I had to unfollow a few “anarchists” on tumblr (namely Morkarnage) because they were posting things that were in favor of hunt sabotaging(also know as huntsabs)

It’s really inconsistent to be in favor of actions like that and to self label as an anarchist for the following reasons:

  • Hunting is a necessary action for preserving the environment(money from hunting licenses is where the majority of support for environmental causes comes from. Hunting helps keep invasive/non-native species populations down and also keeps native species populations in the proper sizes while simultaneously  helping to weed out the weaker animals from the gene pool)
  • Hunting takes money away from the meat industry and is a near ideal example of individual self reliance rather than reliance on corrupt crony capitalists.
  • Hunting provides cheap food for lower income families(either directly or from hunters donating extra meat to food pantries for the poor)

Hunt sabotaging is also inconsistent with anarchy for the following reasons:

  • To commit such acts is to enforce authoritarianism over other individuals(you are literally saying that you disagree with their actions and then are destroying their private property to enforce the way that you feel)

And in general it’s just a really crappy thing to do to people.