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Pepper & the Weasleys, Cooking together

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 “You must let me do something. Can I set the table?”  Pepper watched as Molly Weasley waved her wand, assembling a truly delicious looking dinner from raw ingredients around her.  

“If you want, but we have spells for that too…” Ginny said with a grin.  “I’ll help you do it the muggle way if you’d like…”  

Fred (or was it George?)  plopped a stack of plates down in front of Pepper.  “Have at it, love, I’ll get the silverware.”  

Ginny Weasley Listens
  • Ginny Weasley listens. Not many people know this.
  • When all was said and done, and the diary was gone, she felt a strange nostalgia for the thing. Not for the patches of memory torn from her, or the trembling fear of discovery. But for the sheer joy of having someone listen to her. Listen to her words and think about them and offer advice and comfort and interest. She briefly tried writing in a new diary when she was fifteen, but gave up, feeling a slight disappointment that no one more benign than Lord Voldemort wanted to answer her.
  • Her parents have discovered that Ginny listens. Or at least, is unusually perceptive for a teenager (no one knows how consciously Ginny tries). Ginny and Molly, on a sunny Saturday morning, or a drowsy Winter evening, will dry the dishes and talk. And Ginny will ponder everything Molly says, and laugh at all her old stories.
  • Hermione Granger is not used to having people listen to her, no matter how much she talks. But she and Ginny, closeted late at night in Ginny’s bright little room, she and Ginny will gossip. Ginny takes her advice about Harry, and Hermione feels a little thrill of pride, because no one actually takes her advice about anything, least of all Relationships. 
  • Luna Lovegood knows. Ginny likes to piece apart Luna’s stories and theories and find her own truth in them. Ginny is the first one to hear the truth in her blunt comments, that, more than anything, Luna would like to be a friend. 
  • Harry, who finds it difficult to talk, who wraps up his thoughts in his head, has never met anyone like Ginny. Ginny is bright and funny and charming most of the time, but she notices when something’s wrong. And she doesn’t nag him or dismiss him, she offers innovative advice, a voice he wasn’t necessarily expecting. She listens to what he actually wants, rather than what he is supposed to do. It’s nice, sometimes, to have someone put him before his destiny.