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Life After Quidditch

I have been a part of the Texas A&M quidditch team for almost three years now. I have played as both a chaser and a beater, and for the past year I have held the position of beater coach. I have been to three World Cups and many other quidditch tournaments. BUT, I am about to graduate in May and start my job, and with that I will be starting a new chapter in my life with most likely much less quidditch :(

So the purpose of this new blog is for me to stay as involved in the quidditch world as possible and to document my life post quidditch and share how the sport has impacted my life. I also want this to be an advice and story sharing blog. Basically, I want to share my wisdom for those that need help, and I want everyone to share their quove!

I’ll start with part of my story. I have a background in competitive soccer and three years ago (my sophomore year of college) I was looking to get involved in some organization on campus. I initially thought about joining the club soccer team but that ship sailed quickly when I found out the team had quite a few attitude problems and no current coach due to those problems. 

I then contemplated joining either the quidditch team or a freestyle dance organization. I was hesitant to join quidditch at first because I honestly didn’t think it was that serious and only big Harry Potter fans played (essentially the ignorant stereotype a lot of people still have about quidditch.) Nevertheless, one of my friends convinced me it was a legit sport and that I should at least come out and watch.

It was practically love at first sight. And then when I got to play I fell in love all over again. 

I can’t put into words how much I love quidditch and the people I have met through it. It has changed my life, and I hope it continues to change lives through its magic <-see what I did there ;). 

I will continue to share my story periodically through this blog and reblog lots of quidditch stuff.

So if this sounds like something you would enjoy hearing about… OR you need quidditch advice/ help…. OR you want to share your story with other quidditch enthusiasts…

Please follow my new blog:


Mollie Lensing

My "Get me to London" Post

Ok so my name is Mollie Lensing and last week I was selected as one of the 21 players for the USA Quidditch Team that will be competing in London right before the Olympics. This is a fantastic opportunity to promote Quidditch on a global scale and gain some serious media attention. I am beyond excited for the opportunity to be a US ambassador of sorts for Quidditch, and I currently have to pinch myself to remember I am not dreaming. 

I created this page to support my fundraising efforts for this journey. I personally am only looking to raise about $1500 to cover my plane ticket and accommodations. Everything else I will pay out of pocket. Any donations I receive in excess of that amount will be going directly to the rest of the team. My PayPal link is listed in the description on this blog. Any amount is greatly appreciated, and if you don’t want to contribute anything monetary then just please follow my blog to show your support :)

Anyone that donates to me will receive a personal, handwritten Thank You card, and hopefully a picture of the team in London. So make sure to leave me your correct address when you donate through PayPal, or message me!

Besides using this blog for fundraising, I will keep everyone updated on the going-ons of the team and if there is interest I will post sort of a log/ biography/ pictures of me and my history with Quidditch. 

Thank you in advance for any and all donations and a million thanks to everyone who has supported me in Quidditch over the past few years!

Mollie Lensing

Team USA #1