molly caps

If I don't find a new placement for Jadzia by Friday my sister is country dumping her

I’m currently homeless and crashing at my parents with my cat (Caterrina, Jadzia’s daughter) and my dog molly. My parents have capped it at that animal wise. So my sister had Jadzia, who I’d been fostering looking for a home for her, temporarily- but it’s been a month and my sister is done. On Friday if I don’t have a place for her to go my sister is dumping her in the country where we found her.

She is a smallish black cat. She has an abdominal hernia which doesn’t bother her and that can be fixed when she gets spayed. She loves attention and cuddles. She will play but if you aren’t interested in play she will accept that.

There’s a pic on my twitter if you need it.