Mary Alice Nelson, aka Molly Spotted Elk
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Mollydellis Nelson, often anglicized to Mary Alice Nelson, was a dancer who performed under the stage name of Molly Spotted Elk. When companies in venues in the U.S. wanted to relegate her to stereotypical depictions of Native Americans, she took her skills to France.

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best parts of hope arc

- when togami looked like he was wearing a fab red headband
- hajime heterochromia
- four dark devas + 12 zodiac generals are ok
- yasu-hero
- when kyouko wasnt fucking dead
- sdr2 kiddos giving ryota hope
- impostor comforting their boyfriend
- impostor
- sonia treating souda like a human and complimenting his work!! souda caring more about her compliment than trying to impress her (if that makes sense??)

it def had a buttload of writing problems and i hope theres a follow up/ ova or light novel to fill in plot holes but im really glad!! there was a happy ending!!!! idk lol they deserve it. whether u liked or disliked the ending, dr3 was a wild ride and i hope u guys had as much fun as i did. :D

Mary’s Confidante

I’m rewatching HLV. This bit struck me as odd:

From a narrative perspective, this line feels like it is setting something up for a future reveal. Mary has a confidante.

I’ve seen meta suggesting this is Janine (x) and also David (x). These are certainly possible. But the gut sense I got rewatching this was that Mary’s confidante must be someone we know, and knew at the time of this scene. 

David is Mary’s ex-boyfriend. He’s involved only in TSoT as an ex, and perhaps serves as a foil to John’s “ex”, Sherlock. But otherwise we don’t really see much of David. It’s possible he’s being set up as the baby’s father, which gives a better explanation as to why he exists at all in the story. But as Mary’s confidante? That would hardly be a rug-pull moment since the viewer doesn’t know David and has nothing invested in him. Furthermore, he’s already in the position of “on Mary’s side" as her ex-bodyfriend. Also being her confidante is sort of <shrug>, not a reveal.

Janine – Janine gets involved in Sherlock’s plots in HLV, so it would be a bit of a surprise if she had deeper ties to Mary and knew she was an assassin all along. It would also explain (possibly) how Mary got into Magnussen’s office (though Mary could have just done her assasiny-spider man thing, as we saw her scaling a building in the black outfit in S4 setlock). But again, it’s not that much of a rug-pull because we don’t have much invested in Janine .

The question is: a confidante for what? Even though she’s speaking of Sherlock coming back from the dead here, I’m not convinced she’s speaking of her own “resurrection” as Mary Morstan 5 years ago. Again, it’s not that relevant story-wise HOW she took over the dead baby’s identity. She simply did. I don’t see that figuring into a big future reveal.

What if the thing Mary’s “confidante” is helping her with is the scheme to infiltrate John life and become involved with him, Mary’s whole “nicey nurse” personna at John’s work? That’s much more relevant to the main arc of Sherlock. And what if it’s someone we know? Someone in the main story who has helped Mary all along?

Mycroft? Lestrade? Mrs. Hudson? Molly?

My bet is on one of these. It could be any of them, especially Mycroft. Yet let’s take a look at  Molly. Now THAT would be a rug-pull. I submit:

1.  We have Molly saying at the Sherlocked con that she was Mary were “good friends” (on screen) in (or by the end of) S4. 

2. We have that odd tweet from Amanda to Loo after the S4.E3 readthrough (”What are we going to do?”), implying somehow they were in the same boat.

3. We have Molly appearing during setlock at the beach bit when Moriarty makes his appearance. Why the hell would lab scientist Molly be there? Unless she was a plant all along. (I was looking for the photo she posted of her shoes in sand/rock during that setlock but couldnt’ find it. If you have it please add!

4. We also have this “Molly in disguise” from S4.E3 setlock. Why?  

Also, Molly has medican knowledge, so she could have helped Mary with faking being a nurse.

On the con side: If Molly was BOTH SHerlock and Mary’s confidante Mary would have known all along that Sherlock wasn’t dead. So that opens some new questions. Was she hanging out with John waiting for Sherlock to return?

Am I positive about this? No! It’s just a theory. Take it as you will.

JACK: “Nice to catch you again, Doctor. Aaaand who’s your new companion here?”
SHERLOCK: “Is he… ‘flirting’ with me?”
DOCTOR: “No, it’s just the way he is.”
JACK: “Actually, I was…”
DOCTOR: “Oh, don’t start!”


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