DYING? Those have been his friends for THOUSANDS of years, and yet we get nothing? What the fuck?????

-“Asgard as conquerers” is a great idea and all, but you can’t just pull that out of your ass without setting it up beforehand. There have been two movies where you could’ve put some cohesive worldbuilding together for Asgard and the realms, but nah. Nah, y’all just decided that a few throwaway lines would be puh-freakin-lenty to change the entire image of Asgard we’ve been fed for the last however many years. Like, if you wanna make Asgard conquerers, fine. The seeds were planted with Malekith (if you’d actually kept all of his material.) If you’d taken the damn time to sow those seeds, you’d have had a great basis to build Imperial Asgard upon. But you didn’t so we get a halfhearted attempt to convince the audience that Asgard Was Bad!!!!™

-Lack of Jane Foster.

-Frigga’s part in this history. Hela makes no mention of her mother. Where was Frigga during this. Is Hela her daughter? What was their relationship like? What was Frigga’s reaction when Odin locked her away? Why wouldn’t she have had a bigger reaction to Thor’s banishment if Odin had already done it to one child? Just because y’all killed her doesn’t mean you can just erase her from the story. I won’t let you. Jesus fucking christ.

- “Sorry Jane dumped you.” Go piss up a phone pole, Feige.

- “I dumped her. It was a mutual dumping.” Go piss up a phone pole, writers room.

-That’s the only time that Jane is ever mentioned. Fuck everything. Fuck you, Marvel. Fuck this shit.

-The stupid “cute awkward” way that Thor was talking about the Valkyries. It didn’t come across as complimentary at all. Especially that token “it’s about time” line they threw in there. That nearly made me see red. It felt like they were poking fun at the movement for more female heroes rather than honoring it. I did not like that at all.

-The “potential chemistry” moments between Thor and Valkyrie. She had more chemistry with Banner, tbh.

-That they reminded me at all that Bruce/Nat was a thing.

-That they reminded me that Age of Ultron was a thing.

-Dr. Strange cameo.

—-Lack of Jane Foster.

—-Lack of Jane Foster.

-This is the first (1st) Thor film that didn’t pass the fucking Bechdel Test. Unless you count the Grand Master’s guard telling Valkyrie that she’s “trash.” I don’t even think Hela and Valkyrie even exchanged words during their fight. Which… actually, that’s another point, I think.

-Valkyrie should’ve been given a huge moment in the sun fighting Hela and getting her revenge, even if she couldn’t be the one to beat her. I wanted that character catharsis and I didn’t fucking get it.

-A very weirdly put together final battle? It felt like they spent weird amounts of time on everything. Like, I can barely remember seeing Hulk fight Fenris even though that was one of the few things I was looking forward to?

—-Lack of Jane Foster

-The comedy was just…. not at all the right tone for this story. Not at all. It didn’t allow the drama of the storyline and the depth of these characters really shine through. It did a bit of flattening for everyone (Loki in particular, as I mentioned above) so the dramatic moments, dramatic character beats that should’ve hit us HARD did nothing for me.

-I can’t remember who said it. But the quote that I mention above about good comedies need to have a moment when it’s not funny anymore, and this just like…. didn’t have that. It seemed like it tried to have a few of those moments, but they were all undercut and lost their impact. I’m barely even mourning Asgard because they were so focused on it being a comedy that it doesn’t even seem tragic that it’s gone. It should be tragic!!!!!! I don’t care that “Asgard is a people, not a place” (WHICH IS LITERALLy– I need another point for that, oh lord.) There is NOT a lack of tragedy and dark stuff in the Ragnarok storyline, and they should’ve LET IT BE DARK AND TRAGIC. It would’ve resonated a hell of a lot more than “the hammer pulled you off?” Losing Mjolnir, even, should’ve been fucking sad. THIS ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BE FUN??? Idk man. This was my biggest beef. I don’t mind humor in Marvel movies. But this was just too much.

—–Lack of Jane Foster

-”Asgard is a people, not a place.” What the fuck, it so is a place? That’s the…. that’s the point of Yggdrasil? The world’s tree? or did you forget about that?? Same way you forgot about a lot of things from the first two movies? It’s a nice sentiment, but canonwise, pretty baseless.

- “She’s the god of death” says the guy who literally one movie ago said “we’re not gods.” Y’all can’t just retcon two movies of “we’re not gods” with this bullshit.

-Hela’s “power” is like…. less than unexplained. She draws it from Asgard? What? What power? Extra good fighting skills? Invulnerability? What?? WHAT??? Also, how? Like??? See this is why I need Jane Foster, because she’d science explain how all this nonsense works.

———Lack of Jane Foster

It’s just been…. so. soo. long. since I’ve enjoyed a marvel movie unconditionally. Tbt. I want to go back in time and tell Immediately Post Cap 2 Molly to just… not see another Marvel movie ever again.

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         you know, if i didn’t know any better, i’d say you quite enjoy giving me cause to worry.  it isn’t a wholly serious accusation, as evidenced by the smile pushing so slightly at the corners of his lips. anyone who knew her might be able to point out just how true it could be, though.