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Things That Made Me Happy Today

A really busy day at work where I got a whole lot of things accomplished and felt useful to people.

I evaluated someone today who is new to the profession and has issues with self-confidence because of some pretty terrible life experiences. I’m pretty sure that I made her week in our conference. She’s going to be an absolute rockstar. I was energized for the next couple of hours just from watching her work and providing her with my feedback. You could see her glowing when I talked to her about how great she is and will be. It was pretty awesome.

All of the awesome Ask Me Anything questions that I got tonight. Especially those from the non-anons. It’s so cool to feel interesting to people and to see how far you can reach. I also felt like I was getting my answering mojo back and made some of the answers fun and interesting. I’m humbled by your generosity and interest, truly I am.

The phrase, “I would lick up every drop of that cum and even suck it from the bed sheets.” That’s dedication. And it made me laugh out loud. 🤣

So today was one of those rare occasions where I felt incredibly attractive and actually looked decent when I went out for the day, and on top of that I got my two rings I ordered a month ago. They (almost) match the rings in that one dream I had a while back (which I’m still making illustrations for) and now my look is complete.

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Name: Joseph

 Nicknames: Joe, Mr. J,  Ninja, 

 Birthday:  June 26th 1993 (Cancer!)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 5’ 11"

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Time and date at current moment: 11:51 AM 11/29/2014

Average hours of sleep: 5-6 weekdays,7-8 weekends

Lucky number: 3

Last thing I googled: Cinemark Tinsletown ( to look at movie times)

First word that comes to mind:  song

One place that makes me happy: In an amusement park on a nice summer day

How many blankets I sleep under: 2-3

Favorite Fictional Character: Nico Robin from One Piece

Animation: *brain explodes* If we’re talking anime, Im going with One Piece. If we’re talking movie, I’m going with Big hero 6

TV Show: Dont watch tv that much now, but I loved watching scrubs while I was in high school. 

Favorite Beverage: Vanilla Coke

Food: Either cheeseburgers, or Meatball subs

Last movie I’ve seen in cinemas: Big Hero 6 bah-a-la-la-la!

Dream holiday:  A warm leisurely day on the beach in Rio de Janeiro during the day, and then see the Carnival festivities at night. 

Dream wedding: Getting the romantic out of me I see, alright then. A warm fall day, where the colors on the trees have changed, but it’s not too cold and well before the trees start setting off everyones allergies. The wedding ceremony would take place outside among the trees. It would be nice day, no rain, everything goes smoothly all the way through past the reception. 

Dream job: Working for either Pixar, Dreamworks, or Riot Games as an animator, voice actor, and or writer. 

Those I would love to know more about: cheesecake-narwhal, poppunkdethan, myheartofchaos, visexuality, fallentrinitydawn, godtrilladoe, cheskasmagicshire, linfont, its-jade-not-jadey, genelleaimee

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