It offends reason to believe that a well established natural law can admit of exceptions. A natural law must hold everywhere and always, or be invalid. I cannot believe, for example, that the universal law of gravitation, which governs the physical world, is ever suspended in any instance or at any point of the universe. Now I consider economic laws comparable to natural laws, and I have just as much faith in the principle of the division of labor as I have in the universal law of gravitation. I believe that while these principles can be disturbed, they admit of no exceptions.
Existe um homem que me cativou como ninguém jamais fez
Aquele lindo olhar levou embora tudo que não era meu
E esse homem me fez ansiar tudo que vem do céu
Nele eu posso esperar e descansar pra sempre em seus braços
—  Ton Molinari e Laura Souguellis
Episode 1, Edith Wharton - The Custom of the Country, Classic Serial - BBC Radio 4
When the beautiful Undine Spragg arrives in New York, she sets her sights on Ralph Marvell

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Dramatisation by Jane Rogers of Edith Wharton’s 1913 satire of marriage and money in early 20th-century American society.

When the beautiful Undine Spragg arrives in New York, she sets her sights on Ralph Marvell, but will he live up to her expectations?

Undine Spragg …… Rebecca Night
Mrs Spragg …… Barbara Barnes
Mrs Heeny …… Lorelei King
Abner Spragg/Popple …… Jonathan Keeble
Peter Van Degan …… William Houston
Mr Dagonet …… Paul McCleary
Laura Fairford …… Provence Maydew
Elmer Moffatt …… Tom Hollander
Ralph Marvell …… Dan Stevens
Mabel Lipscombe …… Tessa Nicholson

Directed by Nadia Molinari.

First broadcast 2010

If one takes the thought into one’s head that the leaders of the people do not receive their inspirations directly from providence itself, that they obey purely human impulses, the prestige that surrounds them will disappear. One will irreverently resist their sovereign decisions, as one resists anything manmade whose utility has not been clearly demonstrated.