mojave drive in

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The Courier was more or less waiting. For what he did not know, but he had the feeling someone new would come down this road sooner or later. The Mojave Drive-in was empty as usual. He just had to wait. "Time to wait"

Kola walked along the road humming a tune to herself on her way to the drive in to go check it out. She had gotten a strange signal on her pip-boy and thought it would be good to look at really quick see what was going on and maybe if someone needed help.

the Mojave Best Friends Gang head to the mojave drive-in late night planning to screen some videos for funsies but when they do that weird piece of tech blares an eye onto the screen and then fzzzzt the Courier is just gone

leaving them just standing there

“so what do we do now,” asks arcade

“i guess we just go back to the lucky 38 and see if she comes back,” says boone

“shouldn’t we be trying to find her?” asks veronica

“probably,” says cass

they all go back to the lucky 38 and dick around for a week

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The Courier was causually watching by the Mojave Drive-in, when something snapped in his mind. "Oh Crap! I nearly forgot about Kola!" He rushed over to the satellite and began fiddling with it, while at the same time trying to reach Kola on his Pip-Boy.

Kola answered “H-Hello?” she said to who ever it was but it only seamed to be static so far and gave a shrug turning it off for a moment.