“OK, you’re too busy to help, so I’m gonna kill the car bumper.”


Jesus, I shot myself! Ungh, I shot myself!”

You know, I picked this moment. Just for you.
Do you like it?

You made this moment happen, after all.

Me? I didn’t do anything. You did this to yourself.

So, then.

Look at this. Look at what you bring upon yourself.
Now? Think about what you’ve brought to others.

What do you think would happen if I let you live here, huh?
You’d just bring destruction to everyone around you.

Including me.

I̦̙͕̪n͚c̮̲̰̱̩̩l̙̫u͙͍̠̯͇̺̝d̯͉̬̣̰̩͙i̠̹̞n̮g̮ ̻͖̯̱̰U̦̩̬͖̻͙S.̞̫͔̱̱
̟͉ḭ̙̯n̮̱͈c͍̙l̦͓̗̖̰͇̩u̩̟͎̞̺͙d̥̘i̺̹͕͙̘n̦̥̦̳̹̥g͕͇̹̻̳ ̘̺u̖̭̠̗̝̥̻s̟̩̜̙̮̠̯
I̳̺̳N̘͈̞̝̥ͅC̹̣̬̝̗̙̥L͔̟U̯D̪͇̤͍͚̺I͚͓̥̣̱̯N͈͎̮̙G̪͈̜̟̬͇ ̯̹͔u̞s͖̖
̱̰̠̣̫͈̣ị̥̺̬̮̻N̲̥̱̝̙cl̥U̦̝̦͚͕d͎̦̪̺̪I̳̮̖n̼̙̜͔͚͙G͓̯̭͕̝̤ ͎u͍̮̟̦̯̪̣S̟͖͉

@mollifiable​ was going through some of her older drawings and found this one she hadn’t shared yet (which I’m actually surprised she drew!) – depicting a scene between Other Max and Chloe from Chapter 12 of @lis-allwounds

Uh, yea. So. Other Max is in a good place. ^_^;;

So, SOMEONE ( @mollifiable ) sent me a bunch of sketches as an extra present. Let me share those with ya’ll.

Soooo in this one Chloe seems to have my tattoo on her wrist and is wearing my Yoshi Woolly World sweater…? :O

The petnames that seem to have stuck the most lately have been “Duck” and “Turtle.” (and she ain’t even seen ATLA yet)

Is this what she’s been like at uni lately…? -^^-

This one’s just wintery and adorable. <3

Scientific fact:
“Fuckin’ GENJI!”
is my most uttered phrase across the like 100 hours I’ve played of Overwatch. ^_^;;

And lastly, this one seems to be from the ‘All Wounds’ reality. </3

Don’t worry, things will get better. <3

@mollifiable Thanks so much, Bebby~<3
These are great.

How Each Sign Makes Me Feel

Aries: exhilarated - fast moving, thrilling stories, childlike impulsiveness

Taurus: secured - reliable loyalty, steadfast will power, resilient presence

Gemini: stimulated - quick wittiness, endless stories, constant transformation

Cancer: nurtured - mothering worrier, emotionally soothing, enveloping kindness

Leo: dominated - blazing brashness, outgoing soul, attention grabbing

Virgo: improved - helpful criticism, practical advice, prioritizes well-being

Libra: accepted - diverse company, equal devotion, charming inclusion

Scorpio: challenged - turbulently secretive, acute perception, reserved intimacy

Sagittarius: stupefied - outrageous tales, pronounced independence, unashamedly wild

Capricorn: intimidated - daunting ambition, unparalleled diligence, prominent authority 

Aquarius: fascinated - intriguing conspiracies, prideful eccentricities, detached isolation

Pisces: mollified -  tempering peacefulness, gentle love, soulful imagination

dancing-thru-clouds  asked:

Okay, Tegs, I'm gonna have to ask you to explain the 'getting asked to leave preschool' thing

