mojave brotherhood of steel


- Vault Dwellers -
Fallout Universe

Lone Wanderers, Chosen Ones, Vault Dwellers, Couriers and Sole Survivors. And one of these guys is a cannibal…

Daily Drawing Challenge 144/145: I was thinking about a narrative that involved several vault dwellers, and it inspired me to draw all my friend’s characters in lineup. I love how there’s so many correlations and differences - makes me wish there was a Fallout MMO.


So, New vegas is done, rejoice if you must.

The NCR controls all of the Mojave, save Novac and the Brotherhood of Steel bases.
Camp Macaren was attacked by fiends during Legate Linius attack on hoover damn, but handily repelled the aggressors.

The Gun Runners and Boomers have joined forces, and now supply arms and tech through out the NCR.

The NCR returned all salvaged suits of Power armor to the Brotherhood, and in exchange we now help them defend the Mojave.

Sadly, despite our alliance, the great Khans were driven far to the north and placed in a reservation. The Followers of the Apocalypse, though their aid in the crises was appreciated, continue to be dtiven just beyond NCR borders, their efforts replaced by NCR disaster relief.

A cure developed for the nightkin schizophrenia and stealth boy addiction, Jacob’s town has become a tolerated haven for Super Mutants, Nightkin and ghouls.

The Powder Gangers, driven from their halls, still harras the waste, but present no unified threat.

This is Paladin McConnell, once Courier Six. To everyone who made the Legions defeat possible, Brotherhood of Steel, New California Republic, Great Khans, Boomers, Followers of the Apocalypse, Dead Horse tribe, the Sorrows, the brave citizens of Good Springs, Novac and Primm… to you I say, Ad Victoriam.

the mojave brotherhood of steel didn’t hide in the bunker because they were afraid of the ncr, they hid because they were afraid of easy pete