molly and the bear

Molly and Tom: Tom as a total mirror of Molly’s feelings for Sherlock

Instead of “just Sherlock”.

In my opinion, Tom is a truly secondary and unimportant character, serving only as an explanatory image of Molly’s emotional state regarding Sherlock. I don’t believe his character bears more importance than the aforementioned.


Molly forms a relationship with Tom way before Sherlock returned since she’s engaged in TEH. This means that Molly couldn’t cope easily when Sherlock left and her friends introduced her to Tom, a Sherlock copy. This is interesting because it provides a nice contrast between Molly and John. While John chose the complete opposite of Sherlock as a partner (Mary), Molly found a similar looking person. John knew already that Sherlock is irreplaceable in his heart and didn’t want anyone that would even slightly remind of him.  Molly and Tom got along as well as possibly and they got engaged. 

When Sherlock returns, Molly is confused because she sees the real thing again and starts slowly realising that she isn’t happy with Tom, but she still sticks to him. In TEH, Molly is still in love with Sherlock and hopes, even though Sherlock pretty much makes it clear that he’s not into women. As a mirror, Molly presents Tom to everyone, claiming she has moved on and she is happy with him. Which nobody believes… 

In short, Molly presenting Tom to her friends without being really enthusiastic deeply inside = Molly still hoping Sherlock could love her although she slowly stops believing it’s possible. 


Molly initially looks happy about her relationship with Tom and acts defensively when Sherlock simply asks her how things were between the two.

“Not a sociopath.”

Pretty defensive.

But when the camera and the people don’t notice:

BTW look at Lestrade XD

She’s clearly not in love with Tom and she’s embarassed when he provides a silly theory. Or any theory at all because she was already making that face before Tom started talking.

Apart from showing her true feelings for Tom, this also tells us how she feels for Sherlock.TSOT is the turning point when Molly finally gets over him and she gradually becomes more intolerant of Sherlock’s flaws (see HLV). 

She still is defensive about Tom to Sherlock = she lowkey hopes to make Sherlock jealous by telling him what a fulfilling sexual life she has with Tom. But, like I said, it’s lowkey and she doesn’t seem uneasy or anxious in front of Sherlock anymore. Molly is still interested in Sherlock, but the flame is dying…


After that (most likely), Molly calls everyone and warns them of the hard time Sherlock will have in John’s wedding. In a similar fashion, she is clearly not happy with Tom, she gets easily embarassed and angry at him. As her romantic love for Sherlock was dying, so did her “whatever” interest in Tom. 


Molly and Tom break up. While it is speculated that Molly found out Tom was gay too, which I don’t oppose to in any way, I believe Molly ended the relationship and it was not Tom who finally dumped her for a guy.

So Molly broke up with Tom. 

Originally posted by gottaspendapenny

This is the official ending of Molly’s romantic love for Sherlock. This is something head-over-heels Molly would never dare do. She’s not in love with Sherlock anymore.

This is  the primary reason of her breakup with Tom. Not necessarily that Tom is gay (which is most likely true though). Tom’s orientation was the catalyst like it was the catalyst for ending her fixation with Sherlock, but she would eventually break up with him anyway. She was never really happy with Tom. The important, deep reason that interests Moftiss is not that Molly has a thing for gay guys or that Tom is gay or that Tom is a secretly important character. The reason is that Molly is not in love with Sherlock anymore, so this joke of a relationship had to end. 

As soon as Molly realised she was not in love with Sherlock, she also realised that she was wasting her life with potential copycats of a love that was actually never going to happen. The negativity of the emotions usually accompanying a break-up are mirrored in the aggressive way with which Molly tries to bring Sherlock back to his senses. Her actual break-up with Tom is the mirror of her figurative break-up of years and years of fruitless obsession with Sherlock. 

Ending of romantic love doesn’t mean in any way ending of love though. Molly’s fury actually shows how much she cares about him and how much she wants to bring him back to his senses and realise he was behaving irresponsibly and completely indifferent to his friends’ feelings. Violence is never a good thing, but excuse me for saying that her approach could have more impact in Sherlock’s case than a trembling, sad remark. 