Preschool was a weird time for me. I was one of those horribly precocious children- I’d taught myself to read before I was three- and so while my classmates were learning their ABCs, I was reading chapter books I’d brought from home. It was honestly a total waste of time, and I acted out a lot because I was bored as hell. It was really more like day care, but understaffed- for the entire three and four year old class, there was only one teacher. Her name was Sister Ida and she would play us songs on the guitar and sing. But this wasn’t enough to mollify me; I had been SO EXCITED about school because that’s where you get to learn. The kids in books all went to school- my mom says that the summer before I started pre-school, I’d get out of bed and wake her up in the middle of the night asking if it was time to go to school. But then school turned out to be an utter disappointment. A lot of preschool is really about socialization; learning to share, learning to get along with other kids, learning not to be pushy- but I would shut down around other kids because I just wanted to read books. I’d throw a fit when my books were taken away, so Sister Ida just let me read. What else could she do? My parents didn’t want to move me up a grade because I was bad enough at talking to children my own age and they really didn’t think I’d thrive with kids older than me. I wasn’t more mature emotionally than my age cohort- I was just academically quicker, and that was a recipe for disaster if they’d bumped me up. 

My parents could never get stuff done with me around, because I was always asking a million questions, so they turned to that old standby, the electronic babysitter. If I was out of books to read, I could turn on the TV; my mom just left the one in the living room tuned to the Discovery Channel.  This was old school Discovery Channel, not the reality show network it is today, which meant that I was watching animal documentaries all the time

One day, I saw a documentary about sea turtles. Specifically it was a program about the miracle of sea turtle birth- how they have so many eggs and how they don’t all make it to the sea. There was a segment on how the sea turtles find mates and how the males hang onto the females for up to twenty-four hours and how mating is violent but then she has all those eggs… I thought it was amazing. It seemed like some kind of magic trick- insert magic wand, presto change-o, baby sea turtles. I decided that I would take this in for show and tell- I would demonstrate (drumroll, please) mating

I had these little plastic turtles that I put in my schoolbag. Show and tell came around and when it was my turn, I stood up in front of the class and said “I’m going to show you how sea turtles mate!” 

Sister Ida was not fast enough to stop me. I started talking about how the sea turtles entered a mating bond and stacked the plastic turtles on top of each other and then talked about how the eggs came out of the female’s cloaca. It was upsetting to the other children because I was using big words they didn’t know and it was upsetting to the nun because I was teaching three year olds about sex. When I started talking about how the male enters the cloaca and stays there for as long as a day and how the female sea turtle tries to bite him because his claws hurt, well… they’re just lucky I didn’t have visual aids beyond those two plastic turtles because male sea turtle genitals are enormous and horrifying. 

This all led to a conference with my parents where the principal explained that 1.) I wasn’t learning anything; 2.) that my boredom was actually diminishing my burgeoning social skills; 3.) and that I was introducing material that wasn’t grade appropriate to kids who didn’t understand. Really, it was the best thing for me- the principal thought that I’d be better off at the public school where they actually had resources beyond a singing nun with a guitar. So when it was time for kindergarten, that’s where I went. 

starforged  asked:

Sara introduces Scott to her LI

“Greetings, true-brother to my darling one. I am Jaal Ama Darav, ninth of the Ama Daravs. The Angara do not have siblings that are tweens so I hope I am addressing you properly. While I know multiple humans, and have prepared extensively for this introduction, I fear there will be shortcomings–please, do not hesitate to address any areas that are lacking and I will do my best to form a strong impression. Sara has been irrevocably dear to me for several of your months now. I have been in complete awe of her strength, beauty, and intelligence–for every quality she possesses can only capture my fullest admiration. I have expressed my ardent passions clearly to her, and she has expressed her sharing of them. I have therefore made you a rofjinn to demonstrate my truest desire to join with your family.”

Scott sat numbly as Jaal cleared his throat, leaning over the man’s hospital bed to gingerly clasp a lavender rofjinn around his shoulders.

“I…I have been told by another human that these are comfortable,” Jaal finished, looking away to the side.

Scott, clad in lavender, looked up at the other side of his hospital bed.Sara stood next to him, awkwardly rubbing the back of her neck.

Jaal coughed into his hand. Scott slowly turned to face him. The Angaran lowered his voice, slightly mollified. “Additionally, my mother would like to know if you enjoy any particular human Earth sweets.”

