I need some new music, someone please help!

I like and in the mood for something similar to:-

Matt Corby

Mumford and Sons

Roo Panes 

City and Colour

Foy Vance


Nathaniel Rateliff 

William Fitzsimmons 

Matthew Mole

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Bon Iver

Bright Eyes

The Civil Wars

The April Maze

Ed Sheeran

Fleet Foxes

Gabrielle Aplin

Good Old War

James Vincent McMorrow

Keaton Henson


Stu Larsen

Simon and Garfunkel 

The Avett Brothers


Some screencaps and made a GIF from the video, Doctor Who Fans’ Guinness World Record! - Doctor Who: The Fan Show. The only one I GIF’d and cropped is when Peter greeted the little girl in her Dalek costume. The other photos of Peter meeting fans (a girl holding a Dalek and a Twelve cosplayer at the TARDIS) are currently unknown. I don’t know who they are or which links they come from. I only know Karen’s little Eleventh Doctor (shaking hands with Peter and then pointing his Sonic Screwdriver). If I find the others, I will properly credit them. For now these are just screencaps and a GIF from “Doctor Who: The Fan Show.“

Saving money 101: Buy EVERYTHING!

Short notice trip to Melbourne means random ass journey to my new crib, aka H&M. I’m just going to say it, but this store is better than any in America. I know. Please take your seats. And calm down New York, I still love you. Point is. I’ve now taken up residence in the vents. Come visit.


Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca - Mexico

Located in the western section of Oaxaca state towards the mountain is the colorful city of Heroica Ciudad de Tlaxiaco, a quiet city that has gain recognition due to its famous daughter “Lila Downs”. The small town is full of the many qualities that one can expect to find of a traditional town in Mexico. The streets are lined with farmers & locals and small business that come out daily to sell the products of their labors; vegetables, flowers, animal products or hand crafted items and of course delicious and varying fruits. A humble town full of friendly locals and various foods waiting to be explored for a fraction of cost that one may find in larger cities.

Come for a visit, try the food and buy some hand crafted items and you won’t leave sorry, or maybe stop in for the local’s “Aguardiente” a unique alcohol crafted within the nearby states or Oaxaca’s most famous dish “Tlayudas”.
What are you waiting for, we are waiting for you!

SHC Paris Con: Spoilers edition

You might have read some of them somewhere else but I felt it was best to reunite them in a single post for those of you who fear them. Also, one cast member gave me a spoiler in confidence and I’m not supposed to say who it is. So here we go:

-Diggle will get a costume of some sort to conceal his identity. I suggested a Baklava but it will be more elaborate than that.

-Colton Haynes/Roy should be the character who moves around from show to show and is the link between The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

-Lyla has a lot of secrets. She will end up as the head of Argus when Amanda Waller gets killed. 

-Oliver will have a mole in Starling City telling him about what is going on with the rest of his team (Diggle, Speedy, Black Canary) while he’s away with Felicity. The mole could be in his team but it’s not Diggle apparently. Personally, my money is on Lyla but who knows…

-Felicity might get bored before Oliver of the domestic life, according to EBR. She found her calling with Team Arrow and eventually it will get tough for her to stay away from saving people. That’s how EBR feels, it’s not really a spoiler but it rings so true to her character I included it here. That’s also exactly how I feel. :)

Mole City marks Quasi’s eighth studio album and 20th year as a band. You could call them a duo—it’s almost always been just Sam Coomes (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards) and Janet Weiss (drums, backing vocals)—but that sounds awfully small. Grounded in a loose tradition of Northwest indie, Quasi are defined, if at all, by their expansiveness. Their raucous yet cerebral—and highly creative—brand of party rock has grown to stadium size and left genre in the parking lot. (via Quasi: Mole City (Kill Rock Stars) - album review | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)