Past summer i imagined a Jasper Redemption Au where Jasper realizes that fighting is meaningless and does not bring anything but problems for her. She gets on a “permanent truce” with the crystal gems and devotes her life to learning human activities and stuff to distract herself from the inner emptiness that she feels, but this apparent desire to learn does not deceive to Peridot, who with Lapis decide to escape with an extractor of the beta kindergarten in order to create “limited edition Jaspers” from different parts of the world (so they dont do a real damage to Earth )to make them her new family.

top left: Pink “Cloud”Jasper
bottom left: Exotica “Scifi”Jasper
center: “Mokaite (?)” Jasper (aka the Wife™)
right: Bumblebee “Bee” Jasper

soon in color!