Hey, team! So with some exciting stuff coming up this year, I’ve decided to rebrand and change all my social media/ art hubs from molibi to my actual name, in hopes of keeping everything consistent and easy to find! I hope this name change does not throw anyone off to much, and thank you, everyone who has followed me here and supported me. It has kept me going and helps fuel my fire to create! I am excited to keep on sharing with you more of my work this year <3! 

Hey there guys and gals! I’m headed out to the lovely city of Portland tomorrow for Rose City Comic Con, where I’ll be tabling with the lovely, lovely Molibi (Morgan Beem). We shall be selling our fabulous wares, chatting with con goers, and generally being classy, classy dames. So come check us out this Saturday or Sunday at the Portland Convention Center at table Q3 in Artist Alley.
I even included a handy map so you can go directly from the entrance to find Morgan and myself. ‘Cause I’m nice like that. U_U
See you soon, lovelies!

morganbeem  asked:

3, 13, 18 <3

3. What is your biggest challenge with writing original fiction?

So, this is something that I’m getting better at the older I get, but letting things be really horrible, and getting comfortable with characters and situations that are just plain shitty. My tendency is to shy away from things that make ME feel bad, which I know is completely counter-productive when you’re trying to tell a meaningful story. What’s nice about this challenge is that I get such a “oh no I don’t even want to think about that!” gut reaction when I think about some plot decisions that I can identify them, turn around, and march into whatever hell I’m clearly uncomfortable with. I feel a bit embarrassed to even admit this, yaknow? Like, whenever I read Kafka or Dostoyevsky or similar I get so in awe of these depressing and macabre realities and the way they just let their characters breathe in filth and exhale garbage. I dunno. We’ve talked about Lolita, I remember this!!! Back when we first met I think. I’m so impressed and terrified by Nabokov, really, because that kind of creation is really challenging for me. As much as I love shitty trash characters, it’s emotionally exhausting to build them and so I find myself trying not to and I hate that.

13. What kind of writing would you like to be known for?

iiii honestly have no idea. When I think about people reacting to my work, I tend to think things like, “someone who greatly resembles me at age 15 will really get excited about this” or, “oh man I hope that the way I am saying this thing clicks with someone, even one person” and I don’t really have any idea how I’d like the larger world to talk about me. I hope a large quantity of fuckboys disapproves of everything I do? That’d be pretty swell.

18. What sets your story apart from others in its genre?

OKAY I DON’T WANT TO RAIN ON THE INDUSTRY’S PARADE AND I WON’T NAME NAMES BUT I feel like a lot of recent sci-fi ish comic books with pop culture references and rah rah action sequences are like junk food that you forget you ate the moment you stop eating. I feel like they’re rushed and inauthentic. I want That Mars Story to have all the fun things about the genre -all the knifegun fights and hoverboard chase sequences and my precious Portal references- AND have a very personal core inside it that takes readers somewhere different, emotionally.

Inspired by lazysmirk

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