Scott turned back to his twin sister. “Sara, what’s happening.”

She gave a strained smile. “He was nervous.”

Scott looked at Jaal. Who smiled. Then looked back to Sara. “Who is he.”

“I am Jaal Ama Darav, devoted companion and lover of your true-sister.”

The younger Ryder pinched the bridge of his nose, his voice a tired whisper. “I just woke up.”


Hunger Games + Book Moments

“They’re playing with you because you’re so … you know.”

“No, I don’t know,” I say. And I really have no idea what he’s talking about.

“It’s like when you wouldn’t look at me naked in the arena even though I was half dead. You’re so … pure,” he says finally.

“I am not!” I say. “I’ve been practically ripping your clothes off every time there’s been a camera for the last year!”

“Yeah, but … I mean, for the Capitol, you’re pure,” he says, clearly trying to mollify me. “For me, you’re perfect.”

anonymous asked:

fuck please write that fic of mercy talking in her sleep that would be amazing! but you gotta have pharah's reactions from the first time it happens all the wtfs, to the times where it's happened so often she's just 'sure babe' so used to it "this is MY yoghurt satan" 'you tell him'

okay i did it. inspired by you, anon, and this post

Fareeha cracked an eye open in the darkness, unsure of what had woken her up.

She felt a pressure on her back, and quickly realized Angela had curled up around her from the side. This new arrangement toed the line between comfortable spooning and sardine impersonation.

“Mmm,” Angela mumbled. “You have a sexy butt.”

She was awake? “There are probably better times to tell me that, but I’m glad you like it,” Fareeha said.

No response.

Fareeha stifled a laugh. Angela must have fallen asleep again.

Fareeha shuffled a bit and got comfortable—she was nearly asleep again when Angela muttered, “I’ll give you healing if you give me better chocolate.”

Was she…? “You’re awake?” Fareeha asked.

No response.

Angela clutched Fareeha tighter. “My pants are telling me lies,” she said urgently.

Fareeha blinked, mildly concerned, but mostly confused. Angela had never talked in her sleep before. “You’re not wearing pants, honey,” Fareeha said.

Seemingly mollified, Angela loosened her grip on Fareeha, mumbling softly in what sounded vaguely German. Her concluding sentence was the sole one in English: “Pants are an illusion, and so is death.”

That was when Fareeha started to find this all very amusing. She managed to contain her laughter in her pillow.

Angela was quiet for a moment, and then stated, suddenly, “That’s my yogurt, Satan.”

Fareeha laughed, now unable to contain her amusement if she tried. “You tell him, babe,” she said. After hearing rustling from Angela’s side, Fareeha tried to quiet down.

“What’s going on?” Angela asked, sounding much more like her usual conscious self, and Fareeha winced. Angela had always been a light sleeper.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” Fareeha said, turning to face Angela. “You… do you know you were talking in your sleep?”

“What?” Angela looked bewildered. “I had no idea.”

“It was pretty funny, actually.”

“Oh, god. What did I say?”

Grinning, Fareeha pulled Angela close, and then, in a decent impersonation of her accent, said, “You have a sexy butt.”

“Noo,” Angela groaned. “I didn’t say that.”

“You did,” Fareeha said, laughing, and Angela hid her face in the pillow. “No need to be so embarrassed. I mean, you’ve said dirtier things to me while awake—“


“It also looks like Satan tried to steal your yogurt.”

“That bitch,” Angela said incredulously, smiling at her girlfriend who had already dissolved into laughter.

“I’ll fight him for you,” Fareeha said.

“Oh, lord. Please don’t. I can only imagine the injuries you’d get from that.”

“The yogurt thief must be brought to justice.”

Angela just laughed, tucking her head under Fareeha’s arm. “I admire your dedication.”

“Justice never sleeps,” Fareeha said.

“Yeah, well,” Angela hummed, yawning, “Mercy does.”

Fareeha breathed out a laugh. “Good night.”

“Love you,” Angela murmured before she fell asleep.

Not ten minutes later, Angela stated clearly:

“Hot ham water.”

It was going to be a long night.

