#KDRAMAWOMENSWEEK 2017 | So, Goodbye
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I’m a woman who lost her parents at the age of nine and walked in to become a gisaeng on my own two feet. I can know what a man is thinking by the look in his eye. I know you approached me because of Kishokai. But that you want to know me, that you’re curious about me—do not tell me those lies.


Bridal mask cute behind the scenes. Kangto and Shunji bromance :D
Joowon is a hugger haha


Omg the moment that I’ve been waiting for, finally MD found out that KT is Gaksital! This is honestly the most intense full of suspense drama I’ve ever seen and I’ve been following this drama from the start. Seriously those who have yet to watch better start watching now!!! 

I dont get why people are saying KT and MD are moving too fast when they had their kiss at the start. Obviously KT had feelings for MD and MD too had feelings but towards Gaksital. Remember the forehead kiss? Well of course she was shocked to find out that KT was Gaksital but in the previous episode KT alrdy tried telling MD that he was the young master she’s been longing for. Its just that she could not believe reality. 

GOSH I’m so shipping KT and MD and in this episode they had so many skinship!! Its better that now MD know KT is Gaksital. We’ll have more of their scenes then! heehee *giggles*

And the end is obviously not KT LOLLL. Bombing himself? He still have lots of Joseon people to save man. hahah

CLIFFHANGER ONCE AGAIN. Love it how they make us wait for another week cos Bridal mask never disappoints! <3