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Do You Miss Me (at all) 2 (Sherlock x reader)

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Chapter one

You were standing by the window, the view led to the quiet street. Only a car or two passing by in every fifteen minutes. It was unordinary for your corners to be so peaceful. You had just come from the shower, your hair still moist but not dripping water over your shoulders. You had a robe on, the right side sliding down your shoulder and you didn’t bother to pull it up. You weren’t paying close attention to the traffic or the people passing by your house with their umbrellas hold high above their heads, shielding from getting wet.

The day had been bright, the sky cloudy, hiding the sun that tried peaking through the fog. It had rained softly, not being able to wet you completely as you came home from work/school that day. You had suspected that morning that you probably shouldn’t go by bike, but did it anyways.

The second you got home you went and took a shower for your hair had tangled in the wind and rain as you rode home as fast as you could. You had got sweaty and had to change clothes, putting the ones you had worn earlier that day to the laundry. You didn’t feel like dressing up, knowing you only wanted to stay home, make something to eat and sit by the window, watching tv or going through internet on your computer or phone.

It had been four days now since you had seen Sherlock and that day was the one when you broke up with him. Or you had broken up. What ever. The memory still hurt you, your chest tightening as your mind went through the events and you shook your head, retreating from the window. You went and sat on a chair next to your kitchen table, your hands on the table, your fingers intwined. You found yourself wondering had you done the right decision. Had you ever even been meant to date the great detective in the first place?

You sighed. Your fingers fiddling over each other and you let your gaze fall on the table. Your phone was there, close to your reach but you fought against checking had you got any new messages or missed calls. You had kept it mute as you knew John and Mrs. Hudson would at least be the ones calling after you, but you weren’t on the mood to talk with them. You had witnessed Sherlock trying to reach you twice the day after your break up, but you weren’t ready to call back to him. You figured he had already given up, or wanting to just apologize for waisting your time, but leave it be.

You got up to check your fridge. You had nothing particular on mind what you would cook and to be fair, your fridge was usually empty and narrowed your possibilities of making anything too fancy. Your fingers wrap around the handle and open the door to witness the already familiar sight. There was a half empty ketchup bottle, butter, potatoes and some orange juice. You would have to go shopping. You slammed the door of your fridge and groaned in frustration to the thought of leaving your apartment. You had hoped you could just spend the rest of the day,

You stomped to your closet, muttering and growling at the thought of having to get dressed. You didn’t dry your hair, only combing it so it wouldn’t be all over your face and got dressed. You decided to put something comfy yet descent on so you wouldn’t look as bad as you felt. You already had your hair looking like a bird’s nest, or so you thought, and wearing a hoody and sweat pants would only make you stand out from the crowd. And not in a good way. A pair of black leggings, a long shirt that reminded more of a dress and a warm, long coat. You had decided to go by foot, probably just get some take away, not in the mood of cooking, taking with you your wallet and phone that you shoved in your coat’s pockets. You didn’t bother carrying umbrella with you. You wouldn’t go too far from your house. Just in case you still ended up putting water proofed shoes on and wearing a scarf you could pull over your head if it’d start raining cats and dogs. On your way to the closest coffee shop you started longing for something else. You didn’t feel like going to buy a coffee, bread and some muffins from the near coffee shop so you let yourself pass the boutique, walking further away from your comfort zone. Your home street. 

Sherlock stood close to the window with the view of the street in his living room. He had stood there for fifteen minutes now in silence, but it wasn’t anything he’d never done before. Sherlock had John as his company and even if the both men were there in silence it wasn’t bothering them. Quite the opposite actually, John enjoyed peacefully sitting on his chair as Sherlock kept to himself, doing and thinking what ever he would. John had, for Sherlock’s sake, stopped talking about you after the break which he had heard of. John had been informed of this by Mrs. Hudson and just trying to get a confirmation Sherlock was hard enough but he didn’t stop there. He kept pestering him by telling him why he should call you back, try to make up with you and questioning him why you had broken up in the first place to which he answered that it had been hundred precent your idea. To this John had admitted that maybe you had done them both a favor as it was clear that Sherlock wasn’t up to it. To this Sherlock reacted in a way which was both childish and stupid. He stopped talking. 

It had taken Sherlock only a day to get over what John had said to him, but still he kept quiet, only greeting John and answering if he asked anything. John on the other hand had come up with a solution of not bringing your name up in their two to three lined conversations. He knew he had in some level hurt Sherlock by what he had said and also knew he wouldn’t be up to discuss of you with him. For now at least. 

Sherlock let his eyes wander over the street. His hawk like eyes studying every passing by human while he deduced them from afar. He kept himself occupied all the while until his eyes fixed up on a person, person he knew. It had been too long for his liking since the last time you had been near and now that he finally saw you again he couldn’t stop himself from admiring how you looked. Of course he saw your wet hair, but it was nothing. You looked stunning by just being there. By only existing it was enough to make Sherlock’s mind race and there he understood, the realization hitting him like a lightning. He missed you more than he had known or let out. He needed to talk to you. Sherlock’s eyes had met yours. You had stopped to gaze up at his window, curiosity taking over you as you had tried not to make any eye contact with the house of your ex boyfriend’s. Your eyes went wide as you spotted Sherlock on the window, staring back at you intensively. He eyed you in a way that made you feel uncomfortable. It was too intense and it made you feel vulnerable. 

