moke up


@mokee sherlock wakes up and johns not next to him in bed so he goes and finds him eating a bowl of cereal in the kitchen at 1 am and sherlock asks if hes okay (he says hes) he asks if he wants to be alone and john says its okay so sherlock comes and grabs a handful of cereal from the box sits down next to john and eats it from his hand with his head rested on johns shoulder while they both sit in silence eating cereal (you can only hear the hum of the overhead light and the munch munch crunch crunch sounds) until sherlock’s handful is over, then he kisses johns temple and leaves and lets him be alone again (when he gets back in bed later it wakes sherlock up a little but its okay because he wraps his arms around sherlock tightly and buries his face in sherlock’s neck and hes glad hes awake to feel it)