molle backpack

Chapter 10: The Lazaret

In this chapter: Spike’s body refuses to cooperate, to the worry of her companion. They find themselves in the Lazaret- the Zone’s field hospital led by Sister Slava and her team.

The underground passage they were threading was inhabited by something; the very something Shredder saved her from at the Great Swamp and which Spike now knew was called a Snork. Apparently, Shredder’s threatening presence also worked on some more reasonable mutants. The crawling creature just hissed at them and slowly dragged its wretched body covered in torn remnants of the military uniform away from them both, leaving them in relative peace. Spike quickly jogged right behind Shredder, almost clutching the Molle tapes of his backpack. A short glance over her shoulder fortunately revealed the wheezing Snork already going the way only it knew. Perhaps it was wounded? If it was able to dodge danger, it meant it was intelligent, far more intelligent than some prowling predator or scavenging critter. Will it return with a larger pack? Or reinforcements?

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