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The neural network has bad ingredient ideas

I’m training a neural network to generate recipes based on a database of about 30,000 examples, and one great (not great?) thing about it is it comes up with new ingredients that I’m pretty sure aren’t in the list:

1 ½ teaspoon chicken brown water
1 teaspoon dry chopped leaves
1/3 cup shallows
10 oz brink custard
¼ cup bread liquid
2 cup chopped pureiped sauce
½ cup baconfroots
¼ teaspoon brown leaves
½ cup vanilla pish and sours
½ cup white pistry sweet craps
1 tablespoon mold water
¼ teaspoon paper
1 cup dried chicken grisser
15 cup dried bottom of peats
¼ teaspoon finely grated ruck

And this is a thing that it came up with repeatedly for some reason, and was quite adamant that I use:

1 cup plaster cheese


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5,531

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving) fingering, this is PWP

Prompt: Sam meets up with the reader at a bar, and neither of them want to go home alone. Both their jobs require them to move around a lot, and sometimes, they get a little antsy and crave the affection of another person. That leads them to Sam’s motel room for one night of pure fun.

You didn’t want, or even need a partner to settle down with. You had grown used to being alone and working alone and doing just about everything alone. But, a girl gets antsy from time to time.

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Ultra creamy popsicles using International Delight Iced Coffee for a refreshing treat!

At any given time of the day, you’ll find me with an iced coffee in my hand. Especially during the Summer. It’s so refreshing on a hot day! My favorite way to get a quick iced coffee fix is to just pour some International Delight Iced Coffee into my favorite mason jar. {A pretty paper straw is mandatory!} My favorite is the mocha flavor – sooo creamy and full of flavor.

You’ll need a popsicle mold. And just a few ingredients. International Delight Iced Coffee in mocha and some heavy cream to add some creaminess to the pops. To add some extra deliciousness, I made some homemade dark chocolate magic shell to go on top!

Try these popsicles for a refreshing treat this Summer. ☀

Prep Time: 10 minutes

4 hours, 10 minutes

Yield: 10 popsicles, depending on mold



2 ½ cups Internal Delight Iced Coffee Mocha

½ cup + 2 tbs heavy cream

Magic Shell

1 cup dark chocolate chips

2 tbs coconut oil


Stir iced coffee and heavy cream in a large measuring cup or bowl. Pour into popsicle molds. Add sticks and freeze for 4-5 hours or overnight. When you take the popsicles out, you’ll dip them in the magic shell.

To make magic shell: Stir chocolate chips and coconut oil together. Microwave at 30 second intervals until melted. Dip popsicles half way.


Alright, there are two things that I have to say first! The first thing is, I have passed over 1,000 followers!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I feel so happy that so many people enjoy reading my stories, and I hope you will continue doing so! ♥ ♥

The second thing is about this update- this is happening right after the last Jongdae chapter (It was quite a while back, so I would recommend reading it again muhaha). Sorry to confuse you, I completely forgot that Jongdae had one more chapter to go before Kris was being introduced! Well, I hope you enjoy, sweets! ♥


[ Jongdae | Little Green ]
\ challenge

You placed the plate on the table, untouched when you leaned back against your mate, your arms wrapped around his neck.

“You full?” Jongdae whispered, his hand stroking down your sides comfortingly as you nodded your head. With one last look around you leaned down, burying your face in his neck.

“Tired?” He was only able to ask before he felt your lips on his neck. He froze when he felt you nibble on a small patch of it.

And then, you bit down.

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anonymous asked:

Hello I would love to cosplay aqua from Kingdom Hearts, but I'm having trouble with the bra pads on her shirt. Everyone else either cuts up a bra or get a bra cup, cover it with their fabric of choice and stitch it on. I actually don't want it to be an actual bra cup but a design thats a part of the shirt. I want it to be just the fabric part of the bra. Now while i had a template for the shape, no matter how many times i cut it out, hem it or add darts, it just never comes out right. Thanks!

Hello there!

That’s a really weird design, even for Kingdom Hearts. Wow.

To me, it looks more like fabric pieces sewn on than actual foam bra cups, so I think you are on the right track, though I can see why molded foam cups would be much easier!