So my GF @mollifiable and I aren’t big fans of the end of episode 5 of LiS and all this prequel business got us a little worried and frustrated (jussssst a wee bit), we been feelin’ like

and my GF is an adorable beautiful genius and made me realize how if you just changed a few things…but then she literally made the changes so now we feeling’ like


Tutorial Page 12

<Previous Page                         Start the Tumblr RPG

Restart the tutorial?

This is a project I’ve been developing for around a year, and I guarantee its going to be a fun time! I’ve been lurking around the art tags of tumblr, trying to find a ton of artists to ask to join up in the future, but there will always be room for more!

For now here’s a list of artists I love and would love to see in the RPG someday: @birdystark @captainjellyroll @rosallis-t @fireflypixel @pixel-dot-gamer @briskby @qs-art @spoorks @carinesaint-picq @bloomsbury @snaileyart @sanonema @halpdevon @mai-col @jam-campasta @zullianie-loverofall @gaymermell @stevethompson-art @mehringguie-arts @susanarodriguesart @jyemer @thevipersnake @neiropun @coffeeheist @midnigtartist @peroro @sidonievidal @vondellswain @pottretron @thepetitekitty @mustacheelm @k-ayin @flloraleii @terror-in-the-dream @adaughma @wuffen @itsleahelaine @lexxercise @suzannart @bunny-yams @alexaswanson @notxela @s-u-w-i @noa89 @radio-silents @kiddokalnick @frogalicous-art @nilaffle @lazuliro @totorolls @k-eke @heart-pixels @cicidraws @sixtinedano @thaidraws @squigglydigg @mittensmcgee @hoodsandhats @rumwik @kainanh @ljrmr @shroomdraws @adrianricker @uminoc @grey-the-goose-art @alexinatree @vanessamakesthings @mollifiable @jijang01 @gatodelfuturo @fl0werbunn @vivtanner @netamikatze @sad–luck @the-entire-furry-fandom @iguanamouth @jijidraws @drew-green @sahco @japhers @tweekay @tamaytka @lopuiiart @theskywaker @potatchip @smitreen @filibusterfrog @wonderlandcrows @talkingshadow @chuchumi @mindofjen @m-arci-a @ravenwarner @saehral @kianamaiart @waltertle @pettry @ieafy @vellumed @katnissem @orvii @nyxtime @lenislucis @elchenco @cryptidsp00n @quikey09 @stuppidbunny @rinylyn @destiny-hoodie @charmsey @miniludvin @camille-andre-book @lenasayaphoum @ender-the-lezmom @sosinshark @shutupshea @stutterhug @kersenwiek @claracornish @photinus @harveychan @younggenji @z33nz33n @adamvian @cartoonwarlock @jackytheripperart @eto2d @moho-daydreams-and-coolsteams @charcarts @missusruin @regovrso @aishasauce @lydiallama @georgetheblob @eunnieboo @chairosaki @blackyjunkgallery @evaison-art @astropotatoess @jakewyattriot @itekiboro @perennialrosaceae @ghoulhanzo @sock-arts @polywomple @xa-colors @marianascosta @wakaba-chan @heathermahler @iwareos @miyajimamizy @turcafinweart @bucketofrobots @keke-i @ahruon @ginkoseed @routexx @losassen @elioli-art @madidrawsthings @farvann @citrusflan @joe-sparrow @ulyssemalassagne @pluww @saeonim @memedokis @nomnomsandwich @luxatoid @nappotuna @pixelartus @celtis-art @stribird @shadarama @lissabt @smaskvxn @oceaii @shoutscion @8bitrk-d @donnapaella @chocobuh @amalgarn @charamells @ariwannii @pinekid @clock-heart @circadiancrunch @eszart @baconpal @colincake @rabaroo @kouhai-things @tutankart @arinky-dink @catflakesart @chakitmzk@lollibeepop @toskya @thebluepacience @wi-fu @meranda-draws @foxcrusade @f0restleaves @cottontrek @nekurothings @dekuboya @kteacrumpet @insecticidesoap @eleeza @aprilgen @blacklimes @photovoltaick @dc9spot @iyoharn @real-faker @marionbulot @red-pencil @michchuaart @chloe-glow @soupbasechan @rainbowcookiz @inxanityoce @wariogoth @lazylazuli @nuclearmime @puffybunni @boxprize @xylorieren @sjws-against-your-mom @enshi @icamebyunicorn @miupachi @ghostskyee @skyedrawss @dtanova @saracastically @jerinart @fluffysheeps @juliettecousin @agaporae @cubedcoconut @smoochiest @starbats @indifferentsocks @mamazushi @kaypkim @madchrison @baruyon @rokasv @millionfish @lob-0211 @thibaultleclercq @chloevanbe @passerineart @shiyoonkim @grrrenadine @voistly @kikikirikiki @muffywithlove @linkdoodle @therambler13 @candamio @snuffysbox @ryokoo-sha @neuroticbun @itzahann @bailsters-doodles @pavixc @dariabolshikh @shubbabang @pinwheelbunny @stasya-sher @leech-sph @unregisteredcat @bubblu @xnatiix @prongsiedraws @feliville @asterein @oskarstalberg @badlyplanned @najsigt @mrkanman @starrybitz @petaurodoacucar  @angelapanart @ariflorenosos @larapickle @paperclippery @hawberries @hibrid56 @softlybrrahs @novaverseblack @emmyc @anniejang @paulcastera @snovi @namatnieks @thewakingcloak @ofsparrows @blankthevidya @marianaavilal  @bettykwong @krooked-glasses @probertson @chop-fluff @cataxa @nonplayercat @chocosweete @leslierosique @elixiroverdosesc @ocarinia @saintzacharie @splendidland @ursminor @erikaschnellert @caseyrobin @luigil @brittsart @mcsiggy @mimiadraws @maiares @giullyleao @swinsea @devanshe @riu-sen @kamibean @sergle @littlestpersimmon @toffany @fancypigeons  @coffeecakey @zetrystan @pocketpicasso @paperseverywhere @taryndraws @cliobablio @shaburdies @bevsi @ms-redrose @skunkes @almostmaya @mark-usmiani @tubartist @reasonpeason @genicetea @wisba @lulles @lellypad @thefairygodmonster 

