molag grunda

dishwatersoup  asked:

Are daedra able to reproduce? I've heard about Molag Bal having a daughter (I forgot her name) but would she be his biological daughter or would it just be a tye of title like Daughters of Coldharbour?

This is a really complex topic. First of all, at base, the Aedra are supposedly the creators and the Daedra are the changers. Molag Bal did create the first vampire (a Daughter of Coldharbour) through rape, but she didn’t get pregnant. She just became a vampire. So, change. Not really creation. My assumption is that the Daedra can’t reproduce… but they can change things to create, in a sense. 

Molag Bal’s daughter, Molag Grunda, has appeared twice. He does seem to treat her like a daughter, in the sense that he’s a terrible being that has no remorse on her (what did you expect). He seems to be very strict on her and after the events in Morrowind (she took a lover against his will), he’s supposedly still punishing her. No one knows if she’s a biological daughter or not; I think she’s just a Daedra he’s taken a “fatherly” interest in. However, his idea of “fathering” would never be described as supportive and caring. Just a little obsessive and abusive. I feel sorry for any daughters of Molag Bal.

I’d love to hear of more instances of “reproduction” by Daedra from you guys. They’re a very curious group.

Edit: pensola has brought to my attention something I completely missed: Demiprinces. There’s one confirmed demiprince (Morihaus is not of Daedric origin - see references), Fa-Nuit-Hen. I completely forgot about this guy, and I see him every day in Maelstrom Arena! He’s the son of Boethiah and some unidentified being. He’s the only demiprince so far to come to the mortal realm, though Lyranth says there are many demiprinces with their own minor realms.

Here’s 2 texts from ESO’s Loremaster’s Archive I find extremely interesting on the topic: