Kid-Apoo-Hawkins Alliance. Headcanons Part 5: The Alliance

  • Ever since he arrived at Kid’s base and accepted to form an alliance with him and Apoo, Hawkins has been leaving little scent jars full of essential oils literally everywhere and is following the same process he uses on his ship: to try and create the right atmosphere via aromatherapy.
  • Kid doesn’t like “his den smelling like a brothel” one bit, according to his own words.
  • Seeing as the relaxing scents he’d been using - mainly to mollify Kid’s volatile temper and his obvious rivalry with Apoo - didn’t seem to be working, Hawkins increased the concentration of the mix after consulting Killer about it, who is secretly grateful for the initiative.
  • Apoo was incredibly happy upon discovering he wasn’t the only music fan of the group. Killer plays the drums every chance he gets, the double-jointed man once caught Hawkins playing an old harpsichord and as much as it pains Apoo to admit they have something in common, Kid spends plenty of his time blasting music.
  • When Apoo, in his elation for having found a common ground with the other three, tried to give them all a group hug, things didn’t end well. Hawkins got so tense, that combined with his usual expressionless face, he looked like an opossum when it’s playing dead and Killer had to place himself in the middle and make a gigantic effort to prevent Kid from successfully strangling poor Apoo.
  • Hawkins has been about to drop the alliance more than once, fed up with Kid and Apoo’s childish behaviour. So far, Killer has always managed to convince him to stay.
  • Betting on who will manage to make Hawkins laugh is one of the rare occasions when Kid and Apoo are not trying to kill each other. So far, none of them have achieved anything.
  • Once Apoo tried to tickle Hawkins in an attempt to win the bet. The calm and stoic Hawkins nearly killed him. It’s the only time he has ever used his Devil Fruit powers against any of his allies.
  • Killer is the one who ensures peace within the group and tries to solve any quarrel through dialogue.
  • Hawkins is the only one who actually has any table-manners.
  • When Apoo is bored and there’s nothing else to do around the base, he follows Kid at a safe distance and makes weird/dumb sounds to simulate every step he takes, the way he chews, etc. just to annoy him.
  • Once he’s done bothering Kid (meaning when he’s been about to die at Kid’s hands thrice in about two minutes), he goes off to see what Hawkins is up to, who in turn spends most of his time looking into his cards in silence. He tries to strike up a conversation with him, but always ends up monologuing; from time to time he’ll receive a monosyllabic response or a distracted “mhm”, however Hawkins is not much of a talker. If he’s desperate enough to get some kind of distraction, Apoo will ask for a card reading.
  • Every week they all gather for a game of poker. Hawkins and Killer bleed the rest dry, Kid gets his dander up and destroys something while Apoo teases him and laughs his head off as he enjoys the show that is to witness one of Kid’s infamous tantrums.
  • If they were a family Killer would most definitely be the mother who tries to keep everything in order; Hawkins would either be the indifferent father or the eldest “I’m too mature for this crap” son; Apoo is certainly the prankster middle child who always picks on the runt who is undoubtedly, Kid.

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Oh how the gentle wind,

Beckons through the leaves,

As autumn colors fall.

So, uhmm, @mollifiable is now my girlfriend?

We had our first official date tonight: we started a new tradition I want to keep of watching the wonderful Over the Garden Wall on Halloween. She woke up at some ungodly hour in her time zone to imagine pumpkin-spice-flavored hand holding with me as we watched it together and I sang the songs and she drew this adorable doodle, and just…-

It’s been so long since I’ve felt this way.
I’d forgotten I still could.

I had a lovely evening.

“And that’s a rock fact!”

Quentin Tarantino isn’t apologizing for his comments last month about police shootings — but he is trying to explain.

At a rally against police brutality in New York City, on Oct. 24, the film director provoked a storm of criticism when he referred to shootings by police as “murders.”

“When I see murder, I cannot stand by,” he said at the rally, “and I have to call the murdered the murdered, and I have to call the murderers the murderers!”

Police unions, furious with the remarks, have called for people to boycott Tarantino’s upcoming movie. Tarantino, for his part, told the Los Angeles Times that he never meant all cops are murderers — just the officers involved in certain high-profile shootings.