“John, didn’t you say you were going for a walk today?” Sherlock didn’t let his eyes leave your form. You had been walking slowly enough for him to set everything ready. John lifted his eyes from the news paper he had been reading. His eyebrows furrowed he looked at his best friend’s back that was facing him. “No. I never said that.” He folded the paper and put it on the table next to him. “Oh right. You were supposed to go buy groceries.” Sherlock tried to act as if he really had heard John say that, but really he was just letting out the lines that appeared in his head. “Now off you go, take my card with you. It’s on the table.” He hurried his shorter friend and took his violin to his hands and before John could even think of protesting he started playing. 

Muttering, John got up, took the card and went to get his jacket. He was about to head down the stairs when Sherlock stopped playing to say, “Oh and no need to hurry back. Take your time. Something like an hour?” It sounded more of a question than an order. It wasn’t a question for John though, but to Sherlock himself. “A one hour?” John snapped. “Right. Three is more like it.” Sherlock nodded to himself, lifting the violin to his shoulder again and said, “Thank you, John.” and started playing again. 

John left the apartment in rage, thinking of being away over three hours just to bully Sherlock even if he wouldn’t even notice him being gone. When Sherlock heard the door slam close he put the violin away, his eyes still on you. 

You had been trying to avoid his stare for awhile, but not managing to keep walking. You were thinking of backing away, going back home and hiding under your blanket. You knew you were stronger than this, but the demanding state he had given you made you feel awkward and, for some reason, hurt. 

You stood on the other side of the street, opposite of the 221B apartment when you saw John exit the building you had been avoiding by your eyes. He looked pissed. As if he had fought with Sherlock and you were sure he had. He pulled at his coat, a frown on his face as he took the steps down from the doorway. He looked around and when his eyes met yours he smiled warmly. You couldn’t but smile back. A laugh that you couldn’t hear left John’s mouth and he shook his head. Now he understood why Sherlock had been so determined by kicking him out. 

John approached you on the other side of the street, he hugged you, still smiling. “Hello, (Y/n).” He said while his eyes took in your form. “Hey.” You said almost shyly. “So, what brings you here?” He supported his weight on his right leg, crossing his arms as he grinned at you, suggestively. “Just shopping. Thought of getting some fast food.” You kept the conversation clear, but couldn’t help it from getting awkward and making yourself seem distant. You hadn’t seen John in awhile too, and ignoring his calls made you feel guilty. The smile on John’s face vanished. “You’re not here to see Sherlock?” The sound of his name made your heart skip a beat. “No.” You said and looked away. 

Your eyes wondered to the window, taking a glance of Sherlock who impatiently tapped his foot to the floor, still staring at you. “You need to talk to him.” John tried to convince you, he sounded a bit desperate. “I’m not ready to see him.” You almost angrily answered, looking at John under your eyelashes. The sudden change of your tone made John unfold his crossed arms from over his chest. He looked at you with soft eyes. “He wants to talk to you, (Y/n). He kicked me out just so he could be alone with you.” He told you. You hesitated. You didn’t think you would be ready to face Sherlock or did you want to. Then again you knew you would need to if Sherlock had decided it to be necessary. 

“I don’t know, John.” You whispered. You looked away, your mind was drifting back to the day you left Sherlock, but before you got too deep your phone vibrated in your pocket. 



Your eyes widened at the rude text. You looked up to see Sherlock stuffing his phone to his pocket and his eyes to fix on you. “Then again I don’t think I have a choice.” You said and showed the message to John. “Guess you better hurry.” John said and waved you goodbye. He wished you luck and you knew you would need it. You see John walking to the direction where you came from, with a sigh you gaze up again and see Sherlock with an arched eyebrow. You wanted to snap at him and yell, “Alright I’m coming!!” But you would only embarrass yourself since he couldn’t hear you, so you settle for glaring at him and stomping inside the house. 

You get up the stairs, slightly surprised by Mrs. Hudson not peeking from her apartment to see who it is. She was probably busy or out. Sherlock was still standing by the window, but instead his eyes fixed out side he was turned towards you. His hands in his pockets, an unreadable expression on his face. “Took you long enough.” He ended up saying, his eyes fixed on the floor. 

You wanted to hit him or facepalm yourself. “That’s what the staring was about?” You groaned. “You tried to invite me in? I can’t read your mind, Sherlock.” You two stood in silence until Sherlock made eye contact with you. He cleared his throat to get your attention which he had lost for a second. “So how are you?” You couldn’t help but feel like being slapped in the face. “I’m good…” You answered, not sure was it a lie or a truth. “So, did you solve the case?” 

“I didn’t invite you in so we could discuss about the case.” Sherlock groaned. 

“You might not but ever considered I want to know?” You argued with a strong but calm tone. “Did you solve it?” You asked. 

“Yes, I did.” Sherlock muttered which made you curious. You eyed him playfully, him giving you a glare, hinting ‘Don’t you dare’ but it only encouraged you. So you asked, “How?” Sherlock tried to find the wall next to the fire place more interesting than you and your words, but you waited patiently until he sighed, “I waited for another murder…” “Would you look at that.” You chuckled. “Don’t say ‘I told you so’!” Sherlock pointed at you. “I wasn’t going to.” You put your hands on your hips. “It’s just nice to hear you’ve solved it. It was really getting to you.” Your voice was soft and shy by now. 

“Why are you always so understanding?” Sherlock sighed. “Sometimes it’s a blessing sometimes it’s a curse. I tend to follow decisions I make that only please others.” You had to admit, it pained you. Maybe you were sometimes just so shy to tell how you felt and what you wanted? Or you didn’t think you deserved to be heard? “You ever do anything for yourself?” You didn’t know the answer to that. Then you spotted an expression on Sherlock’s face, he looked at you, worried and bothered. The next question made your heart ache. “Is that why you broke up with me?” 

