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Shag, Marry, Avoid
  • *221B Baker Street*
  • Sherlock: *playing the violin*
  • Molly: *enters; rummaging in her bag* Morning...I've got your lab results.
  • Sherlock: *stops playing; sighs* Are you sure you wouldn't rather give it to Grant?
  • Molly: *confused* Sorry?
  • Sherlock: *still facing the window; shrugs* You want to marry George.
  • Molly: What?!
  • Sherlock: *turns to face her* I overheard you telling Mary you'd marry Graham.
  • Molly: *smirks* We were playing shag, marry, avoid...between you, Greg and your brother, I'd marry him-
  • Sherlock: *huffs*
  • Molly: *steps closer* I'd shag you.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* You ARE shagging me *pouts* and married couples shag.
  • Molly: *slips her arms around his waist* I'd marry you and shag Greg, then.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* I'm starting to wonder if this relationship is worth it.
  • Molly: *giggles* I'm just messing with you *kisses him quickly; returns to rifle through her bag* to be honest, you're pretty much all three.
  • Sherlock: *fiddling with an engagement ring box; smirks* I couldn't agree more.

catherineofwinchester  asked:

so like okay vetinari eventually cracks down on the fact that the uu is basically just a gentleman's club with no teaching AT ALL, so he enforces targets and stuff, and so Rincewind has to properly teach, and he's pretty good? And he understands that people sometimes get thrown out of their comfort zone so he actually teaches the students Useful Survival Skills (a requirement for the course is 'good running shoes') ( 1/ at least two)

and they all like him because he’s grumpy and grumbly and not happy about having to teach but as usual he cares despite himself and gets really into his lectures, so much so that they usually overrun, and it’s a course that’s kind of niche, but that is better than it sounds. 

Rincewind also runs evening classes in the kind of language crash course that allows its students to scream in multiple languages (this results in the HEM department who are also awake at this time believing that there is a pack of ghouls in that room - they sent someone to find out, and he never came back (he defected to Cruel and Unusual Geography, but the 3rd year HEM students tell the freshers he was eaten by the ghouls). Rincewind now is forever gleeful over having ‘stolen’ a student from Ponder). 

The Luggage ADORES the students, and has lead several open-day tours with the Librarian. Rincewind actually likes marking. Ponder bought him a World’s Best Professor mug. So did the students.

This incredible piece of headcanon has sustained me through a class and a bus ride all of which, due to unexpected rain and unsuitable shoes, totaled up to three and a half hours of wet feet. Bless you, Moll. Rincewind totally would like marking. It is so monotonous. He would find it relaxing, probably.

honestly though the Librarian and the Luggage taking tours and Rincewind with a World’s Best Professor mug. be still my hEART.

Also, this is making me think about headcanons @level-headedscout (who for some reason I can’t properly @ tag) was sending me the other day about a Deaf student coming to UU and Rincewind getting him accommodations because the rest of the faculty were like “go OUT OF OUR WAY?? for a STUDENT??” and this+that is making me have Thoughts about Rincewind and disabled students?

because like, I’ve said this before, but to me he reads very clearly as a disabled person who was served very poorly by his institution, and I just… Disabled kids of varying sorts coming into his class and Rincewind seeing them go through some of the same stuff he did and being like “okay I can’t watch this” and trying to make things better. Because he wishes someone would have done that for him, only they didn’t, so he can’t stand there and watch that happen again. I just definitely feel like this is another area where “I don’t care” would be slowly crept upon by “I actually do care even though I don’t want to.”

Ponder is like “that’s very decent of you” and Rincewind it’s like “it’s not though, it’s just selfish, I’m not doing it out of generosity I’m doing it because watching brings back too many things I’d rather not remember” and Ponder is like “I highly doubt the students would make a distinction.”

(These days Ponder’s opinion of Rincewind is at times considerably higher than Rincewind himself feels is necessarily warranted but Rincewind isn’t complaining except possibly a token protest to avoid letting the universe know how not terrible he is feeling right now.)

Eventually I’m definitely going to fic about Professor Rincewind, or maybe it’ll just make it into that epic biography fic I’m eventually going to do one day for real.

the signs as things my gf has said while high
  • ARIES: i feel like we have been in this conversation for the entire day
  • TAURUS: I don't know what I'm confused about, so now I'm confused about that
  • GEMINI: you know how I started thinking about that?! what if I was a sexy dancer or something.... wait.... am I? ...what was I saying?!
  • LEO: that doesn’t make any sense……it made sense in my head a little bit, but that didn’t make sense…. did it?!
  • VIRGO: cats can eat their own ass!!
  • LIBRA: what was i talking about before?!?! oh! i was talking about santa! that was sO weird!!!
  • SCORPIO: i’m looking for the letter you recently sent me… ….wait… what am i looking for?
  • SAGITTARIUS: anna kendrick! i bet she’s great at sex
  • CAPRICORN: cats can lick their own vaginas! they can give themselves cunnilingus! man, i’m jealous! …not really though….not really
  • AQUARIUS: [taping letter to wall] this is going to be a piece of artwork when i’m done
  • PISCES: I just felt like ben wyatt for a minute

uggh so many feelings about young Childermass, sharp and bright and bitter with the taste of everything he’ll never have and never be

all quick fingers and ambitions he knows won’t come true (but he’ll try anyway, otherwise he might as well lie down and die here in the street - )

a sailor for all of six months at barely sixteen because it’s got to be better than being a pick-pocket, because he knows in his heart there’s more to him than ‘thief’, even if nobody else believes it

but the mates don’t like backchat (Childermass has yet to learn to reign in his tongue and even when he does, it will remain one of his fatal flaws; the other is the curiosity he’s never quite managed to curb)

and he wants to know far too much, learn far too much, to spend the rest of his life sailing up and down the Channel - and longer voyages don’t appeal somehow

he leaves sailing behind him, taking with him his freshly-drawn cards and his newly-acquired French, the only worthwhile things to come out of the experience besides the growing knowledge of a potential within himself he’s not sure he can find a place for

he acquires some papers and tries service but gentlemen want you to stand straight and be seen rather than heard, two things Childermass - who is more inclined to be unseen but very heard - has never excelled at, and gentlemen want to feel superior over you, which he’s not inclined to take

he’s almost out of options and back to picking pockets and then there’s Norrell who is petty and arrogant and fussy, with no kind words for any living man and few for any dead ones, who will not speak of the Raven King

but he pays well, and after a while he /sees/ Childermass

not as an equal - he is still a servant, will always be a servant, and oh that sticks in his throat sometimes - but as valuable, which is more than anyone else so far has bothered to notice; he puts up with Childermass’s sarcasm and doesn’t complain about his posture

who has books, more books than Childermass has ever seen, and most of all who has /magic/

maybe it’s not the Raven King’s magic (or so Norrell himself would say, badly-hidden bitterness at being abandoned in his voice) but even if the man won’t talk about John Uskglass he’s following his path, following a path Childermass has been trying to find without realizing it all his life, and so he stays, and learns magic on the quiet, and practices his cards, and bides his time

and waits for his king to return.