That explanation hasn’t mollified the police unions.

Quentin Tarantino, At The Eye Of A Firestorm — And A Brewing Culture War

Photo: Kena Betancur/Getty Images


A simple Bae>Bay fan epilogue based on this post by the wonderful Mollifiable.  Mostly finished, partly abandoned out of frustration. :)

The idea is that following the storm, Max and Chloe would have gone through the wreckage of the Price’s house, the dorms, etc, and collected a bunch of broken mementos.  

Tip of the hat to Molli, who came up with the idea; Pasta, for letting me use some of his polaroids; Pasta’s friend, who is responsible for the video at the end … and I also stole a cute concept from this Petalpops illustration. :3


Hunger Games + Book Moments

“They’re playing with you because you’re so … you know.”

“No, I don’t know,” I say. And I really have no idea what he’s talking about.

“It’s like when you wouldn’t look at me naked in the arena even though I was half dead. You’re so … pure,” he says finally.

“I am not!” I say. “I’ve been practically ripping your clothes off every time there’s been a camera for the last year!”

“Yeah, but … I mean, for the Capitol, you’re pure,” he says, clearly trying to mollify me. “For me, you’re perfect.”

Cause even if we do…
we’ll just end up right back here, without any memory of it, right?

To be blunt…
it makes it kind of hard to give it my all.

…or is that just a poor excuse for being lazy…?
hell if I know.

All I know is…seeing what comes next…
I can’t afford not to care anymore.

Scan of the crossover drawing my darling @mollifiable surprised me with in the mail. <3“Oh, it’s just a doodle,” she says, like it’s nothing, when it’s amazing and treasured.

Featured Curator: Liam Graham [cannery-row]

New York based photographer Rodney Smith has been painting charming, whimsical scenes onto film for the past four decades. His photographs are of the fanciful and often surreal, filled with men in bespoke suits and all manner of curious and bizarre happenings. He is currently represented by a number of galleries both in the US and internationally and in the past 25 years has received over 50 awards including First Prize for his book “The End” from International Photography Awards.

Rodney Smith is a modest man. With eclectic sensibilities. He can wear an ascot without appearing pretentious. He proclaims himself to be a closest optimist. He believes Modernism took a wrong turn in the wrong time. He thinks Freud saved his life. He graduated Yale. He lives in a wooded enclave in Snedens Landing, just close enough to Manhattan to meet an editor for lunch at a moment’s notice, but far enough away to mollify his disdain for city living. He loves books. Paper. And printed matter. He wrestles with Big Ideas and references Wittgenstein and Plato as if he saw them just yesterday. He’s tweedy. Never needy. Proud. Not loud. He’s a perfectionist. Workaholic. Worry wart and fuss budget. He won’t stop what he’s doing until he’s satisfied that it couldn’t be done any better. He’s adamantly analog. Only shoots film. Never uses special effects. And knows the darkroom like the back of hand. His work is outside of time. He creates worlds his logic is his own. He’s old school with a twist. A landscape photographer. Who places people in landscapes. A realist who puts dreams onto paper. A man who is kind, generous and humorous. Who has a great wife. A lovely daughter. A successful son who’s made Rodney a proud grandfather. A thinking man’s man in a bespoke suit with an eye that sees the world in a way you or I will only see it if it’s in the form of one of his photographs. 

From the beginning, Boehner may have been ill-suited to the historical moment. He was an old-school pol, the kind who favored hashing out deals over cigars and whiskey, but he was elevated to the speakership in a revolution fueled by anger, resentment, and distrust of party leaders. He spent his time as speaker trying constantly to mollify a group of unreasonable members for whom any compromise was betrayal, and the idea of strategically avoiding a confrontation today to put yourself in a better position tomorrow was just too sophisticated for them to wrap their heads around. They’re a group of bomb-throwers and lectern-pounders, who (like their mentor Ted Cruz) think that “standing up to Obama” is a substantive accomplishment in and of itself to be proud of.
(EXO-K ver.) Mafia!AU: When you threaten to divorce him in front of his gang.