“It seemed to be the best solution.” You looked away. You were about to start crying and didn’t want him to see. You couldn’t break now. “Just tell me why I’m here. You invited me.” You stressed the word invited. “You didn’t answer my calls.” Sherlock said. “I wasn’t ready.” You admitted. In shame you looked away. “And if you had something important you could’ve texted.” “Would’ve you answered?” He asked and took a step closer. “No. I wouldn’t.” He knew you would say that. 

“Listen, I’m…” Sherlock’s voice died down. He was now right in front of you. You could touch him if you just moved your hands that had fallen to your sides. “You don’t have to say anything, Sherlock. It just wasn’t meant to be.” You were struggling to keep the tears in. “I don’t believe that.” And with that said he leaned closer, his hands on both sides of your neck, holding you gently. He kissed you, and you didn’t pull away. You let his soft lips collide with yours, your hands reaching for the back of his neck, fingers tangling in his hair. 

When Sherlock pulled away he kept close, his forehead touching yours. His eyes were looking at you in a gentle way, he was still holding you. “I missed you, (Y/n).” He whispered. “And I think I need to apologize for what I said and I understand why you left, but if there is any chance for us to try again-” 

“I missed you too, Sherlock.” You smile and lean in to kiss him, this time more passionately. “How long is John going to be away?” 

Sherlock looked away, as if he was trying to remember but shrugged, “I might have told him to be away for three hours.” You hit Sherlock playfully on the shoulder. He laughs and pulls you to him, his hands wrapped around your waist. “You thought convincing me would take three hours?” You giggle, your nose touching Sherlock’s who was about to kiss you again. “No, but what happens next may take a bit longer.” He smirks wickedly. You want to slap him again but he decides to kiss you. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull yourself closer to him. (I hope this doesn’t suck!!!)

Three times and one (Part IV)

Being an ordinary human girl among a group of extraordinary people with peculiar abilities on an entirely different planet can be much of a challenge, more so that you have taken quite a liking into a certain God of Mischief, with whom you oddly seem to get along with very well. Sounds like trouble? Well, you kind of asked for it.

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Who Is James Buchanan Barnes (Bucky × Reader)


Summary: A little anonymously requested Bucky Barnes fluff for his birthday, with eventual Bucky x Reader, as based off of the song ‘Seven Years Old’ by Lukas Graham. It’s very short and not well written, but I got it done. Basically, just a lot of angsty fluff on this one.

Character Gender; Not necessarily specified, hinted at petite female.

“[Y/N]! [Y/N] get in here now!” Steve’s voice rang out hurriedly from the living room of the cramped, empty New York apartment that you and ‘Team Cap’ had been pretty much squatting in since this early May. You quickly dropped the numerous loose notebooks that you had been filing away, slamming into a few crooked doorways as you rushed into the living room.

You were greeted not so kindly with the sight of a disgruntled Steve, as expected from the yelling, who was basically supporting Bucky from his entire left side. Bucky’s dark hair was hanging over his eyes, dripping from either sweat or blood, probably both. His eyes looked darker than normal, and there were deep smears in the mud on his face that resembled newly made tear tracks.

“Holy-” You trailed off in shock, ripping out the updo that your hair had been shoved up into mere seconds before, the instinct doing nothing to better the situation at hand, although you weren’t quite sure what the situation was.

“Steve, put him down, put him down.” You pulled off the lightly knit cardigan that you had been wearing over your exposed arms, rushing over to gently place it over Bucky’s heaving shoulders as soon as Steve dropped him into a sitting position on the loudly creaking couch.

You quickly grabbed a cotton rag from the precariously placed basket of laundry that you had yet to finish for the week, and began gently wiping the small debri off of your best friend Bucky’s cheeks, whilst interrogating Steve sternly, “What the hell happened out there?”

“I- I don’t know,” Steve managed, his throat sounding parched, and you hastily pointed out a bottled fountain drink that was placed on the edge of the coffee table for him to take a sip of, “One minute he was fine, ran off, and then I heard him yell.”

You continued gently wiping away the slightly layer of darkness off of Bucky’s cheeks, turning the cotton cloth to be cleaner, as he kept looking at the ground, both of his hands shaking in his lap. You let slip a few murmured curse words before you muttered angrily under your breath, “I bet he saw something that those messed up HYDRA bastards did to him.”

Steve only gasped in a shaky breath as a reply. You took that answer as enough and quickly decided that Bucky’s face was clean enough for now, then did a long range hoop shot with the cloth, which landed back into the huge dirty clothing pile. Steve was putting the cold drink you had pointed out to his right eye, which was beginning to bruise over.

You brushed Bucky’s lanky, moist hair out of his brimming eyes to back behind his ears, making a shudder run through him as you did so, his blue eyes snapping up to your face, a dark fear spreading from within them. You held up your hands in mock surrender, leaving his hair where it was behind his ears, but you kept your eyes trained on him, hoping that he wouldn’t lash out in his current state of fear.

Luckily, he didn’t. He just kept his scared eyes on you, watching your face as another tear drop fell from his left eye, and then his right, continuing until the tears were silently flowing down his face, cleansing it fully. He turned his eyes downcast in what appeared to be shame.

“Hey, hey,” You soothed in a whisper, reaching out to touch his left shoulder with your comforting hand.

