Artist & Illustrator:

Edwin Ushiro

“It Would Have Been Selfish to Ask For More”

16.5″ x 12.5″

Mixed Media

“It took 2 days, but when he awoke from his illness, Katsumi shared his account of the scariest evening in Mokuleia. As he was pulling in his net, he saw that a young Hawaiian girl was trapped inside it. Once he freed her, she leapt towards him, grabbing his neck and crawling up his back. Unable to speak Hawaiian, Katsumi assumed she wanted a piggyback ride, so he ran up the beach, and she clung tight to him and hit him with each step, urging him to go faster as she laughed maniacally. He felt her hot breath on his ear, and her long tongue licked the sweat from his neck. Weakening, Katsumi fell to the ground and the girl flipped him over, ripping his shirt off. He attempted to get away from her, but she was strong and he was helpless, frozen in fear. Katsumi’s vivid final memory of that night was of the girl’s head arching back as she recoiled her tongue and released the most evil laugh. According to Hawaiian legend, Mokuleia was home to the Mo'o, a supernatural creature known to take the form of a lizard god or a beautiful woman.   Mo'o, a supernatural creature known to turn into a lizard guard or a beautiful woman. “