He only stared. It needed no words. He was telling you to be quiet. You hadn’t planned on it being an empty threat, you would do it but when he looked at you like that. It made you feel like you were a mouse in lion’s den and like a queen trying to mollify her king’s anger.
Later, while you were brushing your hair and getting ready for bed, you felt him enter the room though he made less noise than a ghost when he walked up behind you. He took the brush from your hand, he gently grasped your hair and started brushing. He smiled at your reflection in the mirror.

Tell me, when did my wife become such a brave angel? 

You didn’t say a thing. Even if it sounded like a kindly question, he meant it far more venomously than how he said it. When did you become so daring as to question me in front of my men?
You puffed, ready to throw away the last bit of false safety you had. 

You: I don’t know. Tell me, when did my husband become such a cruel demon?

He said nothing, his smile evaporated into nothingness as if it wasn’t there to begin with and truthfully, it wasn’t. You feigned bravery and calmly took the brush from his hand, continuing to brush your hair. You could feel his eyes burning into the back of your head. The damage was done. As soon as you put the brush down, you got up to go to bed as usual and Suho took your shoulder pushed you back down onto the vanity stool.

He took three large strands of your hair and braided it, twisted it into a bun and pinned it to the top of your head. He dragged his fingers across the nape of your neck and kissed it. Then silence. You didn’t dare turn around; once you did, there was no going back. But you heard his buttons popping open and you just had to. When you did, you regretted almost immediately.

Since I’m such a demon, let me show you how cruel I can be.


The moment you threatened him, the way he glared at you made your blood run dry and very cold. He didn’t have to say the words, you were going to stay quiet.

The other gangsters went about their business in silence and awkward jest with each other, but Kyungsoo’s glare stayed on you. Later, he pulled you aside and asked you with a serious but melancholic tone.

Is this…what you want?

You could only nod. Kyungsoo pulled out his wallet and gave you his black card with a light sigh.

If you come back, I won’t let you leave again.

You nodded again and immediately packed up for departure, you didn’t take one look back and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt until you were out of the country. Though he rarely said it, he loved you terribly and knew deep in his heart that the life he had in the mafia wasn’t one he wanted for you or a baby.

Damn it…Damn it!


You want to leave? Fine, babe. I’ll let you leave.

That’s to say if you can manage to make it to the door…


You two had been arguing for the past two hours around the recent shoot out they took over a hundred lives for a debt owed to Chanyeol’s family, you felt horrible about it and was angry that Chanyeol thought nothing of it. It was a topic until Chanyeol finally snapped at you.

Y/N, it doesn’t matter who dies or who lives. The bastard owed my father money; if he thought his life was worth living, he would’ve paid it sooner instead of procrastinating.

You: Who procrastinates like that when their own life is on the line?! Besides, how could he have?! You and your men raised the interest every time he had all of it together! You meant to take his life. He had a family! Chanyeol, you were never like this before…

It’s all business, babe.

You: …It’s not a business, it’s a murder. You’re a murderer. If I wasn’t your wife, I would-

You would what? Be careful with the words that leak out of those pretty lips, baby. You’re my wife and I love you so I’ll warn you this time. Stay out of this and stay in the light where you’re safe.

You: No. I’m not safe here, I wasn’t safe at our wedding or at the dinner party before that. Any place where you are is not safe at all. Chanyeol, I’ve been thinking a lot lately and…I know I can’t tell you to stop with this horrible family business so…I’m divorcing you. I can’t stay with a killer.

Killer…or not, I am still your husband and always will be. And I’ll be damned before I let you walk away from me like this. I love you, Y/N…

…and it’s about time I showed you exactly how much.


You didn’t even understand why you said it. Sehun was a sweet man when he wasn’t being a total dictator. He didn’t back down when he’d heard the word, “divorce”, come out of your mouth.

I’m your husband, Y/N. You don’t threaten me.

You: It’s not a threat, Sehun. I don’t love you and I won’t waste my youth watching you and this insane group kill innocent people over change!

You’re so sexy when you yell at me.


I’m sorry but divorce isn’t an option, my love. But if you’re truly unsatisfied with our marriage,…

Allow me to satisfy you once more.

‘All Wounds’ FAQ

Life is Strange: All Wounds is a fanmade story following the events of the official game. The story is being told both in prose fiction and visual novel format. This blog will focus on the visual novel version, so this FAQ will outline some things and answer potentially common questions.