He flinched away from your touch, his eyes snapping back up to yours again, and you froze the comforting motion, your hand barely hovering above the shoulder of his metal arm. He looked at you in uncertainty, with you looking back at him, and you slowly inched your hand until it was on top of his whirring metal shoulder, your thumb rubbing circles on the flesh that you could reach.

As you did so, he started crying harder, bringing his flash hand up to cover his mouth.

“Shh, shh,” You began again, but were cut off by Bucky’s voice cracking, as he whimpered out a sentence that made your heart shatter into about a million pieces; “What am I?

But it wasn’t your turn to be hurt this time, so you swallowed the huge, tight lump in the middle of your throat, and ignored the growing black hole in the pit of your stomach as you let out a breathy exhale and answered him as best you could, “You are Bucky.”

He shook his head, but you didn’t even give him the time to protest, as you went on, “Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. We call you Bucky. You were born in 1917. Steve and [Y/N] Rogers are your best friends, even since then.”

“Your mother was Rebecca Barnes, and she always told you to ‘go out and play’ or you’d be lonely, even when she got sick,” You reminded him quietly, ignoring Steve’s stare from across the room at the two of you. Bucky grabbed your free hand in his own flesh one, squeezing tightly at the thought of his mother, “And you did. And we all had fun, remember that?”

“Bucky, go out and play!

“"Don’t you need help with the chores, Ma?”

““No, silly, Steve and [Y/N] are waiting outside.”

“He turned to see you and Steve, arms waving from the main street that his apartment was built on, shouting out things that he couldn’t make out. He couldn’t help the loving smile that came to his face at the sight of Steve in his boring slacks and tweed, and you in your musty pink outfit, a crooked bow hanging in your hair.

““You sure?”

““Of course, sweetheart,” she coughed, and he could have sworn he saw a hint of blood on her hand as she wiped it on the nearest rag, which caused his hesitation and her response, “James Buchanan Barnes! If you don’t get out there right now-”

““Okay, okay, Ma! Fine!” He grabbed his coat, “Be back soon!”

Bucky nodded in a silent answer, Steve remaining quiet on the lumpy chair, and you kept filling the silence with your quietly uttered words, “It was such a big world even then, but we acted like we could beat it.”

You smiled fondly and glanced over at your older brother, Steve, who had put up his newly dirty boots on the coffee table, which you purposely ignored to keep the momentary peace, and he flashed a bittersweet smile back at you before you turned back to Bucky, still tightly holding his hand.

“But not just that,” you went on, trying everything you could to make Bucky feel better, because, as much as you hated to admit it to anyone, you loved him, “When we were ten, I think, I started getting hit on by drunks. You and Steve pummelled those pervs, even though you were both so skinny.”

“Hey, girly,” a resonating, deep voice sounded from behind the three of you, causing Steve to jump a little as your trio whirled around to face a drunk man sauntering down towards you, “wanna come back to my place? We could have some fun.”

“S-Sir,” you stuttered out nervously, grabbing tightly on to Bucky and Steve’s free hands, squeezing, “Sir, I’m only eleven.”

“Aw, sweetie,” the man slurred lazily, stepping forward and leaning down to your level, causing you to stumble backwards at his bourbon smelling breath, “Age don’ matter to me. And neither will that lil’ dress.”

“Hey!” Bucky interjected, fury in his voice, as Steve shoved you behind the two of them as they puffed up their chests and stared the drunk right in the eyes, “Wanna try that again, pedophile?”

“What?” The man growled out, his words fuzzy at the edges from too much excessive alcohol.

“You heard him!” Steve chimed in, getting right up in the man’s face and stabbing a finger at his chest.

Bucky turned to you, a determined smile gracing his young features as he nicked under your chin with two of his fingers, “[Y/N], run.”

Steve laughed from behind you at your words, and you let out a couple chuckles yourself, but Bucky remained silent even through the fond memory that made you feel so giddy inside. This prompted you to lift the hand on his shoulder to stroke the side of his hair gently, still slightly smiling with your eyes wide.

“Steve and I never had much money,” you felt a reminiscent warm glow begin growing inside of your chest as you rambled on, “but you did odd jobs for us. You gave us the money. I remember Steve gave you the biggest hug he could, and I couldn’t even reach your neck, I was so tiny.”

“Thank you so much, Bucky!” You laughed giddily down at the money that had been placed in both Steve and your’ hands only seconds before.

“Hey, no problem, doll.” Bucky smirked proudly as Steve dove in for a hug that Bucky had to lean down into, because Bucky was just that tall, or maybe Steve was just really short. Probably both.

As Steve leant away from Bucky’s brotherly hug, the dollar bills still clutched in his hand, you passionately jumped at Bucky, making him laugh loudly in surprise and catch you, swinging your petite body around in the air as all three of you laughed all laughed deliriously.

Steve smiled bigger, remembering the scrawny, unfed little girl that you used to be, and Bucky gave you a fake, fleeting smile as you kept running your fingers slowly and gently through the side of his hair, just above his left ear. You wanted to laugh more, remembering how small you used to be back then, when Bucky and Steve could practically pick you up with their pinky.

“Your dad, he always joked that you would marry me one day,” You smiled a small smile, a pink blush rising to your cheeks as Bucky looked up at you, realizing what you had said, “but you thought that it was gross, and shoved me away.”

“Why would I…?” Whispered Bucky sadly, but no one heard his words, and no one saw his lips move either, seeing as you had turned back around to a guffawing Steve, your own grin growing wider on your face.

