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Camo EOD tanto sorted for a US LEO .

6MM thick 01 tool steel American tanto style tip with camo laminate G-10 scales and torx chain ring bolts .

The customer requested I add a matching fire steel loop to the kryptek Highlander sheath with one of my slimline army sized fire-steels and a long malice clip for pack carry .

 My original intention had been for small of the back scout carry with 2 Blade tech IWB loops which I could then run a Tactical Tailor Molle mag pouch off to carry key survival / SERE kit in .

 Kit contents include an @oscardelta mini Gotube with Photon Freedom micro , @topsknivesofficial folding hacksaw ,cyflect pimped APALS Britestrike strobe , baddest bee fire fuses with tinder paper circles and fire-steel toggle , a spool of nano cord with mono filament test fishing line core , GITD SERE compass and a mini  Leatherman tool .

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Keetah’s guide on bug out / get home bags.

LIKE I PROMISED, here is a bug out bag I designed using Amazon wishlists. Get me one of these and I will be forever happy! HOWEVER, the main purpose is to show you guys what things you may need if you ever want to put together a bug out /get home bag!

A bug out / get home bag is a bag designed to keep you alive during some sort of disaster that can be easily grabbed and carried. A wildfire is approaching out house, civil unrest is in the street, you are somewhere else and you need to get home on foot, or travel somewhere on foot. You need to grab your things and get out!

KEEP IN MIND, THIS BAG IS DESIGNED FOR TEMPERATE FORESTS AND STEALTH. Please keep in mind the environment in which you live and plan accordingly! For example, if you live in the desert, you are going to want to carry extra water. If you live in a tropical rain-forest, you are going to want mosquito nets and rubber treated supplies. 

If you want to be found and rescued, choose colors like SHINY SILVER and ORANGE. Both are bright attention grabbers. If you want to remain unseen, choose colors like olive drab and dark brown. 

Now without further ado, check the cut below to read up!

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For most of the summer I was carrying and testing out my Nessmuk cleaver in a factory made CB molle sheath until I got around to making up a kydex sheath for it .

I added a molle kifaru GPS pouch to the front which held a basic FAK , LM multi tool ,  main and back up torch / batteries , CF Go tube , technora cord ,whistle and fire-steel / tungsten striker .

Or could add x2 single stack pouch’s to the front to carry a larger x2 CRI23 torch and my Spyderco Manix .

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Cyflect .

A recent request from a customer for his Sig mags based on an idea here in 2014.

The cyflect both glints under red or white/ blue  light and glows green in both low and no light settings if charged via either lumens or UV light .

 cyflect available via @lumisafeltd

 tacos via @highspeedgear

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from