Re: mended hearts and many reasons why

Originally posted by nochuie

+ “You like me more than you like him/her, right? Right?”
+ “I love you, you know that right?” “Yes, but why?”
+ “That’s my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.” “Well, kiss me so they see.”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1054
Requested by: anon

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event

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An Enemy on the One Hand

Summary: Reader Insert - Soulmate AU/Enemy AU based off this post: the universe determined your soulmate and enemy at birth, giving you one hint for each; their initials on one of your wrists. BUt what happens if BOTH sets of initials are for the same person? Set during CA:TWS

Word Count: 2020

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of violence, angst(ish), TWS spoilers (but seriously, what are you DOING here if you haven’t seen that yet?)

A/N: Okay, I’m taking a stab at this. I wanna thank @writingwithadinosaur (as usual) for helping me with EVERYTHING EVER, and being totally fabulous! And @imhereforbvcky for encouraging me to try in the first place.

I tagged everyone who liked/reblogged/commented on the announcement post cause I am a needy bitch, I need validation! But I am MORE than happy to add OR remove you if you’d like. There are several that didn’t work and they look like this

Originally posted by breakmybedbarnes

You were born with two sets of initials on your wrists; one set was your enemy’s, the other was your soulmate’s. Trouble was, you didn’t know which was which. The marks appeared on people’s wrists when their enemy or soulmate were born, for you, the marks were already there when you were born; so your soulmate and enemy were both older than you, by at least a few minutes. The marks were meant to burn a little bit when you crossed paths with your people, but you’d never felt anything. You would have thought you were one of the few in the world who didn’t have a predestined enemy or soulmate if not for the lingering W.S. on your left wrist, and J.B.B. on your right.

Life moved on, though you’d yet to cross paths with either your soulmate or your enemy, the initials remained. The marks would fade if the person they represented died, so you knew they were still alive, but you never found them.

