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i made a chiptune cover of the koloktos battle song from skyward sword, and a mockup to illustrate

gods--little--warrior  asked:

But seriously have you defeated Moldarach yet I CAN'T 😫

I did! Ended up getting past both it as the temple boss and “mini boss”. For me the easiest part was getting rid of the claws. Then, it’s easier to thrust your sword into its eye when it turns red then when it’s purple. Little more dangerous, but it doesn’t try to back away while you’re thrusting. I managed to beat him with only losing a couple hearts when I died multiple times trying the other way. Also, skip the shield: it’s more likely to break than actually help much, so try jumping and rolling out of the way instead if it’s on the offensive. And practice thrusting before you go in. It’s a weird motion that was kinda hard for me to instinctively do during battles. Hope that helps!