Hello! I just discovered this blog, and after a lot of scrolling (and laughing at all the cancerous ms paint art) I thought I’d ask to see if there were any issues with my own drawings that I could improve upon.

This may be from all the way back in May, and I’ve improved a little since then. So here’s another picture from a few months later just in case some issues were corrected in this piece:



This is neat! The wrinkles in the pants are odd though, I can’t tell if the pants are supposed to be tight or loose and some of the wrinkles look kinda random. References will help you here. The knees are also too low on the legs, especially on the left leg. On the bottom hands the fingers are too short, especially the right pinky. Overall the shading is good, but it looks two dimensional around the neck, so there needs to be more of a gradient in the shading there. I would not post this as bad art.


There aren’t any glaring errors on this. The left forearm is too long and the right arm is…off. I think the upper arm/shoulder is too curved, too rounded. Besides that the head is set too far back; it should be a titch to the right. Finally, and this is my biggest pet peeve of all, hair is not transparent! This is far from the more notable examples I’ve seen, but the left eye and eyebrow are breaking the laws of physics a bit. That said, I would not post this as bad art. -Mod Mola

I Hope my friend Diane is okay… It has been a really long time since i last knew about her and she was having a bad time… I trust her and her coming back tho… I believe in her. She is stronger than she thinks

Here’s some art of mine I wouldn’t mind getting a critique on, if you’re taking them. ^-^
It’s a screenshot redraw of, “Mindless Education”, an episode I adore but haunts me because badshithappenedwhenIfirstwatcheditsoitalwaysremindsmeofthen.


Steven universe redraw: This is pretty good! The only problems are the hands, which look really claw-like, and the feet, which look a little broken. I would not post this as bad art.

-Mod Mola