“One day,” Bucky’s father’s loud, joking, deep voice rang around the room, “you and [Y/N] are going to get married, Buck!”

Both Steve and him laughed loudly, leaning back in their wooden chairs, while you covered your face with your hands, pouting at their relentlessly close teasing. Bucky made a disgusted face, pulling back in his chair.

“Ew!” He yelled in disgust, shoving your now laughing body away from his, as you made a pouting face through your ridiculous giggles, while Bucky’s father tousled up your pulled back hair with his large, calloused hand.

“Yeah, well, I wouldn’t marry you either, James!” You stuck out your tongue.

“And I remember,” you went on, Bucky putting his now wide, curious eyes only on you, save for a few hesitant glances at Steve, “I remember you saying you wanted to be in the war, with the other men, like your dad. We were so young then, and when you said that, I cried. I remember both you and Steve had to comfort me.”

“I’m sorry…” Bucky whispered, just loud enough for you to hear, although Steve remained oblivious to Bucky’s words.

“No, no, no,” You rushed out, not wanting him to feel bad. Your hand immediately went to the side of his head again, combing over his smooth hair as best you could, with him ever so slightly leaning into your touch, looking at you guiltily, “I was a bit of a crybaby.”

“And, remember that one time when you-” Steve trailed off into loud laughter, leaning back on the seat, his brain going back to the memories that he had of the three of you, the memories Bucky was not gifted with.

You laughed again too, turning back to Bucky to hastily explain; “You got sick when we were teenagers. Not bad sick. Sick, like, be in bed for a couple weeks sick. But I was so worried about you, James. I wrote you letters every day. Sometimes I wrote out whole stories and songs that I thought you would like. You teased me so much after that.”

Dear James,

I hope you are well. Well, you’re obviously not, but I hope you get well soon. We miss you here so much. Steve misses you, although he keeps telling me you’ll be out of bed soon. I miss you a lot. No one’s bullied me yet, but I still would feel safer if you were here, not that Steve isn’t strong either. I have to go,

[Y/N] [Y/L/N].

Bucky looked up at you, not quite sure why he would have teased you for doing something so kind for him, but not speaking a word in question of it, for fear that it would burst the bubble of your brightly shining smile, the stories that gushed out of your lips, and your hand that was running gently fingers through the side of his hair.

You gazed fondly at your fingers grazing through his hair, and he couldn’t help but stare at the face that seemed so beautiful to him, your lips moving to speak, “You were such a smart boy, Bucky. A genius, honestly. You still are. You won so many awards, but you were so humble.”

“I- I was?” Bucky looked up into your eyes that flickered to his, disbelieving, and you nodded at him eagerly, a brightness in your eyes that he had rarely seen before as you swooped in and gave him a gently kiss on the forehead.

“And the winner is… James Buchanan Barnes!”

“Whooo! Go, Bucky!”

Your lips felt soft, warm on his forehead, and he tried his hardest not to close his eyes out of comfort, snuggle into your gentle touch, and just breath in all the care, all the love that you showed him. All the love that he had rarely been shown in the last seventy years, that he was desperate to have from you.

“I don’t know if you remember, Buck,” you went on, making him snap out of his loving daze to look fully back into your eyes, “but we always asked you why you didn’t just get out there and become a popular kid, because you could if you wanted to, I’m sure. You had this class. But you always said we ‘were the only ones you really loved, and the only ones who would ever really know you’.”

“We love you too, Bucky.” You murmured sleepily, your young teenage eyes slipping closed as you leant your heavy head on his left shoulder gently, feeling a warm arm wrap around your shoulders, a kiss placed to the top of your hair, making you cuddle into his side even farther, your nose smelling his cologne.

“Good to know,” He chuckled at your sleepy voice, giving you another light kiss on the head, as you felt the back of Steve’s head land gently on your lap to sleep, “Goodnight, you two.

“When we were twenty years old, maybe older,” you squeezed his hand and felt him lightly squeeze yours back, making you smile at him, a sight that made him want to hug you tight, “you went off to the war. 107th, and Steve followed you, the stupid punk. Then I met Peggy, and we ran off after the two of you like two lost, determined puppies.”

“You don’t understand, Peggy!” Your voice sounded desperately pitiful, even from your own perspective, “We have to find them somehow! Steve’s my brother! My only brother! And Bucky- Bucky is- my best friend! Take me to the 107th, please!”

Peggy gave you a look, and you could see the look in her eyes, the effect that meeting Steve, even for a brief second had put upon her, and she nodded, “Let’s do this then.”

“Really?” Bucky asked, looking up at you like a small child who was hearing a jaw dropping story from an adult, and you smiled, the corners of your eyes scrunching up as you did so, nodding in response to his question, as you pushed some more loose hair out of his eyes, causing him to lean back into your pushing touch.

“You always saw your plans,” you let go of his hand, having to pry your fingers from his, as he did not want to let go, and he whimpered when you did so. But you quickly took your fingers from his hair to hold his hand, while putting your free one on his flesh shoulder firmly, “You told us failure was only a concept.”

Bucky nodded at what you said, something showing through in his eyes, something like a faint glimmer of true remembrance, “I did.”

You slid over onto the lumpy couch beside him, the metal springs creaking loudly as you did so, but no one in the room seemed to mind the sound, your gentle voice merely covering it up with soft words, “You knew our- Steve and I- our voices made a difference, even if they were small.”

Bucky turned his head to look at your beautiful face, small snippets of sentences falling out of his lips, just as meaningful as if they were paragraphs, “I still think that.”