I truly believe, Molly’s slapping cleared Sherlock’s mind more effectively than John’s “You could have called”. And it had a greater impact exactly because it was coming from a character like Molly. It meant the most.

  • Molly: Oh come on! I just want to be ready for next week!
  • Sherlock: *unmoved* It's becoming obsessive, and you know it.
  • Molly: B-but there's so many little details to pick up on...even in those short clips! Don't you have any theories about-
  • Sherlock: Nope.
  • Molly: *excitedly* But, I mean, just based on the trailers alone, if you HAD to say who would end up-
  • Sherlock: *exasperated* We have essentially no solid evidence, which makes any theories meaningless. And besides, I am a professional detective, therefore I refuse to use my brain power to engage in pointless guessing about the fictional plot line and characters of your favorite television show which has no real bearing on our lives!
  • Molly: ... *narrows eyes*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
Some Kidlit Titles To Help You Fight The Goddamn Patriarchy

The Big Ones, ‘Cause We’re Gonna Need Harry And Katniss To Help Us Out (Remember: What Would Hermione Do?)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
The Hunger Games

Comics/Super Heroes: For Punching The Bad Guys (And Sometimes Talking Reason Into Them)

Ms. Marvel
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur
The Unstoppable Wasp
Not Your Sidekick - CB Lee

Badass Historical Fiction

The Diviners series - Libba Bray
Outrun the Moon - Stacey Lee
Rose Under Fire - Elizabeth Wein
Vengeance Road - Erin Bowman

Contemporary - Both The Fun And The Serious Kind, Because Fun Is Important Too

Exit, Pursued by a Bear - EK Johnston
Saving Hamlet - Molly Booth
A Study in Charlotte - Brittany Cavallaro
Far From You - Tess Sharpe

Fantasy, Because We All Need More Magic

Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom - Leigh Bardugo
Furthermore - Tahereh Mafi
The Girl from Everywhere - Heidi Heillig
Fire - Kristin Cashore

Books Specifically By Awesome POC Writers

Shadowshaper - Daniel Jose Older
All-American Boys - Jason Reynolds
Written in the Stars - Aisha Saeed
The Sun is Also a Star - Nicola Yoon
Riding Chance - Christine Kendall
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before - Jenny Han

Fantastic LGTBQIA+ Rep Resides Here

George - Alex Gino
Every Heart a Doorway - Seanan McGuire
When the Moon Was Ours - Anna Marie McLemore
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - Becky Albertalli
Everything Leads to You - Nina LaCour
The Scorpion Rules/The Swan Riders - Erin Bow
Run - Kody Keplinger

These are just some of the ones I’ve read in the past few years. Please do share your favorites too - we all need good books to keep us company and inspire us at times like these.

The Goldilocks Zone

Becuase hey, if I can’t sleep, at least I can write!

“Sherlock, you’re my baby bear.”

Molly Hooper was drunk off her arse, but Sherlock responded to her as if she was as sober as he was. “Molly, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

She gazed up at him through eyes gone even bigger and browner than usual, absolutely shining with sincerity as she laid a hand on his arm and leaned forward…and continued leaning forward until he reached out with an alarmed exprssion on his face and helped her into a (relatively) upright position. “My baby bear,” she repeated, very slowly. “You know? Like inna fairly tale? Goldi Hawn anna three bears.” She raised her hand and held up four fingers, frowned, then grinned as she reached out with her other hand and tugged the pinky finger down. “Mamma bear, papa bear, baby bear. You’re my baby bear, dontcha see?”

Sherlock couldn’t help grinning back at her in spite of his continued bemusement. They were at John and Mary’s anniversary party and Molly had polished off half a bottle of rather nice red all by herself, which was why he was sitting with her in the Watson’s spare bedroom, trying to coax her into bed so she could sleep it off. “Nope, sorry, still don’t see,” he admitted as he worked her shoes off her feet.

She was propped up against the headboard, still waving three fingers in front of his face. “You’re not Tom an’ you’re not Jim,” she declared.

