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So, I got an anonymous ask, wanting a tutorial on how I do my bullet journal. Here are some closer pictures of the spread. I do each week on two pages, so I can see everything in one place. One side is devoted to chores and daily habits. The other has my events, deadlines, and daily tasks. I use a moleskin extra large exercise book, because it’s got squared pages and it’s B5 size, which allows me to write lots of information. However, the pages are quite thin, and it’s not a pure white colour, which is a bit annoying.

first page

  1. First I choose what colours I want the week to be. I chose green this week; I’m not sure how much I like having the whole thing being just one colour.
  2. I start by writing a title. “Week Ten” refers to the tenth week of Spring Term, because that’s how my university structures the course.
  3. Underneath, in the first of two columns, I write my weekly goals. 
  4. Underneath that, I have a tracker of how much water I’ve drunk each day. Due to my activity and my weight, I need to drink 7 pints a day. I have an app on my phone, Plant Nanny, that also keeps track of what I drink.
  5. On the right hand column, I write out my readings for each module. I usually have three subheadings, but I’ve finished my “sexualities through history” module. I use a circle to mark out the readings, to show that they’re different from tasks. 
  6. Below that, I have weekly chores that I need to do at some point. These often don’t get done…
  7. Below that, I have a record of how much sleep I get. I often get way too much, because I’m lazy.Too much sleep makes me feel really groggy so I try and get between 7-9 hours a night. 

second page

  1. Then, I separate the second page into four columns. The first column has the day and date, and is smaller than the other three. The second column has my Events/Appointments in, and the remaining two have my daily tasks.
  2. I write out my events at the start of the week, things like seminars, meetings with professors, and seeing my friends. Sometimes I put going to the gym there, as it motivates me to pack my gym stuff before going to campus. Each event is denoted with a triangle, to differentiate them from tasks.
  3. The next two columns have my tasks. I write these out at the start of the day, apart from teeth and omeprazole (my heartburn medicine). 
  4. I like to put stickers and other cute things in the blank spaces if I haven’t had enough tasks to fill both columns. 

There you have it! Let me know if you want any more details.

15.11.15 using @recycledpaperstars layout for my bullet journal and I have to say, I am in love 😍 also the to-do printables can be found here. As you can see i have not been the most productive in the last couple of days but it is OK to not feel as motivated at times. 

Take care and yourself and study hard❤❤ 

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