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Here’s a closer look at my contribution to the Moleskine Project VI at @spoke_art gallery opening July 8th. I’ve seen some amazing work by the artists in this year’s show that has been both inspiring and humbling and makes me want to do something better next time. Hope you keep an eye out for the work as we have a great line up this year with plenty of new artists in the mix. 


Yesterday my moleskine came in so I can start my French bullet journal! I’m gonna track my progress over the summer!

Hopefully I can get more comfortable doodling and improve my French at the same time! 🇫🇷📖✨


I finished my yearly, monthly, and half of my weekly log for my new bullet journal.

Tomorrow, I need to find something to fill up the other half of my weekly log. Then, I’ll start working on my daily log.


Work for the Moleskine Project coming soon to @spoke_art. Thanks to art wizard @rodrigoluff for the inclusion.

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Hi everyone! I started a journal again this summer, and I thought I would share some tips and recommendations that I found useful:

Basic supplies:

  • Notebook // rec: moleskine (comes in many sizes and colours, but the acid-free paper tends to be thin and is not archival)
  • Pen // rec: muji black ink pen 0.38mm, staedtler permanent lumocolor

Supplies for more fun

  • Brush + Watercolours // rec: staedtler watercolor pencils (highly portable and a variety of colours)
  • Coloured pencils // rec: staedtler triangular coloured pencils 
  • Fineliners // rec: staedtler triplus fineliner, hema fineliners/fijnschrijvers
  • Glue stick or tape for putting in photos, tickets, etc, into your journal
  • Camera // rec: fujifilm instax (the instant film makes it really convenient, but you can also use your phone and print out the photos)


  • Have your journal with you as much as possible - you never know when you’ll want to write, draw, or put something into your journal
  • Don’t worry if the pages aren’t ‘perfect’
  • Journals are perfect for collecting and drying plants 
  • Have fun!! - by @arthausgirl


I’ve been in kind of a slump since getting caught at UO so I did some lifting to cheer myself up (…lmao). I’m gonna list everything for the sake of my own OCD ass. Also I’m keeping the names of the stores private for location/identity reasons~ 


 ▪️Pastel board: $10.29 

 ▪️Watercolor set: $38.55 

 ▪️Compressed charcoal: $3.49

 ▪️Scotch tape: $2.65

 ▪️Electric eraser: $9.99 

 ▪️Tradition style pen: $15.99 

 ▪️Pack of needles (x6): $20.34 

 ▪️White charcoal pencils: $2.79 

 ▪️Winsor & Newton pigment markers (x11): $88

 ▪️Touch markers (x4): $18.56

 ▪️Spectra markers (x2): $7.22

 ▪️Zig markers (x6): $16.74

 ▪️Permapaque markets (x5): $14

 ▪️Micron pens (x5): $16.25

 ▪️Liquitex paint markers (x3): $21

 ▪️Y & C calligraphy pens (x2): $3.58

▪️Mechanical pencils (x2): $4

 ▪️Faber Castell calligraphy marker: $3.60 

▪️MAX oil paints (x2): $12.34

 ▪️Gamblin oil paints (x2): $19.42

 ▪️Winsor & newton acrylics (x2): $10.42


 ▪️This is Caravaggio: $16 

 ▪️This is Rembrandt: $16

 ▪️This is Goya: $16 

 ▪️The moleskine project: $25

 ▪️Primed canvas on wood: $6.29

 ▪️Moleskine black pages: $23 

 ▪️Magma sketchbook: $10 

 ▪️Mechanical pencil: $16

 ▪️Micron: $3.25

 ▪️Multicolored pen: $5

 ▪️Pencil led (x2): $4 

 ▪️Eco cube: $10

 *Also not pictured, I got a magnet from Home Depot that I’m going to try out! It was $7.

 💖💖GRAND TOTAL: $500.76💖💖

My most clever finished project would have to be my desk, which I made myself. It is my favorite place to write, read and create. My walls are more of an ongoing project. Day 19 of the April challenge by @journaling-junkie. ( I also have some close ups of my desk here.)