Whoop! Did another set of Keroro Gunso pekoponjin sketches :V

You know what that means…. more random-I-don’t-know-how-the-hell-this-came-into-my-mind-why-did-I-draw-this-what-was-I-thinking goodness inside!

1st pic
Upper left: Tamama’s gonna touch Keroro’s butt. Oh! Oh! Almost got it… aaaand…. I gotta show up and kill the moment. Yes, Tamama. Shove him off the bed. No one will suspect a thing…

Upper right: Sleeping Dororo & Koyuki. I couldn’t help myself <3

Middle left: Keroro enjoying his favorite pass time, as well as a glimpse into Kururu’s sleeping rituals.

Bottom left: Kururu looking perplexed. Yeah. Not very interesting there.

Bottom right: Natsumi watching Giroro while he sleeps. Ohoho the tables have turned! Also Keroro in an apron, but that’s normal.

2nd pic
Left: Some Giroro doodles. Just sketching out some ideas. Scars. Expression. Out of uniform look. fuck idk.

Top right: Chibi Natsumi messing with chibi Giroro FABULOUS hair. again idk. Also SCAR EYEEEEE. OH YEAAAAH.

Middle: I think Keroro did something stupid again……. yep. He did.

Bottom: I was being sappy. You can roundhouse kick me to the face now. But seriously. I would absolutely love it if that happened, be he human or keronian at the time.

3rd pic
Top left: Natsumi comparing the new heights. His hair isn’t slicked back and he looks like a slacker. Stay in school! >:V

Right: Starts off with a cute chibi Giroro, the innocence of which is destroyed by Tamama screaming out Giroro’s feelings to the world and promptly getting his brains blown out.
Below is my little ghost of common sense harassing me. What a bitch she is.

Left: Giroro in action mode! Yeaaaah!

Bottom: Random Natsumi surrounded by AC:NL dreamcodes I wrote down so I wouldn’t forget. Ignore those :V

Requested by eerie
Logia user party with onlookers wanting to get in

Couldn’t resist putting some of the other Shichibukais in the window, totally jealous of Croc, and Croc flipping off Dofla cuz he’s creepy as butts.


Started working on putting Reeds into comic form. It’ll take a bit before I start posting it as a comic, but when I do I will most likely post it on Tapastic and/or Smackjeeves.

Lots of ghosts, monsters, and creepy crawlies will be featured, as well as a few creatures of the more whimsical nature. The story will be aimed moreso as a 16+, so don’t be showing it to your 5 year old and expecting things to go well :V


I felt like drawing creepy stuff. Drew a random creepy looking masked dude then of course I had to ruin the creep factor on the first one by doing a concept sketch of the cat giant sketch request and me making sleepy lovins to my pillow.
Slendy made up for it though.

I’ve been doing concept stuff for Reeds lately. I’ve got to say, Slendy seems like an excellent opponent for Pier for a story arc or two.