mole repeller


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Given to you by Megaton’s Moira Brown (Zone 8.03) during the Miscellaneous Quest: Wasteland Survival Guide, this is basically a stick. Sticks don’t fare well against most foes, but there are two you should strike with this: Radroaches and Mole Rats. The repellent on the stick’s end explodes the critters’ heads after a few second, making this useful strictly for vermin control.”

Not that impressive of a group photo but, I’m not a big melee fan. To list them off,my crappy first version of the Nuka Breaker, Moira’s Mole Rat Repellant Stick, baseball bat, Fallout Van Buren Laser Saw , highwayman’s friend, cosmic knife and Love and Hate spiked knuckles. Well, That about does it minus some miscellaneous items I will photograph later.