molded leather

United Cutlery has taken the Honshu fighter to next level with this brand new Aizu Ring Fighter. Combining the power and size of a traditional fighter with the tactical applications of a karambit, the Aizu is one of Honshu’s fiercest designs to date.

  • Razor-sharp 7Cr13 stainless steel blade
  • Non-reflective black anodized finish
  • Ergonomic injection-molded handle
  • Includes leather belt sheath
  • 7 5/8" blade; 13 ½" overall

First Order Flametrooper - The Force Awakens Exhibit at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, April 19 2015

Specialized Stormtroopers of the First Order, Flametroopers carry incendiary weapons that can transform any battlefield into an infernal blaze.

Helmet and Armor - molded polyurethane

Undersuit -  cotton lycra

Gussets - molded rubber and cotton lycra

Collar - neoprene and rubber 

Belt - rubber 

Gloves -  molded polyurethane, leather and cotton 

Boots - leather

Backpack & Gun - 3D print with aluminum metal work 

Headcanons no one asked for

Jesse McCree- Probably smells like cigar smoke and gun powder, with a hint of whiskey. Sometimes the outdoors, nature or grass. His hat smells of old leather and mold. Depending on if he showers or not his hair will smell like vanilla or smoke and oil.

Soldier: 76- Smells like sweat and leather. When he was younger he smelled like sweat and cheep cologne, sometimes like a fireplace. His hair used to smell like green apples and evergreens.

Junkrat- He smells of burned rubber and smoke, sometimes metal. His hair smells burned and like dirt or mold.

Reaper- Usually smells of smog, rotting corpses, and dried leather. When he was younger and in Blackwatch he smelled like expensive cologne and spices. His hair always smelled like waterfalls and fruit.