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“A clue to the building’s original identity was painted on the eastern side of the building: MONMOUTH MANUFACTURING. But for all their research, neither Gansey nor Adam had been able to figure out precisely what Monmouth had manufactured. Something that had required twenty-five-foot ceilings and wide open spaces; something that had left moisture stains on the floor and gouges in the brick walls. Something that the world no longer needed.”


Title: Velcro
Author(s): justrae2010
Rating: Explicit

Finally, the door swung open.

Victor dropped the dog lead.

His husband stood in the doorway wearing nothing but a small pair of black boxer briefs - Victor’s boxer briefs - and the unmistakable red and white Team Russia Olympic jacket. Victor’s Olympic jacket. Victor felt his jaw drop.

Holy fuck. 

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Place The Blame On Fayecastle

Dan and Phil had broken up over 6 years ago. There hadn’t been anything since then. No phone call, no text, just nothing. Until now, apparently. Because now Dan was in the bookshop with fairly lights adorning the walls and Phil was standing in front of him and everything had come crashing down once again.

word count: 4,282

triggers: drinking, mentions of self harm, mentions of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, mentions of rape, mentions of physical abuse, slight body dysphoria

ao3 link.  read pt.1 here (You can read this without reading the first part! It will still make sense dw.)

This was written for a competition ( @phanficwritingcomp​ )

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The night air hits Castiel’s face once they walk out of the barn. It’s cool and refreshing, drying the moisture that had stained his skin in the moments before his imminent death. It’s strange. There’s no trace of the black goo that had poured from his mouth and onto his clothes, yet his skin is still clammy when he touches it. That, along with the ache that settles deep in his bones and chest, make him almost feel human.

He certainly had acted like one during what he thought would be his last breaths. He never expected to say those words. He had pondered them. When he first met Dean, he felt connected to his charge. He had been the first human soul he saved in over a millennium. The men and women who lived over a thousand years ago tended to believe in the power of God and angels much more often than not. Ira had dropped to his knees with joy when he brought him back to his wife and children and attempted to offer him food and shelter during his few days on Earth as a token of thanks. Although there had been a small part of Castiel that had appreciated how grateful the man was, he felt no further connection with him than necessary.

But Dean…Dean had fought him tooth and nail as Castiel descended into the pit. He swore and spat and clawed at his skin as Castiel started to raise him from the perdition he had been damned to. But once they broke through to the light, Dean clung to him and wept, staring up at him in awe as Castiel took him home.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Shannon, name's abby, friendly neighborhood anon and I was re-reading trc and it's mentioned that it's unknown what Monmouth manufactured. What if...what if Niall Lynch dreamed it and it's where he went to dream when he thought he might bring back something risky ("something had left moisture stains on the floor and gouges in the brick walls"). That's why Gansey bought it- he can feel the magic internally but didn't know what it was (ley line and all). (1/2)

(2/2)And Ronan doesn’t completely hate it, maybe his greywaren senses pick up on the dreams imbued in the walls and it makes him feel safe (ish). Obviously Ronan is even more comfortable at the Barns, but Monmouth has more magic than the dorms at Aglionby ever will. Ronan can subtly feel the potential for dreams Niall left behind, can unconsciously read the protections (failing bc Niall isn’t there to maintain them)built into the walls to help protect the outside world if a nightmare came back.

This is the coolest fucking TRC meta I’ve read in a long while. Thank you for sending this friendly neighborhood anon because I love this concept so much!

Soft Winged Liner Tutorial

When I posted that I was thinking about doing a soft, smoky, powder winged liner look teamed with glossy purple-plum lips I immediately got a response from so many of you guys to create a tutorial. This is a gorgeous, simple, chic and sophisticated makeup look that anyone can do and is great for proms/formals/cocktail parties and more. I love to wear it with glamorous hollywood style waves and hair tucked behind one ear but it also looks great with an updo.

Watch the video tutorial above or keep reading to see a step-by-step picture guide.

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So nobody knows what was manufactured at Monmouth; apart from the fact that whatever it was left moisture stains on the floor. I was rather curious about this unknown thing, and so I did a little research and it turns out there is a town named Monmouth… IN WALES. And in this town, there is a street named after GLENDOWER.

I refuse to believe that this is a coincidence.