Your eyes lit up at the fact that you were seeing a bit into the inner Bucky that he hid away so well, and you quickly leaned forward to gently eskimo kiss him with a smile on your face, causing his breath to hitch in his chest and a gasp to come out of his throat, one that you didn’t notice, along with the awkward tension practically radiating from Steve.

“Just remember,” you went on carefully, seeing the guilt, and pain from his Winter Soldier years reflecting in his baby blue eyes, “you’ve got us with you. We’ll always be there for you. Sam, Wanda, Steve, and me.”

“Steve… You.” Bucky repeated your words lightly, seeming awestruck by the caring phrase, “You’ll always be there…”

“Yeah,” you reached forward again, and lightly put a soft hand on his cheek, that he leaned into with a whimper, a few unexpected tears running down his cheeks, “and if you ever can’t tell us something for any reason, because you’re in danger, or you just hurt when you say it, you write it down for us, Bucky. We’ll help you find a way. I promise. Okay?”

“Okay.” He murmured helplessly, looking directly into your big beautiful eyes that had so much hope for him. There was so much belief in your big eyes, it made him want to stare into them forever and ever and ever, and kiss you. It made him want to kiss you.

“Soon, we’ll all be a hundred years old,” you laughed out, a light laugh, but with a lump in your throat forming, not of sadness this time, but of joy, “can you believe that?! There are tee shirts with our names on them! Your name, Bucky! Because you’re a hero!”

“I’m not a hero-” Bucky tried to protest, but you gave him no choice.

“Of course you’re a hero,” you gushed, putting another hand on the other side of his face to make him look at you, not as if he needed any prompting, “people around the world stand up for you! Stand up against Tony, the Accords! You wanna know why? It’s because they believe that you are a hero! And so do I!”

“You believe I’m a hero?” Bucky questioned you incredulously, just enjoying the feelings of your gentle hands on either side of his face, your thumbs rubbing comforting circles just beneath his eyes, which was putting him on the threatening edge of closing his eyes and just feeling your presence. At this point, Steve had left the room smirking.

You bobbed your head up and down enthusiastically at his question, changing to a meaningful expression in an instant, “Sure, you’ve made mistakes. So, we all have. You’re still learning about this life, how could you know?”

Bucky put his hands over your hands subconsciously, feeling more tears prick the back of his eyes at what you were saying about him, the beautiful words pouring out of your moutb, “One day, if you want it, a woman will give you children, and you can raise them however you want! Because you’re free now. Free, Bucky. And imagine the stories you’ll tell them, the songs you can sing.”

But I can’t sing, Bucky thought, delirious in all the care and love that he was getting from you, I want you to sing, [Y/N]. For me.

“Sure, we all got lost.” You went on, “But we remember our old lives, and so our new lives become better ones. And we all love each other. I love Steve, Steve loves me. Steve loves you, you love Steve. I love you…”

You trailed off, realizing what it was that had just came out of your mouth, wanting to take it back immediately, but also slightly glad that you put it out there, because he definitely needed it so much right then. You just looked into his eyes, hands still on either side of his face.

“Y- You love me?” Bucky whimpered out at you, stuttering as his fingers fell away from your fingers that wrapped on yours on his cheeks.

“Yeah, you’re damn right I do.” You shot back at him, seeing the longing disbelief in his eyes, one of your gifts being to read people, and going with what your romance-movie-watching inner self told you to do.

You kissed him.

Sure, it was a sudden move. Hell, everything in your life had been sudden since the day you turned two, and it was a little bit rash to do without consent, but you were hoping that it would go well enough that you wouldn’t regret it later. And, apparently, your hoping powers were really strong, because let me tell you something; it did not go badly at all.

He kissed you back, not adding any force to it, but just moving his oddly soft lips along yours, moving his shaking hands to your hands that were still placed on the sides of his cheeks, rubbing those circles to wipe away his tears, and you could feel them; the tears, from joy of now, or before, running down his soft cheeks.

When you both broke away from one another, you immediately pulled his body into a soft hug, his cheek resting on your collar bone, able to smell your exquisite vanilla shampoo that he had always complimented in the forties. Your fingers raked through the back of his hair, causing him to shudder, but in a good way.

“Thank you, [Y/N].” He graciously added, his voice shaking, and his arms cautiously wrapping around your waist, “I- um, I love you too. A lot.”

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Optional Bias Drabble III

A series of pants leaves his lips, his toned body lifting off of you as his smile shines down at you, arms tensed either side of you as he props himself up. His chest heaves, his entire body covered in sweat and droplets still running down the length of skin slowly. You had to admit, your night had been pretty intense, for the lack of a better word. 

The screams and crashes still resound in your head; the first fight you two shared just the previous night to be something not to repeat, unless you count the part where you two made up. Over and over again. You’re brought out of your thoughts by his low chuckle, looking up at him again with a sheepish smile. 

He squeezes your thighs, the stubble above his lips more prominent against his gleaming skin. ‘You know.’ He whispers, his voice croaky from the work out and the shouting. ‘This… We should repeat this.’ He licks his lips after his words, giving you a heartbreaking grin which makes you let out a noise of utmost want,  sitting up to face him. 

Moving a hand around the back of his neck, you pull him closer and press a deep kiss to his already moist lips, the light hairs of his moustache and beard pricking against your face. Feeling the familiar dampness between your legs, you pull the male closer, biting down on his lip as you whisper. 'How about we do that right now?’ You whisper, making him chuckle once more as you slowly feel his eagerness. 

