molalla river


The #mypubliclandsroadtrip Returns for Another Summer of Adventure!

The Bureau of Land Management manages over 245 million acres of public land on behalf of the American people. Last summer, we headed out on a virtual #mypubliclandsroadtrip to “visit” those lands from east to west.  

Kicking off today, the #mypubliclandsroadtrip 2016 will feature diverse landscapes and unique resources on your public lands by activity and interest, from the best camping sites to cool geological processes and formations to ghost towns. Follow the virtual roadtrip today through Labor Day, and plan your own adventures. Explore #yourlands.

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3 April 2017

Paisley, Ivan and I hiked 3.5 miles at the Molalla River State Park. What a beautiful sunny day! It was super muddy and parts of the trail were still flooded and completely underwater, but we explored as much as we could. We encountered lots of off leash dogs (there’s an off leash exercise area here but we saw them in areas where leashes were supposed to be required as well). Paisley is always perfect, and Ivan was as close to perfect as he’s ever been. No growling, no pulling. He hackled a little when one dog approached us all the way, but that was it. He even completely ignored a Golden that came flying across the field toward us. What good dogs.

Agate from the Molalla River, Clackamas County, Oregon. August or September 2016.

Most of the individual rock photos are going to be pretty rough for a while. These were taken using an iPhone that I thought would be the new system, but they turned out not very good. Please bear with me through this trying time!