Who is working on this project?

Writing/Design/Coding: Eddy @destiny-smasher

Artwork: Shannon @ehrola; Laura @wildernessspirits; Maarika @yuriandtea
as well as cameo pieces from others in the PriceField fandom such as Molli @mollifiable

Music: Lace @blackwelllninja; Andrew @koethekoethe
As well as selected tracks from the extensive library of Overclocked Remix.

A huge thank-you to everyone who has offered their contributions to this project. I am extremely grateful, touched, and excited to work with all of you.

What’s the premise/timeline?

All Wounds is all about Max and Chloe’s relationship after the game’s canon story ends, following the ‘Save Chloe Price’ ending (also called the ‘Bae > Bay’ or ‘Sacrifice Bay’ ending). The story will rotate back and forth between Max and Chloe’s perspectives. It is primarily about Max and Chloe starting a romantic relationship together and trying to cope with all of the trauma they have been through while moving forward with life. Told in visual novel format, All Wounds will allow players to customize their experience through different tones of dialogue, and ideally, certain changes in sound/visual cues.

Long story short? It will be a 100% PriceField visual novel exploring their theoretical ups, downs, slice of life moments, and seeing our two protagonists help each other grow in spite of the difficulties they’ve experienced.

What kind of ‘playthrough’ is it based on?

The main player-based detail that affects this story is that in this worldline/timeline, Max was not able to prevent Kate’s suicide. Other, more minor details will be referenced in the story (such as Max letting Chloe steal the handicapped fund, Max accidentally ‘drowning’ her plant), but in general, it is based on a more pessimistic playthrough, though not entirely (ex. Max prevented Chloe from shooting Frank). However, I like the idea of Max’s character losing a bit of her sanity through time travel and ‘reality leaping,’ thus forgetting the exact way events play out, since players can experience many things in multiple ways during the same playthrough.

‘Visual Novel?’

From Wikipedia:

A visual novel (ビジュアルノベル bijuaru noberu) is an interactive fiction game,featuring mostly static graphics, most often using anime-style art or occasionally live-action stills (and sometimes video footage).As the name might suggest, they resemble mixed-media novels.

All Wounds will basically fit this description, though it will not use an anime art style.

Here is a screenshot from the first choice available in the current prototype. It takes place in Max’s mindscape.

Ideally, the game will feature character sprites that cycle through different emotes as dialogue happens. Background images, sounds, and music will contribute to create an atmosphere for each scene, whether it’s in Chloe’s truck, the Caulfield residence, or within the abstract spaces of Max and Chloe’s dreams. The way text is presented will be designed to imply extra context; for example, characters might interrupt each other, speak quickly/slowly, or yell with large text and mumble with small text) In other words, it will function like a novel, but with images/sounds and occasional choices that flavor the story.

So this will have player choice?

Yes. Unlike many visual novels, All Wounds will have a central, core plot that will not change (ie no branching plot paths). However, player choices will rotate between characters each chapter – ex. in Chapter 1, players will make choices for Max, and in Chapter 2, for Chloe. These choices most commonly will flavor some dialogue, but as a full game, they would ideally stack to lead players to alternate or optional scenes. Once in a long while, player choice might also affect things like what music plays in one scene, or what clothing a character wears in another. It will take time to see how our resources can match the plans currently set.

About Max and Chloe…and sex.

All Wounds interprets Max and Chloe as both identifying as bisexual, but obviously, the focus will be on their same-sex relationship. I, personally, am still figuring out my sexuality and identify as bi. I understand the fandom has started in-fighting regarding how to label these characters, but I feel such discussions often miss the point that matters most: they both love each other. This will be a story about them leaning on each other for support as they cope with the tragic events they’ve experienced during the game’s story.

Neither character will deal with questions about sexual orientation as this kind of story isn’t about expressing that (I’m sure there are plenty out there that do, though!). Both characters will, however, be coping with feelings of guilt over the events of the game and trying to find a comfortable pace for their newfound romance to develop. The story will aim to not sugarcoat the complexities of post-trauma or even just functioning as a romantic couple, but it will also have lighter moments with the two just trying to explore different angles of their relationship.