'It would be my pleasure baby girl.’ 

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We have to stop being cute. Everyone’s vagina smells like meat or fish or tampon residue and we need to stop lying about that shit. No real human woman has a pussy that smells like the produce section at Wholefoods. Vaginas are moist, damp, covered in hair, kept in the dark, and packed to overflowing with bacterial flora and fauna. And it also happens to be spitting distance from our butthole where diarrhea comes from. That shit is not supposed to smell like a spring day. Can I clean it up? YES. Will I still smell like a sexually-aroused human female? ALSO, YES. Pussy stinks. Deal with that shit.

- Samantha Irby, Bitches Gotta Eat

The birthday present

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1203

Request: Hey doll 💗 It’s my bday today and I wanted to make myself a present hahaha. I hoped you could do an imagine for me with Steve, cause I had a lovely dream last night :) Steve wakes up and hears you’re in the shower and can see glimpses of you through the opened door. At a point he can’t stand it any longer and joins you in the shower, where you end up having passionate shower-sex? :) I hope you’re okay with this 😘😘 -Anonymous

Warnings: SMUT. Pure smut with a little bit of cute fluff at the end, but mostly just dirty and all the way sinful, unprotected shower-sex smut. Prepare.

A/N: Oh my god, I have ever written an oneshot this smutty. This caused me a huge overdose of smut, so please enjoy -this is the last one you are going to get for a while, lol. I really need to get back to the innocent fluffiness, before Lucifer himself is coming to drag me down to hell.

Gif’s not mine.

Steve woke up to the sound of the running water, and turned around to see that you had already got up, even if the sun had barely raised. The two of you had decided to share a hotel room after a mission, since you were way too tired to get back to the Avengers Tower after the job was done last night.

Frowning, he glanced towards the slightly open bathroom door –just in time to see you coming out of the shower, water glistening on your skin and your hair on a messy bun at the top of your head. He knew that he was supposed to turn his head away from you, but he couldn’t –not when you looked like that. You crouched towards the floor and rubbed your legs with a white, fluffy hotel towel, before getting back up, running it along the curve of your hips and your lower back.

Steve gulped, rubbing his face with his hand. The night in the same bed with you, listening your soft sighs and chuckles and the feeling of your skin against his as you crawled into his arms -even that was hard for him to handle. -But the sight of you without any clothes on, dripping water, your hair messy and your cheeks slightly blushed -it was way too much for Steve. He rubbed his hair, before jumping off the bed and walked across the room to the door of the bathroom. Taking a deep sigh he knocked it sharply twice, making you frown slightly.

You wrapped the towel around your body, before giving Steve a permission to come in with a soft hum.

“Morning,” you chuckled, letting your moist hair fell down before flashing Steve a smile as he pushed the door open. “I’m sorry if I woke-“

Your sentence was cut short as Steve rushed to you, grabbed your face between his hands and pressed his lips against yours. Your eyes widened from surprise, but it didn’t took long until you were pure wax under his soft and gentle touches. You lifted your hand to his bare chest and felt his heart beating like a drum, as your other one caressed his cheek and neck gently.

“Steve,“ you breathed out as you broke the kiss, your heart beating and your lips slightly swollen.

He shook his head, stepping further from you. “I’m sorry Y/N, I shouldn’t have-“,

You nipped your bottom lip between your teeth, taking a deep breath, before stepping closer to him, your hand traveling to the hem of your towel. “But do you want to?”

“Yes,” he breathed out, his eyes running down your body and back to your eyes. “More than anything.”

“Me too,” you whispered, dropping your towel to the floor before crashing your lips against his for demanding and heated kiss –nothing like the one before. He ran his fingers teasingly along the curve of your body, as you tangled your fingers into his hair. A soft moan escaped your lips as your lips kept moving in sync with eager rhythm that Steve made even deeper by sliding his tongue into your mouth.

Grabbing the hem of his t-shirt into your hands you pulled it over his head, smiling to the sight of the tensed muscles of his chest and stomach, before taking his hand in yours and pulling him to the shower cubicle after you.

“I was thinking about the ordinary bed sex, but doll,” Steve chuckled, pushing you against the wall of the shower, his blue eyes deep from lust and his lips turned into a wide smirk, “this is so much better.”

A soft moan escaped your lips as the warm water hit your skin, right at the same time as Steve started to kiss your neck demandingly, sucking and tingling your delicate skin. Chuckling, he locked your hands above your head, as his free hand moved down your body –all the way down to your arching clit.

“Steve,“ you gasped, amazed by the sudden contact and pressed your eyes shut as he started to rub your clit with perfectly satisfying movements, making you writhe against his wet body as your moans got louder and his movements more demanding.

“Able to stand by yourself?” he chuckled, his voice deeper than usually, his teeth nipping your earlobe as you moaned desperately for an answer.

Steve kneeled in front of you, widening your legs, before pressing his tongue straight to your tender clit, making you scream his name and pull his hair as he started to draw circles with his strong tongue, his fingers moving to tease your entrance.

“S-Steve, fuck-,“ you whined, trying desperately gasp for air as you were getting closer and closer to your orgasm, overwhelming waves of satisfaction rushing through your body over and over again as he kept moving his tongue and fingers. “Captain please-“

“Gosh, you sound so sexy,” Steve moaned, sliding a finger inside of you –causing another, deep and harsh rush of satisfaction ran through your body.