What I would do is use the saran wrap method of patterning. Wear the undergarments you are planning wearing with the costume and possibly even the top if you have it in a wearable state and the fabric isn’t going to get damaged by this method. Get Glad Press N’ Seal wrap. This has a light adhesive on one side, so it will stick to you and to itself, making your patterning much easier. (You can also use a layer of regular saran wrap with masking or duct tape over it, if you choose, but this is the method I use for unusual patterns.) Once you have a good few layers of plastic on, use a permanent marker to draw the shape that you want. I would recommend just wrapping your breast area and drawing on the triangle shape of the cup and at the very least a vertical princess seam, or a vertical seam ending at a horizontal seam (like a 3-piece bra cup), though with how low this sits on her breasts, you will likely only need the one seam if yours sits in the same place.

Carefully peel yourself out of the wrap, and cut the pieces along the seamlines you just drew. Flatten these as well as you can. Take the two sides and try to square them with each other the best you can so you have an even pattern. Make sure to add seam allowance. Sew these out of a test fabric as a mockup, and make any changes you should need before doing them for real. For reference, the pattern will roughly be shaped so that the princess seams are curved, with the pieces curving outward toward each other in the middle (the top of the piece will be smaller, and the outward curves towards the middle and bottom will allow for extra space in there once it is sewn). The degree and location of the curve will depend on your breast shape and size.

By doing it this way, you’ll end up with pieces that are shaped and sized to the specific shape and size of the breast, rather than a flat piece you are trying to fit over a rounded surface, or a flat piece you are trying to dart. The correct shape of the seamlines will be built into your pattern, rather than added later.

The tricky part here is that the top appears to be a stretch material, so I would also make the cups out of a stretch material. Even though they are seamed for shape, they still need to be able to stretch with the fabric underneath. If you use a non-stretch material, wear the top, pin the cups in place very well, and sew them with the top stretched so that it mimics how much it will be stretched when worn.Otherwise, you’ll end up with the top either being too small in that area (because it wasn’t stretched) or lumpy and rippled.

I hope that helps! If it doesn’t, let me know exactly what was going wrong with the previous versions and with this version and I can try to help troubleshoot.

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff


Not my gif! Gif credit goes to it’s rightful and amazing creator!

Imagine: You Leave Konoha Because You Feel Unwanted And Worthless, And Naruto Goes After You.

The biggest knuckle head ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village was in hot pursuit of your languid long strides. Your back facing him on the dull green horizon only made him that much more determined to stop you. ‘She left Konoha without a word to the guards, Naruto. She just stepped right out of the gates and kept on walking until she eventually disappeared.’ Sakura’s saddened voice continued to hauntingly echo through his skull with every stride that he took after your fading form. This didn’t make sense to him.

You leaving would be the worst thing that could happen to him after Sasuke had left some time ago. It was already eating him inside. The thought of never seeing your encouraging smile warm him up after he came home from a mission or the two of you just pigging out at Ichiraku Ramen’s stall, made a bile taste tickle his tongue.

“[Name]!” he cries out in anger after you, his feet aching, pounding into the hard dirt path. The way he called your name made guilt hit your gut so hard you became paralyzed in your tracks, just disappearing into the deeper parts of the forests surrounding Konoha. Tears that had long dried upon your cheeks resurrected upon your waterline, spilling over immediately as the boy you loved came into hot pursuit of you.

In moments he comes to a skidding halt behind you, huffing and puffing like a train going at full speed. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” he growls out furiously, his fists so tightly bawled that his knuckles turn milky white and crack. Your silence only angers him further, to which pains you. “Answer me!” he blows like the steam shot out of a steam engine, wild and untamed, whilst his face grew monstrously red.

“I’m going, Naruto. I’m not good for Konoha.” your voice trembles from the tears that hopelessly spill down your face like a murky grey river filled with dangerous rapids.

“What are you talking about, [Name]?” the ferocity in his voice consumes him, his big hand encases your feeble wrist as he pulls you back to him, wishing to see you. When he see’s your tear stained face his anger bubbles further. “Where did this all come from? Just yesterday we were clowning around and everything was fine!”

“Stop wasting your time on me when you have a mission to prepare for, Naruto.” your tone shows just how exhausted you are as you try to roll your wrist from his incredibly tight grip.

“To hell with the mission!” he roars like a raging lion. “And here I thought you were different, [Name]! You can’t just leave us like Sasuke did.” and to that his throat becomes husky at the remembrance at his old rival, his comrade, his friend.

“It’s not like that, Naruto. I-”

“Then what is it like, [Name]?” his blond brows knit together, his baby blue eyes absorbing you in, watching you intently. “What’s so important out here that you need so badly? What’s not good enough about your village, your home, your friends, me?…” he trails off, averting his eyes from yours for but of a moment.

