BR!NK Interview: Molly McAleer

I haven’t posted an interview I’ve done in a while. Here’s one.

From an early age, today’s BR!NKer knew what she was headed for; all the subsequent growing up was just the “getting there” part. Molly McAleer, known more commonly as “Molls,” is in the middle of a success explosion. First, there’s this little ol’ blog of hers called MollsSheWrote – the popularity of which (in combination with her work on Gawker and Defamer) made her e-famous, and definitely a recognizable face around town to many Los Angeles locals. Second, she’s recently teamed up with Zooey Deschanel and Sophia Rossi to create, a site dedicated to all things hilarious (and female-friendly). And last (but omgholycowdefinitely not least), she’s now writing for the new CBS series, 2 Broke Girls. Needless to say, BR!NK predicts world domination in the not-so-distant future. Perhaps the most impressive thing of all, however, is who Miss McAleer seems to be as a person. Her writing is unique, her honesty is refreshing, and her thoughts are engaging. Clearly, a BR!NKer in the truest sense.

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Personally, my favorite thing about your blog is your confidence. Your voice is your voice, and you aren’t apologetic about your choices or how you present yourself. How has blogging affected you finding your way in the world, and how have you gone about finding such a strong voice?

My life has sucked. The majority of my life has sucked. I’m a dyslexic bastard child from suburban Massachusetts and I’ve never had anything going for me except for my will to live and be heard. Somewhere along the line, my ego grew arms and legs and took over the rest of me. There are days when I hate myself, and I’ve definitely talked about my struggle with depression publicly before, but deep down I’ve always known that I had to, absolutely had to, make something of myself. If I didn’t do things like wear leopard print every day or refer to myself as “Cool Lady Boss Queen” or acknowledge that deep down I’m a chained up pit bull with a raw steak sitting directly outside of the cage that I’m trapped in, I would have died. I can only imagine I would be dead. I puff myself up to keep myself alive and it’s as natural to me as any other survival instinct.

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