mojo-king-bee-deactivated201505  asked:

Lust, Greed, and Gluttony!

Lust: a headcanon about your character’s romantic and/or sexual life
Greed: a headcanon about something your character hordes or collectsGluttony: a headcanon about food or obsessions

Lust: Flame Prince didn’t know what sex was until he was fifteen- being raised feral and all. At first, he’s unsure but he gets rough. He likes to leave multiple marks on his lover’s body. Those are like, burnt marks with bite marks half of the time. Fire elemental hickey. uvu Greed: Flame Prince likes collecting rare minerals; like silver, rubies, limestone, etc. But he makes weapons and various other things out of these collected rare materials. He believes the hand crafted gifts are most sentimental and has more meaning.  Gluttony: He’s never had any of the foods Fionna, Prince Gumball, Cake, and Marshall eat until age fifteen. He ended up throwing up half of the things he ate from over stuffing himself. He does favor anything vanilla, sweet-wise, and spicy foods.