The Translator of the East Mark 

I don’t think I ever formally told you guys; I’m translating Aventuras en la Marca del Este (Adventures in the East Mark ) for Extra-Dimensional Publishing. Adventuras is a really awesome Spanish fantasy role playing game, that builds upon Moldvay’s red box. 

I’ll talk more about it in the near future. 


I always liked how these Erol Otus covers showed the older wizard on the Expert rules remote viewing the battle scene from the Basic rules.

This Basic rulebook came in the “magenta box” (the main color of the background of the battle painting) with module B2 Keep on the Borderlands. I had already switched from the Holmes Basic D&D to AD&D, but when a friend got this version I gave it a try and thoroughly enjoyed DMing the Keep.

The first Holmes Basic edition had been a reediting of Gygax & Arneson’s original little brown booklet rules with many text passages left intact. These second Basic rules edited by Tom Moldvay were a complete rewrite but still covered only character levels 1-3. The Expert rules edited by David Cook and Steve Marsh completed the game for levels 1-14. Together they usually are called the Moldvay/Cook or B/X edition and it remains many players’ favorite version of the classic D&D game.