mole's weekend

Today’s 5 Friday Faves, Fave Facial Feature edition…for me it’s gotta be Gillian’s Mole™️️

Thanks, @storybycorey!

GA: What do you know about me that I don’t know about myself? It can be a negative thing. I’m a grown-up.

DD: You should not cover up your mole. You should have refused to do it in the beginning, and you should refuse now. It’s a Chris Carter thing. I know it’s not vanity for you. He deemed your face not big enough for the mole. And so for seven years, you’ve put makeup on this mole…For both Scully and Gillian, the mole is fine.

USA Weekend, Gillian interviews David, March 2000

what is a mole (and not the animal mole) and why do we have a day for it?

I’m so glad you asked!

A mole is a unit of measure that chemists/scientists use to express an amount of a substance. 1 mole = 6.02x10^23 particles/atoms/molecules/etc.

Chemists use moles to relate ratios of things, particularly when it comes to chemical reactions.

For example: 2H2 + O2 → 2 H2

In this reaction, two moles of hydrogen are reacting with one mole of oxygen to create two moles of water.

It’s easier to compare moles of something vs. the number of particles/atoms/molecules/etc.

Also, the molecular weight of an atom/molecule is the weight of one mole of said compound. For example, the molar mass of carbon is 12.01g. So if you have a mole of carbon, you’d have 12.01g of carbon.

Moles are one of the most important concepts in science, and so we celebrate Mole Day on October 23 (10/23) between 6:02am and 6:02pm in honor of this very important number of 6.02x10^23.

Happy Mole Day Weekend!