You had a bad feeling. Work was tense, that wasn’t unusual; SHIELD was always tense to some extent, but this was different. Nick Fury had just been killed by an unknown assailant. Captain America was the last person to have seen him alive, and according to gossip, Alexander Pierce and Jasper Sitwell were blaming him for the whole event. You found that unbelievably hard to swallow for two reasons.

Reason #1: Natasha Romanov was a friend to you. You had no idea if she thought of you that way in return, but you trusted her and she worked with and trusted the Captain. Nick Fury had been a stable presence in her chaotic life; his death had hurt her. You couldn’t see a man who was her fellow Avenger killing Fury, for that reason alone.

Reason #2: Jasper Sitwell and Alexander Pierce were smarmy, slimy, creepy guys. At least they were to you. You’d never trusted them, and with it coming down to their word against Steve Rogers’, you trust Steve more by a mile.

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Oh how the gentle wind,

Beckons through the leaves,

As autumn colors fall.

So, uhmm, @mollifiable is now my girlfriend?

We had our first official date tonight: we started a new tradition I want to keep of watching the wonderful Over the Garden Wall on Halloween. She woke up at some ungodly hour in her time zone to imagine pumpkin-spice-flavored hand holding with me as we watched it together and I sang the songs and she drew this adorable doodle, and just…-

It’s been so long since I’ve felt this way.
I’d forgotten I still could.

I had a lovely evening.

“And that’s a rock fact!”

Now to Forever (M)

A one-shot based on a request from @dailydoseofdia. Aaaa I’m so nervous you’re an amazing writer I hope I didn’t do too badly! *hides under a rock and refuses to come out*


Jungkook x Reader x Yoongi [ft. Taehyung, Jin, Jimin & 2NE1]

Genre: Ex-boyfriend Jungkook, fluff and juuuuust a wee bit of angst

Word count: 9,624 words

You scroll through your emails, feeling excited. It isn’t the boring missives that uplift your mood, but the anticipation of something new. After years of hard work, starting as a department head all the way up to being a managing director of family-owned hotel chains, you’ve proven yourself a capable leader. More importantly, you have amassed a sum of funds in addition to your parents’ approval and support to start a business of your own. Numerous discussion and planning have all led to this moment.

“Your two o'clock appointment is here, Miss.”

“Show him in, Yun Hee,” you tell your assistant.

The phone receiver barely hits its cradle when a few polite knocks sound at your door. “Come in,” you beckon as you hurriedly finish replying to an email. “Excuse me for a minute while I finish this.”

“No problem,” a warm,  familiar voice answers you.

Your fingers freeze a few millimeters above the keyboard, but your head swivels towards the owner of the voice. For a fraction of a second, you’re afraid that after so long, you’ve started to hear his voice out of nowhere again, even though he is not in your life anymore. However, this time your ears are not deceiving you, nor are you imagining things.


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Yoongi Scenario: Blind Devotion.

Request: Can you pleaseee do a Yoongi angst/fluff where you two are married, and everything is perfect but then one day, you started losing you rsight day by day, and you push him away, but he finds out himself and tries to help you in secret because you push him away? Based off of Blind Devotion.

Genre: Angst / Fluff.

You secretly loved to wake Yoongi up, or well, maybe not so secretly. He always said he was going to wake up before you and before the alarm so he’d get his revenge, but you knew he wouldn’t as he secretly or not so secretly loved to be woken up by you. 

You liked seeing his face changing, his eyes opening to meet yours as the first thing he saw in the morning, how that gaze fluctuated from slight annoyance from being woken to utter affection in just seconds and then he’d attack.
You’d have him on top of you in no time, tickling your sides making you squirm and scream as you laughed, you loved mornings like that, in which you’d end up panting because of the tickling fights or the tickling fight would turn in you melting into each other.

You were married for almost six years, you looked back at your life with Yoongi and thought you had been really fortunate to find him, to find each other. Even after so much time together you weren’t bothered of each other’s presences, part of it you knew it was due to your independent lives, both of you worked and had your own time, but you also knew the big reason was the way your personalities worked together, you were a great team, so even when you had trouble you always found a way to work it out together, each fight you were able to overcome it because you knew at the end of it there was much more than anger. Yoongi would never let you feel alone and you would never let him think that.

