moleskine project 2


It’s not everyday that you get to curate a show with your favourite artists, including those who inspired me to draw in the first place. Inviting these artists forced me to work harder, anything less than my best would be pointless-no excuses allowed. I wanted to put everything I learnt from my moleskine experiments into one sketch page, using crushed pastels and iridescent oil paint and every media I had.

I struggled from start to finish, had to combine three photos of a model I photographed, I redrew, repainted the face so many times I lost count. The scariest thing about committing my best was that I had no excuses, no matter how embarrassing the mistakes, or how long it took. The entire show is what I am most proud of and how it has brought many of us together. I went against good advice and included over 50 artists- an enormous task on top of my already busy schedule (4 group shows this month).

It’s funny that it happened because I couldn’t provide enough work for a solo show (too many group shows). I seem to always feel like I’m failing, and somehow with enough luck it works out for the best.

 I am super humbled and inspired to be a part of it, and this is the first time I’ve felt part of an art community. Thanks to everyone who submitted inspiring art and for the support (you know who you are), I am looking forward to the show tomorrow night, see you there at Spoke Art, San Francisco!

Moleskine Project II

If you’re interested in the Moleskine Project II, I wrote up this to explain my ideas and thoughts behind it.

Opening Dec 6th, 2012 at Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco, the Moleskine Project #2 is a group exhibition that features a spread page taken from the sketchbooks of more than 50 artists from around the world. It brings together a broader network of sketchbooks from renowned illustrators, concept artists, oil painters and more.

Many of the artists know each other through online communities formed over the past ten years, where sketchbooks were shared regularly in order to learn, grow and become inspired by one another. Motivated to dive deeper into our own sketchbooks, each page charted our own artistic journeys. Within the unified format of this collective sketchbook, a visual dialogue is exchanged from artist to artist, page to page, forming a colourful language of imagery, technique and ideas.

These pages often have an intimacy that strips bare the usual restrictions of polished work, drawing us even closer to the raw, personal realms of each artist. This show is a tribute to the power of sketchbooks to influence and inform others as well as ourselves, and offers fresh insight into a passionate and dedicated group of artists. The Moleskine Project II opens Thursday, December 6th at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco. Co-curator Rod Luff and many of the artists from the exhibit will be in attendance.

Akira Beard, Allison Sommers, Andrew Hem, Barron Storey, Bec Winnel, Brett Amory, C3, Carl Dobsky, Casey Weldon, Charles Santoso, Chris B Murray, Christian Macnevin, Christine Wu, Cody Miles, Craww, Dave Correia, Erik Siador, Henrik Uldalen, Hsiao Ron Cheng, Jason Hernandez, Jason Hong, Jenn Porecca, Jeremy Enecio, Jeremy Hush, Jeremy Mann, Jessica Hess, Justin “Coro” Kaufman, Karla Ortiz, Keita Morimoto, Kemp Remillard, Ken Garduno, Kikyz1313, Laura Bifano, Marco Mazzoni, Mike Dringenberg, New Shade of Black, Nicomi Nix Turner, Nimit Malavia, PJ Matthews, Rafael Sarmento, Rich Pellegrino, Robert Bowen, Rod Luff, Ryan Lee, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Serge Gay Jr., Sergio Lopez, So Youn Lee, Tatiana Suarez, Tran Nguyen, Ville Ericsson, Wesley Burt, Xiau-Fong Wee and Zach Oldenkamp

With some incredible artists that make me realise how much I suck! Top-Karla Ortiz and Ryan Lee, who were generous enough to let me stay at their place for many days, and below is one of my all time favourites- the great and almighty CORO!