“There’s nothing out here that peeks my interest,” you tug your wrist free of his hand, rubbing the sore spot. “But I’m not worth a thing for that village. Nobody wants me.” your statement completely takes this knuckle head ninja by complete surprise.

Soon his expression becomes solemn and deep before he concludes this with a head shake. “You’re wrong.” he spits, his eyes smoldering into the ground between the two of you. “You think that leaving the Hidden Leaf Village will make things better? You think your absence won’t be noticed by anybody?” and his eyes meet yours, filled with tears and so much emotion. “You’re the most important person in my life, the only thing that I have left really, and you didn’t even bother saying goodbye! Sakura found me, told me that you left without a single goodbye. That’s so selfish and bitter.” he snaps frantically, taking a step towards you.

“You’re worth so much to me and you don’t even notice it! You’re too busy hiding all of your feelings behind that fake smile of yours! And you don’t think I pay attention to that do you? You don’t think I see the pain in your eyes? How blind do you think I am?” his voice breaks, tears streaking down his cheeks. “Why can’t you just see what I see for once? Why can’t you just look into the mirror and for once tell yourself that you’re worth every bit of love that I have for you!?” his words cut deep wounds within you, leaving your knees close to buckling.

“I know what loneliness is like, what it’s like to feel like you’re unwanted and not worth a thing, but god dammit [Name], just listen to me for once!” he shouts, closing the space between the two of you entirely. “You might not be wanted by everyone in that village, but I want you… No, I need you. Ever since Sasuke left you’ve been the closest one to me and I don’t get how you can just leave me like this, without a word, without an explanation! I give you so much to prove that what happened to you doesn’t define you now, that you have someone here for you no matter what time of day or night. I’m here.”

“N-Naruto I-I-”

All of your words were erased from your skull as his lips found yours in a sweet passionate mold. His hands cupped your wet cheeks, deepening the kiss, trying at some attempt to get you to stay, because losing you would be the worst thing that could ever happen to Naruto Uzumaki. You were the one to always believe in him, to stay by his side no matter what the cost.

Once his lips broke apart from yours breathlessly he whispers, “Don’t leave me when I need you more than anything right now…”

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I’ll Make Love To You

Request: Virgin!Reader and Damon goes slow and gentle on her – Anon AND Hey I love your writing! Could you do a one shot where the reader and Damon are in bed and you have a night terror, so he tries to calm you down, but that doesn’t work. So he has to tire you out(sex) thanks. – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 2477

I decided to merge two requests and it turned into a fluffy mess. PS: The song has nothing to do with this. I just wanted to title it that.

I’ll Make Love To You: Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You badly wanted to go home, aka, the Salvatore Boarding House. You’ve been stuck in the Grill with Tyler, Caroline, and Matt. You loved hanging out with your friends but, for God’s sake. You needed sleep. “Guys. Can I go home?” You whined. Caroline gave you her exasperated sigh, rolling her eyes. “So you can go back to your obnoxious boyfriend?” She asked. “You’re turning to him, (y/n).” She added. I pouted. “Damon’s not that obnoxious, well to me he isn’t.” you argued. “That’s cause you’re his girlfriend!” Caroline said.

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Keto Tiramisu Popsicles

Ingredients (makes 8 servings):Popsicles:

  • 2 cups mascarpone or creamed coconut milk (500 g / 17.6 oz)
  • ½ cup coconut milk, BPA-free or heavy whipping cream (120 ml / 4 fl oz)
  • ½ cup strong brewed coffee, chilled or caffeine-free chicory coffee (120 ml / 4 fl oz)
  • ½ cup Erythritol or Swerve, powdered or other healthy low-carb sweetener from this list (80 g / 2.8 oz)
  • 15-20 drops liquid Stevia extract (Clear or Chocolate)
  • 1 tsp rum extract or 2-4 tbsp dark rum


  • ⅓ cup coconut oil, melted (73 g / 2.6 oz)
  • ⅓ cup cacao powder, unsweetened (28 g / 1 oz)
  • ¼ cup Erythritol, powdered (40 g / 1.4 oz)
  • Optional: stevia to taste

Note: This recipe makes 8 popsicles - one popsicle is about ½ cup of the mixture. You can usealmond milk instead of coconut milk but the result won’t be as creamy and will contain less fat.


