mojito sauce

There’s a bar of the same name near where I grew up, but some of the cocktail names in here are hilarious: The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose, The last of the Mojitos, Paradise Sauced, The Turn of the Screwdriver, Vermouth the Bell Tolls… So many, so clever. Not only is this a really cute gift for an English major, but it’d be really fun to throw a cocktail party for your literary minded friends and make some of these (there are snacks, too!).

tastes like autumn

dinner tastes like autumn
the chewy cheesy char of lasagna crust,
a cricket’s serenade outside
following the headlining cicadas
this day

creamy coleslaw with green apple:
a straight vet move, imho -
brings the mmm’s to bear with a smile
and a sip of saucy sauce -
mojito with mango,
that’s how i flow, yo

should i give in and go for another?
maybe i should leave well enough alone.

three guys walk past my window
talking about how they would prefer
to be locked up in jail -

not if - but how

let’s marinate on that for a minute,

then we might understand
what it’s like
when life tastes like autumn

and winter
cold, cruel and unforgiving -

is always only a couple of months away.