Soooo…Is this going to be, like, a dating sim?

No. All Wounds will be a dialogue-driven narrative, primarily between Max and Chloe. There will be no wrong choices. There might be ‘alternate endings’, perhaps (too early to say), but Max and Chloe will be a romantic couple no matter what choices the player makes, neither of them will die during the story, they will not experience a ‘sad/tragic ending’…So don’t stress yourself out about ‘picking wrong,’ etc. Player choices will determine the ups and downs of the pacing and personalize your particular experience based on what kind of mood you want to express in any given scene.


Life is Strange was rated ‘M’ for its dialogue and themes. All Wounds technically has no rating, as it isn’t an official game, but it will follow similar trends in terms of content, though perhaps spending more time grappling with some of the game’s darker elements, such as Max’s nightmare sequence.

Oh, and there will be hella cussing, FYI. ;P
But there will be no nude/NSFW imagery or detailed descriptions of sexual acts. I have no problems with those things, though! It’s just not the kind of content this story is about. My goal is to go into just enough description to capture and express sexual tension on occasion without diving into ‘adult novel’ territory. (Ya’ll have and AO3 for that, doncha?)


All Wounds is a completely free, non-commercial, transformative work. Just like fan art, fan fiction, cosplay, remixes, etc. No copyright infringement is intended, and the project will not be used to generate any profit whatsoever.

This project is not associated with DONTNOD or Square-Enix in any way, and thus is not official in any way. Again, think of it as a combination of fanworks through a single story.

How is the game being made?

I am coding the game using Ren’Py, a python-based program used specifically for creating Visual Novels.

What platforms will it run on?

It will playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How long will the game be?

Instead of branching pathways, All Wounds will be one longer, dense narrative, so I am aiming to create something of a decent length that would take the better part of an entire day to play, not unlike the main game. Since it is being built from a multi-chapter fanfic that isn’t complete, I am not yet sure quite how long will be. But now that the gears are turning, I am trying to balance ambition with realism.

What differences will there be from the fanfic/prose version?

The fic is being written first, and then adapted to visual novel format. As a result, the game will inherently contain more content, text-wise, due to alternate dialogue paths. However, the game will also include extra dialogue and extra entire scenes, specifically for the game, so even readers of the fic will have new content to catch them off guard. I have some…unexpected ideas but I’d prefer for them to remain a surprise for now, especially since we are still very early in development.

When will it release?

That all depends on a number of factors, but I am aiming for a finished, complete experience to be available by the end of summer 2016. Depending on how production goes, it might happen sooner or later.

I want to try it now!

I’ll be releasing a fully functioning prototype of Chapter 1 before the end of December and will be building a full game from there. I would rather not release it episodically because that could overly complicate the development process, and would rob me of the ability to adjust earlier content when later concepts are formed. However, I am considering releasing updated versions of the game as each chapter is finished. While save data can’t carry across different versions, the program will have an option to rapidly jump to the choice-sections, making it pretty quick to hop into a later scenes. So, in a way, you might end up being able to play it one chapter at a time if you prefer.

This is a fanfic?

Yes, the fanfic is being adapted/edited into visual novel format, and you can already read a decent portion of the story right now. I will be posting chapters of the fic as they are finished, so you can follow the story in prose form as it is written. Here are links to read it.

AO3 || || DA

Every time a new piece of artwork, a new chapter, a piece of music, etc. is completed, I will add it to this master post.

Where can I send feedback?

You can contact any of the individuals contributing to the project at their Tumblr blogs above (send them some love!). You can send feedback to this blog directly, or to my e-mail address: D3stiny (dot) Sm4sher (at) Gmail.

One more thing…

Thanks so much to everyone who is following/supporting this project. Your feedback during the month of December has transformed this project from “This will be a fun fic to write” into “This can totally be developed into an actual video game.”

I am hoping to make friends through this project, so please do not hesitate to contact me personally @destiny-smasher. I am interested in IMs, e-mail, and maybe even video chats. I’m also a resident of the San Francisco Bay area in my late 20′s and do not actually know many people out here (not a native), so if any LiS fans (or just general human beings) are interested in making contact, don’t be afraid to reach out.

Thanks again. I look forward to seeing what you all think of the demo later this month.