You took “turns” to make breakfast, you did the most of the work but you appreciated him always being around and offering to do whatever task you had for him, being scrambled eggs, pancakes or kimbap, you always made sure he went to work with a full stomach, Yoongi worked a lot and you knew how he focused on it so much he forgot to eat at the company.

-Which one?- he asked showing you two dress shirts, one stark white, the other pale blue, you assessed the two options humming. 

-Have a big event today?- he shook his head so you pointed at the pale blue. -You look great in baby blue-

Yoongi snorted putting the white shirt aside to then throw on the other one which made you laugh and walk closer to him. -What?- he said smiling despite himself.

You extended your hands and put them over his making him stop, you finished buttoning the shirt for him as you locked gazes, Yoongi was smug but didn’t take compliments all too well, a bad habit of him that you were determine to break at some point. -Handsome- you stated when you proceeded to fix his neck.

He let his head fall back with a humorous sigh but then he came back to look at you his hands held you closer and he stamped his lips on yours. -I love you, mine, mine, mine- he said between kisses making you giggle.

Yoongi was sometimes quiet with his love, sometimes only saying this with his eyes, others as today making it evident with words, he’d watch you get dressed and wait to be able to say goodbye, and he’d watch you walk away to the opposite direction of him, you could feel his heavy gaze on you, and that too was love, whatever form might be you knew it was there.

It happened for the first time that day, you had gotten off the bus to walk the remaining block to get to your work when suddenly the rays of the sun where everywhere making your vision blurry, like you had gone out of a dark place after a long time, the light started to hit your eyes like arrows, to then go back to shadows and go back to the striking light afterwards, confusing you, making you bump with people and walk slowly because you didn’t know what was happening. And then you heard the screech of the horn.

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tough-teddy-deactivated20170303  asked:

Hi, I'm creating a comic where troubled, low income teens are given the option to go to a boarding school, in North California, to train to become monster hunters. The school is mostly populated by minorities mostly African American, Native Americans, South East Asians, and Latinx. A friend of mine said it might be seen as problematic to have Native Americans be in a government own boarding school. This worries me since my main character is a Native American boy whom loves the school.

Native Character in Monster-Hunter Boarding School; Poor implications? 

So, yes, it could be a very tricky thing to have Native Americans in the school. But it all boils down to two questions:

  1. Is it consensual in the most genuine sense of the term?
  2. Do they become part of a new culture, or do they keep their old one and add to it?

The residential school system was not consensual even when there weren’t laws in place forcing kids to go. Parents could and did send their children there because they thought it was for the best, because they were coerced into it, or because they had developed the type of fondness you develop for your abuser where you try to replicate the pattern because you haven’t healed from it yet.
If the kids are told in very informed ways what happens to their lives— who they have contact with, whether or not their culture has to change (a big red flag would be no room to carry on cultural beliefs or, in the case of Natives, reconnect with their cultural beliefs), how their lives would get better and worse.

If, however, the kids are caught in moments of desperation, where it’s basically “come with us or else”, then there would be major problems with the validity of that consent. If the kids are doing okay but looking for a way out, that’s one thing, but if the school reps dive in at a bad point when all hope seems lost, I would feel very uncomfortable.

Next, you have to give him options to practice and explore his culture. The pain of the residential school system was because it was an active attempt at destroying our culture. So if you have it that your character is still Native, keeps what traditions he can, and is allowed to go back into his community/family without problem, then you’ve mollified the forced assimilation undertones to the school.

you should have minimal problems with the government run boarding school. If you want a general list of what to avoid in the school to make it not be a residential school, Canada published the Truth and Reconciliation Commission describing the country’s use of the system and the abuse that happened within. The possibility exists you’ll trigger people regardless (it is a very fresh trauma in our communities), but by making it consensual and having connections to his culture, you’ll at least minimize the negative impact. Check out [Braving Native American Diversity] and [Researching Native American Cultures] for tips on how to make him have a culture.

~ Mod Lesya