bütün günü bayramda kim nereye gitmiş ne yemiş ne içmiş ne kadar eğlenmiş dinleyerek geçirdim. bayramda bir kitap okudum bir film izledim ve çokça misafir ağırladım. hiç fena değildi. emeği geçen herkese teşekkür ederim. mola bitti keyif sürüyor😀😂

• kitap önerisi: yas orkestrası (öykü)
• film önerisi: 93 yazı (frida'nın size ihtiyacı var, gidin ve izleyin)

What’s the biggest bony fish in the sea? The mola mola, or ocean sunfish! 

This one was spotted in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Mola molas spend time basking on their sides near the surface, with their pectoral fins flapping in the air. Have you spotted one while visiting your sanctuaries?

(Photo: Maps for Good/NOAA/Point Blue/ACCESS)

@everyone who likes magikarp jump

this game was a collaboration between the pokemon company and another game company called select button (p sure select button did most of the work and nintendo just allowed them to use their licensed characters and took most of the credit for making the game but w/e)

select button’s other games aren’t listed as being related to this one but they’re realllly really similar and magikarp jump is basically a mashup of the two with the addition of pokemon

hunt cook has the same art style as magikarp jump, and also has a mini game that’s skill based rather than just luck. other than that, the gameplay (points that regenerate over time for you to train/hunt, random encounters, achievements that give you gems, etc) is super super similar to magikarp jump

the “tap the food for the fish to eat so it grows bigger” aspect of the game, along with the whole take a risk for a reward or have something bad happen thing, are both in survive! mola mola. it has a more pixely art style but is really cute and funny in a kinda morbid way

both of these games are really great and it really bums me out that select button isn’t really getting the credit they deserve/that people who like this game aren’t super likely to find their other games that they would probably also really enjoy

(basically the only credit they got was their logo at the start of the game for a few seconds, i honestly thought nintendo just made a blatant ripoff of their games at first)

so yeah if u like this game u should definitely check out select button’s other games and share this so other people will too!!


             can i ask you s o m e t h i n g? did i m e a n anything to you.. l i k e at all?

                                                  y e a h… you were my h o p e 

Lovely Ugly!

5 Wonderful but not so pretty marine animals! (Inspired by some of the comments on my last few posts! Enjoy!)

1. The Angler Fish

This deep sea dweller roams the depths luring potential meals in with its lure.

2. The Goblin Shark

Another deep sea animal that has a jaw that will detach and lunge forward to snatch prey out of the water.

3. The Moray Eel

These predators will wait for any unfortunate animals to wander close to their dens.

4.The Ocean Sunfish (or Mola Mola)

A truly odd animal that looks like half of a larger fish, cannot swim well, and primarily feeds on jellyfish.

5. The Stargazer

And last but not least! This bottom dwelling fish has its eyes and mouth situated on the top of it’s head to look for and catch small fish that swim by.

So that’s five ugly but lovely marine animals! Let me know which one is your favorite and I’ll probably be making longer posts for all of the ones I haven’t covered yet on previous posts!