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Chapterhouse - Moles, Bath 21st March 1991

I take no credit for these photos as they were taken by a friend of mine. Mine defo aren’t as good but will post them at some stage.

Whilst most preferred Andrew, Stephen was my favourite & I enjoyed my many chats with him after gigs. I’m also a sucker for a skinny framed guy and tend to go for the underdog!


Chapterhouse - Moles, Bath 21st March 1991 Always one for pestering my favourite pop stars. After cancelling their earlier gig they kindly wrote to me on tracing paper & sent me an ep.

Undercover 2/?

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The escort was dressed simply, a plain white button-up under a black waistcoat and black slacks, but the cut of the clothing hinted maddeningly at what lay underneath. The shirt was unbuttoned enough to show quite a bit of his chest and the vest nipped in to emphasize his trim waist.  When he stepped into the room, Francis made a show of turning to shut the door behind him, revealing that his pants must have been chosen expressly to display his fantastic ass.

Erik wondered who exactly in the department had such good taste in men, because Francis’s appearance didn’t scream sex in an abrasive way; it moaned it quietly enough that you wanted to get closer and hear all the details.

Of course, that was when Erik managed to pry his eyes from Francis’s ass to look at his face.  Granted, he was mostly successful because Francis had turned around, so Erik couldn’t keep staring.

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