The place was an ancient cemetery; so ancient that I trembled at the manifold signs of immemorial years. It was in a deep, damp hollow, overgrown with rank grass, moss, and curious creeping weeds, and filled with a vague stench which my idle fancy associated absurdly with rotting stone. On every hand were signs of neglect and decrepitude, and I seemed haunted by the notion that Warren and I were the first living creatures to invade a lethal silence for centuries. Over the valley’s rim a wan, waning crescent moon peered through the noisome vapours that seemed to emanate from unheard-of catacombs, and by its feeble, wavering beams I could distinguish a repellent array of antique slabs, urns, cenotaphs, and mausolean façades; all crumbling, moss-grown, and moisture-stained, and partly concealed by the gross luxuriance of the unhealthy vegetation. My first vivid impression of my own presence in this terrible necropolis concerns the act of pausing with Warren before a certain half-obliterated seplchre, and of throwing down some burdens we seemed to have been carrying. I now observed that I had with me an electric lantern and two spades, whilst my companion was supplied with a similar lantern and a portable telephone outfit. No word was uttered, for the spot and the task seemed known to us; and without delay we seized our spades and commenced to clear away the grass, weeds, and drifted earth from the flat, archaic mortuary. After uncovering the entire surface, which consisted of three immense granite slabs, we stepped back some distance to survey the charnel scene; and Warren appeared to make some mental calculations. Then he returned to the sepulchre, and using his spade as a lever, sought to pry up the slab lying nearest to a stony ruin which may have been a monument in its day. He did not succeed, and motioned to me to come to his assistance. Finally our combined strength loosened the stone, which we raised and tipped to one side.

The Statement of Randolph Carter - H. P. Lovecraft (1919)

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YA Lit Meme: [5/6] Locations → Monmouth Manufacturing from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

“1136 Monmouth was a hungry-looking brick factory, gutted and black-eyed, growing out of an overgrown lot that took up nearly all of a block. A clue to the building’s original identity was painted on the eastern side of the building: MONMOUTH MANUFACTURING. But for all their research, neither Gansey nor Adam had been able to figure out precisely what Monmouth had manufactured. Something that had required twenty-five-foot ceilings and wide open spaces; something that had left moisture stains on the floor and gouges in the brick walls. Something that the world no longer needed.”

sequinsofevents  asked:

What would you say are some of the best lipsticks for chronically dry lips? Also, do you have an opinion on the best lip balms? Popular balms like EOS, Baby Lips, and even Burt's Bees do nothing for me.

My lips are always dry! If I don’t exfoliate them and apply lip balm at least twice a day they are dry and cracking.

Two things you should incorporate into your daily routine

  • Exfoliating your lips with a tooth brush gently for around 3 - 5 minutes every night or every other night. This will help remove dead skin so your lip balm sinks in better and is more effective/moisturizing and keep your lips baby soft. 
  • Applying an intense lip balm at night before bed. You’ll wake up with moisturized, smooth lips. 

Two lip balms that work best for me are Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm $7.50 and Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve in a Tube $6. You can get them both at Sephora and Jack Black at Nordstroms/Ulta! I like to use the Jack Black Lip Balm at night or if my lips are extremely dry because it’s suuuper moisturizing, when used at night I wake up with full, plump lips! I like to use the Rosebud Salve one during the day because it adds a light pink tint to the lips and keeps the moisture locked in.

As for lipsticks, if you keep a good lip routine going you should be able to use any lipstick. But I prefer tinted lip balms because they are easy, add color and are super moisturizing!

Some of my favs are

Maybelline Color Whispers. Smooth, creamy and moisturizing! The deeper colors have quite a bit of color payoff as well.

Tarte Lip Surgence. These are lip tints so they will add color, moisture and gently stain the lips. They even have lip stain versions and more intense pigmented versions.

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment. One of my faaavorite lip products! Not only do they add color but they make the lips super soft and moisturized. 

new -> spring2k15 -> ketchup -> Bronze56k Bulletproof Armor Vest is constructed with 100% woven Aramid fibers with a polyester carrier for moisture wicking, stain resistance and anti-microbial performance. Front and rear pockets are available for additional 5" x 8" or 8" x 10" trauma plate protection. Removable straps and ballistic suspension system also allow you to easily configure the vest for your comfort.

acidhugs  asked:

How do I get my lipstick to stop looking so dry on my lips? bc it always shows the cracks on my lips and doesn't look good:/

I feel you girl!

My lips are almost always dry and lipstick never looks flattering. What I like to do is exfoliate my lips with a toothbrush or lip scrub before bed and use a nourishing good lip balm (I love Jack Black’s Lip Balm) after and I wake up with baby soft, super moisturized lips! This will help any lipstick look better through out the day since the lips are properly exfoliated and moisturized.

I also like to stick with moisturizing, balm type lipsticks. Any lipstick too matte and thick will cake up and look dry on the lips and settle in the cracks and lip lines. If you do want to rock matte lips just make sure to exfoliate/moisturize the night before and use a lip brush to sheer out the lipstick because you want a thin layer to prevent the lipstick from drying out the lips.

Try some light weight, moisturizing lipsticks like

  • Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks
  • Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments (makes many shades, very pigmented!)
  • Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tints (moisturizing balm stains)
  • Revlon Kissable Balm Stains
  • YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balms

Again, go for more moisturizing lip sticks, invest in a nourishing lip balm and apply lipstick in thin, even layers to prevent lipstick from caking up. These are my top tips! Good luck! Xo