POC Potter Week: Friday
Next Gen Era - My faves

Teddy Lupin
Victoire Weasley
Lily Luna Potter
Molly Weasley II
James Sirius Potter
Fred Weasley II
Rose Weasley
Scorpius Malfoy


BBC Sherlock Instagram AU. AU in that any of them are any good at Instagram.


History of Magic Meme: [1/3] Younger versions of characters || Molly Weasley (née Prewett)

Molly Prewett was born on 30 October, 1949. She began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the early 1960’s, and was sorted into Gryffindor house.  After graduation she married Arthur Weasley and their first child, Bill, was born in 1970. Six more children followed: Charlie, Percy, twins Fred and George, Ron, and Ginny. She is described as kind, gentle, loving and motherly but could also be very stern and fierce when prompted.


Dex sings traditional Irish songs when drunk. Most of the time its “Molly Malone”, “Danny Boy”, or “The Fields of Athenry”.

But there was one memorable night when he sang “The Rose of Tralee” to Nursey.


Sophia Brown - Confident - age 10

Molly Long Choreography- one of my fave of molly’s yet this season

the cafeteria food at ebott university (and other unfixable atrocities)

i cannot believe while working on the sadfest that is hellfire (im almost done with chapter 4 i s w e a r) i took a break to write a trashy college au cHRIST

ao3 link

slow burn sans/grillby, eventual alphys/undyne as well

summary:  Grillby doesn’t think he can handle another disgusting meal provided by the EU food courts. Luckily, he has a solution.

Grillby had a problem.

The problem was that the food in every single one of the food courts was absolutely disgusting. The salads were greasy, the meats were gristly, and the soups had the consistency of slime. As a culinary major, it felt like a personal offense every time he choked down what was only a burger in name.

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Scully: you look like you’ve seen some things.
Molly: I have an insane consulting detective, you?
Scully: *smiles* UFO nut who loves conspiracies.
Molly: it’d be better if he believed in that kind of thing. Doesn’t pay much mind to space. Wanna trade?
Scully: *ponders* How bad is he?
Molly: I have videos that I’ve taken of his ridiculous rants when he isn’t getting what he needs to solve a case. *pulls up folder on her phone*
Scully: *laughing* they’re similar. I had a kid with mine, I think he’d search the world if I skipped out.
Molly: *nods* mine probably would too. Insane men.
Scully: Dana Scully, scientist, former FBI agent covering the X files.
Molly: *grins, clearly unphased* Molly Hooper, pathologist and sanity keeper of a mad man who frequents Baker Street. Charmed.