He pulled a face. “No, definitely not,” he agreed. “Not drunk, either, which is more than I can say for you, Doctor Hooper.”

She giggled. “I like it when you call me that, ‘Doctor Hooper’, makes me sound perfreshinal…perfeshinal…like I know my job reeeaaaallly good!”

“You do know your job really good,” he replied as he slid her feet beneath the sheet and duvet. “Really well,” he corrected himself with a shake of the head.

“Yesh,” she agreed solmenly, finally lowering her hand to her lap. “Buuttt I alsho know my fairly tales. An’ you’re still my baby bear. Not Tom, he was too nice.” She wrinkled her nose. “Not Jim, cause he was too dang’rush. But youuuu…” she sing-songed the last word, “you are jusht right, Sherlock Scoot Willem Hol-mes.” 

He winced as she mangled his name - especially since she decided to pronounce the silent ‘l’ in his last name - but at least now he understood what she was trying to say. “You’re saying I’m in the Goldilocks zone,” he said with a nod as he tucked the covers up around her waist and helped her lie down. He’d already managed to get some paracetamol tablets and a glass of water into her, and hoped it would be enough to keep the raging hangover she was bound to experience to a manageable level.

“Yesh,” Molly replied sleepily as she turned onto her side. “Zactly it. My baby bear.”

He sighed and shook his head as her eyes drooped shut. He waited until he heard a soft snore from her lips, then leaned down and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Goodnight, Goldilocks.”

The next morning when Molly woke up, she was pathetically pleased to find a full glass of water and some paracetamol waiting for her on the unfamiliar nightstand. “Oh God I need to stay away from the red,” she mumbled as she swallowed the pills and gulped down about half of the water. Only when she went to replace it on the nightstand - must be at John and Mary’s, she deduced - did she notice the folded piece of paper lying there.

Leaning back against the pillows, she opened it.

Dearest Molly, she read. In case you’ve blacked out on our conversation last night, I have decided that you are my baby bear as well. When you’re feeling up to it, send me a text and I’ll take you back to your flat so we can talk about this change in our relationship. Love, Sherlock XXX

She read it over three times before finally fumbling for her mobile and dialing Sherlock’s number. He answered on the first ring. “Yes I mean it,” he said before she could do more than open her mouth. “Since we’re in each other’s Goldilocks zone, there’s no point in dithering over it a minute longer than we have to. I’ll be there in about an hour to pick you up, plenty of time for you to have a cup of coffee and make yourself as presentable as you think necessary, although of course I can promise you I’ll think you look wondeful no matter what. Bye!

With a click he was gone and Molly wasted no time in rolling out of bed, despite her massive headache. 

As Sherlock had said, there was no point in dithering when they were finally on the same page.

  • When I say: I'm fine.
  • What I Mean Is: How could Molly and the rest of the Order Not check in on baby Harry as he is growing up. McGonagall even knew he was being left at an abusive home, with people she clearly hated, and yet she didn't drop in to check on Harry; even just as a cat to see how he's doing. Dumbledore was able to send messages to them, so why didn't he send warnings to have Harry treated decently. How hard could it have been to send a letter saying "Hey, put the boy in the spare room," or "He is not your personal slave, feed him, we are watching you." Molly, how could Molly not go mega momma bear and drop in on the Dursleys, she would have become Aunt Molly who visited every week to feed and nurture Harry at the least. Remus, one of his best friends' son, left him at the hands of the Dursleys, didn't even bother to see if he was alright after James' and Lily's deaths. Any of them, even from afar, could have done something with magic. Lasly, Molly, you knew Harry and Ron were the same age, how did you Not look for him at King's Cross knowing he would be arriving for the first time.
Scorbus Engagement

• The easiest part by far of Albus and Scorpius’ engagement is the first part of actually asking.

•Albus fusses and frets over the logistics of it for three weeks.

• He’s beaten to the mark by Scorpius pulling out a ring the day after they get their N.E.W.T results (Albus amazed he ever did that well and Scopius abashed by the letter of praise from Headmistress McGonagall).

