moisture barrier

Got dry skin? I mean like DRY skin? Then this little baby might just change your life.

My flaky, peeling nose made a reappearance this winter and I was annoyed because it took a whileeeeeee to fix it last time.

This time around I got the job done much quicker. I drank a ton of water….well really it was 매실차 but it’s better than just drinking coffee as my own source of hydration like I am prone to do. I also turned down my heating so the air isn’t as dry in my room. And for that final boost, I found this little treasure at Olive Young. The price tag was hefty for me at 22,000 won but it had all the right key words (moisture barrier, dry skin, skin revitalizing) and I couldn’t resist. Or I was that desperate. I later found out it was on sale online at 11,000 won TAT oh well~

I spray this in the morning before I start my makeup routine and during the day and my face feels so much better~ My makeup looks much better as well. The one minus is that the scent is …well it’s not bad, it’s just a little odd, but it goes away.

And that is my winter face mist review~