“Rumen’s Mojito tasted like booze”

The Green Virginette; Choromatsu editon: Recipe

Originally posted by hyouka

AKA: Frog Guts AKA Essence of Fappy. Whats that?? Is it time for this little green bean to make his drink debut?? A very Choromatsu-y drink for when you need a little liquid encouragement to get that autograph from Nyaa-chan~ Hopefully a certain someone Osomatsu wont get in the way this time! A twist on the classic mojito that is perfect for summer!!

What you will need: Midori Melon liqueur/Bacardi Pineapple white rum/Lemon-lime soda/Melon slices/Lime syrup(homemade or store bought) and a tall glass!


Step one: Chop or muddle some mint leaves and add in your ice!

Step two: Add your liqueur and rum!

Step three: Skewer your melon pieces

Step four: Add your soda until it is almost full and place your melon pieces on top!

Finally, add your lime syrup and, as always, some aesthetics ™ and enjoy~!

Thanks for reading and happy drinking everyone!!!!