• Scorpius is standing in his PJs in the Potter’s kitchen when he asks Albus - through a mess of stuttering and half started the sentences the likes of which Albus hasn’t seen since their first train ride to Hogwarts - if he’d like to spend the rest of his life with him.

• Saying yes - quickly, emphatically, certainly - is easy.

• Telling their parents is harder.

• (And living through the 2024 Molly Weasley vs. Draco Malfoy wedding planning debate doesn’t bear remembering)

stargaryenhooper  asked:

I came across your blog while looking up #knitlock, and am so in love with your John Watson Bear patterns. I already added one of them to my queue on Ravelry, and was wondering if you published any of the other sweater patterns? What size is the bear? Thanks :)

Hi! The bear is a basic “Build A Bear” size, about 15 inches tall from head to toe and about 14″ chest circumference. I have two bear sweater patterns on ravelry–the Christmas one and the oatmeal one. :) Haven’t developed any other ones, although I am very very slowly working on a bear-version of John’s burgundy cardigan. I might have to get a Molly bear someday so I can make her awesome knitwear as well :).

anonymous asked:

any poi and/or sherlock bbc ships?

i don’t have any major ships on either shows that triggered that classic visceral, obsessive surge, anon, that’s why they didn’t make the short list. but the dynamics (romantic and/or otherwise) i found most intriguing & rewarding on those 2 are:

harold/john, harold/grace, harold/machine, harold/nathan, root/shaw, harold/root, harold/shaw, carter/john, harold/john/shaw/fusco/bear, harold/elias/john

sherlock/john, sherlock/molly, john/mary, sherlock/john/mary, and the holmes family in its entirety.

Silents and Shamrocks

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and to pay tribute to Mabel Normand during Women’s History Month, we feature this shamrock-bearing sheet music cover for “Molly O (I Love You).”

The song was written for the 1921 film Molly O’, based on Mack Sennett’s tender love story of an Irish girl’s struggle to overcome her lowly beginnings. Mabel Normand plays Molly O'Dair, the penniless daughter of an Irish washerwoman and a ditchdigger who falls in love with a millionaire bachelor.

Marketed alongside the film, the song was to be played during screenings. The James C. Emery lyric, “I’m in love with your sweet Irish style,” could also express Sennett’s feelings for Normand, who was Irish on her mother’s side. Sennett and Normand shared a lengthy professional and private history, and for some time, Sennett was smitten with her.

Normand became a triple-threat hyphenate in 1914 as a writer-director-actor, starring opposite and giving screen direction to the likes of Charlie Chaplin, who is pictured with her in Mabel’s Strange Predicament (1914, below). Despite the great heights she reached in her career, however, Normand was tainted both personally and professionally by several scandals in the 1920s.

Author Betty Harper Fussell, the author of Mabel, counts the star as one of the “I-Don’t-Care” girls, a nickname applied to several young actresses from the early twentieth century who had a fearless disregard for convention. But when judged solely on the merits of her career, from features such as Tillie’s Punctured Romance to Mickey and Molly O’, as well as her many short films, there is no doubt that Normand can be considered one of the great silent film comediennes and a true cinematic innovator.

The music cue sheet, contained in the Mack Sennett papers in Special Collections at the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library, shows that the “Molly O” theme by Norman McNeil was to open and close the film and be played some 10 times at key points, providing evidence that theme songs have been in use for nearly 100 years.

The cue sheet was compiled by Austrian-born motion picture musician Gregory Kreshover, who served as assistant musical director at the Sennett-owned Mission Theatre in Los Angeles, the site of the film’s invitational premiere. At the close of the cue sheet, Sennett, in his role as the film’s producer, specifically instructs music directors to play the music rather softly and never too boisterously. (Let’s hope the conductor read through the cue sheet to discover this before giving the first downbeat.)

The artist Barbelle, noted for his contributions to Tin Pan Alley sheet music art, garnishes the cover with a large, green three-leaf shamrock resembling poured paint and cleverly adorns the song title lettering with a couple dozen miniature shamrocks, with the whole contained within a tasteful frame.

The complete sheet music can be found in Digital Collections, alongside other rich treasures.