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SVT - Click a Prince: Soonyoung/Hoshi

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Series: Click a Prince (intro)

Member/s: OT13 - Soonyoung/Hoshi x Reader 

Words: 1225 

A/N: Le flu-ff pls don’t kill me also dem word count…didn’t see that one coming

How is one supposed to keep a light mind and yet carry the weight of the world on your shoulders? If you could, your face would be fifty feet deep in blueberry pie. Sadly, as of last week all that your face should be into was the old record book, and you were pretty sure that thing hadn’t been opened in hundreds of years. How the new records were imputed was a new era mystery; but, there was no way this had ever been opened, not will all the dust and mold spots.

Either way your face was about a minute away from actually falling into it. You let out a small yawn as you pushed yourself back onto the golden chair. You shook your head in denial. No, this couldn’t happen, if you let yourself fall asleep you’d be gone until the next morning. It was only nine am!

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have u guys ever had those brown spots (mold??) grow inside of ur cap when u don’t leave it out to dry correctly and literally no matter how hard u scrape they don’t come off?

The Magic of Science!

Wallace wasn’t impressive to look at, he lacked a wardrobe to look clean cut… or even especially clean. All his clothes had spots of mold in them thanks to the rotting of his apartment. But these guys were carnies, surely they won’t care about what he looked like?

Seems that they didn’t, as he was (rather eagerly) passed along to their magician, a fellow by the name of Roderich. He hoped he’d get along with the guy, he was just desperate for cash, a place to sleep that wasn’t full of black mold, and a steady supply of meals. He ran a hand through his messy chestnut locks before knocking on the door of the trailer, clearing his throat.



This is exactly why you should never eat mushrooms found in the wild.

And here are answers to yesterday’s trivia:

Q: Zuggtmoy, the Demon Queen of Fungi is also known as the Lady of ___________ and ___________?

A: Rot; Decay

Q: Common symbols for Zuggtmoy include what? (name one)

A: Four-Tiered Mushroom; Mold-Spotted Objects; Four Intersecting Rings of Mushrooms or Toadstools; Mushrooms/Fungi Growing Out of a Jawless Skull

Q: What type of attack does Zuggtmoy share with myconids?

A: Spore