  1. Place the mascarpone, coconut milk and Erythritol into a mixing bowl. Add the chilled coffee.
    Instead of regular coffee, you can use this natural caffeine-free instant coffee made from roasted chicory - it’s the best coffee alternative I’ve tried.
  2. Add the rum extract and stevia.
  3. Using a hand blender, pulse until smooth. Scoop the mixture into popsicle molds and add popsicle sticks. Place in the freezer for 3-4 hours.
    Each popsicle I made is about ½ cup. I used both large popsicle molds (½ cup) and small popsicle molds (¼ cup) and made 12 servings. Nutrition facts are calculated based on 8 large popsicle molds.
  4. Prepare the chocolate coating. Add the cacao powder and powdered Erythritol to the bowl with melted coconut oil. Mix until well combined. Make sure the coating is at room temperature before you coat the popsicles with it.
  5. After 3-4 hours, remove from the freezer and pop the popsicles out of the molds. To prevent the popsicles from melting, I prefer to place them back in the freezer and cover them in chocolate in batches.
  6. Using a spoon, cover with the melted coconut chocolate mixture. Place back in the freezer or…… enjoy immediately!

Half-Moon Croquettes with Garlic Aioli from TERA Online

A traditional croquette is, in its most basic form, a fried bomb of pure deliciousness. It usually contains mashed potatoes and some form of meat, as well as numerous other options including cheese, herbs, onions, mushrooms, and other vegetables. The possibilities are endless. That being said, these croquettes are quite basic but no less delicious for being that way. They’re stuffed with spiced lamb and rolled in panko to give them an extra crispy crunch. The garlic aioli compliments them very well and I’ll be the first to say that I may have spoiled my dinner by eating a few too many of these tasty croquettes.  

- MJ & K

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anonymous asked:

CS kinky smut prompt: Killian explores his sexuality with another man (not his first time) while Emma watches (much to her pleasure)

I have like seven hundred things to do but naturally my brain is just spitting ideas for these backed up porn prompts. Changed this one just a tiny bit to suit my whimsy.

So hey, there’s some dudes-fucking-dudes happening here. If that’s not your thing, don’t read it. Said dude is an unnamed character, because a) it wasn’t specified, b) I couldn’t decide, so c) he’s just being used for his dick anyway and I don’t think it particularly matters.

on AO3

With the curse broken and the kingdom restored, Killian often finds himself at a loss for how to occupy his time.

A prince consort is not a pirate captain – not a respectable one, at any rate. He’s sat through countless decorum sessions, many of them to keep his wife company as she assumes the mantle of princess, but some to refresh his own respectability. He’s trained the lad to duel with a blade and woo a lady. He’s offered his counsel at war meetings and crop management sessions alike.

And he is bored.

He longs for the open sea, for adventure with his wife and his son at his side. He longs for a new port, new sights, new smells. He longs for something, though what exactly he cannot name.

And Emma notices.

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My first really summer-y dessert of the summer! I had a pineapple and some cherries to use, so I did what any hard working man in his twenties would do and made boozy ice pops! Perfect way to end that summer barbecue or pool party.

More food pics and ideas @ insta: taylor_cooks

(Boozy) Pineapple, Cherry, and Lime Popsicles:

  • ½ a Ripe Pineapple, cubed
  • Zest of One Lime
  • ¼ cup of Rum (or your choice of alcohol, optional)
  • 5 oz can of Evaporated Milk
  • 1 ½ cup of Pitted Red Cherries
  • ¼ cup of Vodka (optional)
  • 1/3 cup of Granulated Sugar, divided
  • 4-6 drops Red Food Dye (optional)
  • Popsicle molds, or Paper Cups with Popsicle Sticks
  1. Combine the Pineapple, Lime Zest, Rum, Evaporated Milk, and half the Sugar in the work bowl of a food processor. Process until everything is combined into a slush.
  2. Fill your popsicle molds ½ way with the Pineapple mixture, place in the freezer for 40 minutes while you make the Cherry. You want the Pineapple layer to be solid enough that it won’t mix with the Cherry. If you don’t care about that, you can wait less time.
  3. In the cleaned food processor bowl, combine the Pitted Cherries, Vodka, and remaining half of Sugar. Process until everything is combined into a slush.
  4. Once the Pineapple is solid enough for your liking, fill popsicle molds the rest of the way up with Cherry mixture.
  5. Place the sticks/tops on the popsicle mold, and put in the freezer until solid, ~6 hours or overnight.