Demandingly, he started to move his finger inside of you, curling it and pushing it in and out, while his soft lips kept working on your clit.

“Come on doll, let me hear you scream my name,” he encouraged, making you scream his as you came hard under his touch.

Steve got up from the floor, pressing soft and gentle kisses to your skin on his way up, before turning you around, your back pressed against his chest. He moved his lips to kiss your neck gently before starting to push inside of you carefully.

“Oh- s-shit Steve,” you let out a gasp, taking support from the glass of the cubicle, as you felt him –and pure satisfaction filling you up.

“Are you doing okay, doll?” he frowned, his fingers moving your hair to the other side of your head. “I don’t want to hurt you-“

“No, I-I’m okay, I just-,“ you breathed out, starting to realize that all the teasing of the other Avengers truly had been true –the serum didn’t just made some part of him bigger. “Move, please.“

Steve chuckled softly, curse words escaping his own lips as he started to move carefully inside of you, making you moan loudly.

It didn’t take long until he came inside of you with a loud, desperate shout of your name, making you cross your own line as you collapsed to his arms, panting hard, yet satisfied smile on both of your lips.

“That might have been the best birthday gift I have ever gotten,” you let out a soft laughter, after Steve had carried you to the bed and wrapped you into the warm and soft towels.

“Will you hate me forever, if I admit that I totally forgot?” he frowned slightly, nipping his bottom lip between his teeth as he was trying his best to make a braid of your wet hair –with weak success.

“Yep,” you nodded your head, before bursting into bubbling laugh that made his heart flutter. “No, I couldn’t ever hate you, Steve.”

“Good to hear,” he chuckled, bright smile on his lips before leaning closer to you to kiss you deeply. “Happy birthday, doll.”


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1. What does your muse smell like?

Freshly cut grass and moist soil, humid hair.

2. How often does your muse bathe/shower? any habits?

Showers twice a week. She doesn’t like getting wet…But constantly washes her hands.

3. Does your muse have any tattoos or piercing?

Only Earring holes. But she has been thinking about getting a tattoo or a piercing.

4. Any body movement quirks ( ex.knee shakes )?

Knee shakes, bites her underlip a lot and constantly washes her hands, no matter what she touches. She can’t stay still.

5. What do they sleep in?

Long comfy and cuddly pijamas in winter. Short pijamas in summer… sometimes even in just a long Tshirt… OR SHORT ONE. She can’t sleep in nightgowns.

6. What’s their favorite piece of clothing?

SOCKS. Big collection of different colorful socks.

7. What do they do when they wake up?

Go back to sleep… Unless she really has to wake up… first thing she does is to put on her bra and warm up the water for her tea.

8. How do they sleep? position?

On her left side, right side, on her back, on her front, with her head hanging outside the bed… She doesn’t stay still even when asleep.

9. What do their hands feel like?

Dry and chapped skin, from washing them too often.

10. If you kissed them, what would they usually taste like?

If you get to kiss her, you might taste a bite. But you might also taste Tea and Fresh Herbs…. or just plain grass.

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No one can have you, except me…

 WinWin as your teacher, smut, you dominating, naughty girl spotted

Requested by one of my followers, I’ll keep her in mind for owing me a Win Win flavor ice cream :D If you guys love it, I can write a next chapter, but maybe I’ll leave it here. PS: I used my all time fav gif of him. 

Enjoy reading!

Your first semester finally began. Before getting assigned to your classes, you had to choose an optional course. College life was more complicated than you thought, because your schedule was really chaotic and even like that you were still obliged to choose one more course… Since you arrived pretty late at your university, there was no free opening for other optional courses, except for the Chinese classes so you had to go with that…feeling a bit bitter since it wasn’t actually what you wanted.

So the day to start your Chinese classes finally has come. As soon as you arrived at your classroom, you saw a group of girls giggling and flirting in the front with your teacher, but you couldn’t see clearly his face.

You took a seat in the back and waited for the class to start, busier to put your textbooks in order and take out your dictionary, choosing carefully pens of every color since you needed to keep a track of the new words you would learn. 

When you lifted your head, you put your glasses to see better the board since you were a bit far and for your surprise, you exchanged glances with your teacher. He was a young and tall man, in his 20’s, named Dong Si Cheng.

He would keep looking at you till he completed his introduction and after he finished, he told everyone to open their textbook and read in silence the first assignment, before he would start to teach you.

You saw him then coming towards you and suddenly you started to feel nervous. What if you did something wrong? Like, what it’s happening? You were attentive and watched carefully every move of him, he couldn’t scold you for any reason.

Other flirty girls turned their head back to see what he was going to do, sending you death glares. You weren’t glamorous and stylish like them, why would their hot teacher even approach a plain girl like you?

Excuse me miss, can you stand up please?” he asked you out of nowhere. What was he trying to do? You were shy by nature, so attracting other people’s attention was the worst thing could happen to you…especially in a classroom you didn’t know anyone at all.

You stood up as he told you, keeping your head down.

Oh now I see it clearly! You can sit down now.

What was that??? Why did he do that embarrassing thing in front of the other students? You thought you would die inside!!

He then approached you a took one of your colored pen (a pink one) and wrote a Chinese character “爱” on your notebook.

“You know, the character on your shirt, it’s spelled wrong, I don’t know where you bought it, but you should go and ask for a refund” smiling while he returned back to his place and continued his lesson.

You were left without words, while others laughed at your funny situation. That was the most embarrassing moment…and it had to happen on your first day. You just wanted to run away and hide.

Back at night when you arrived at home, you searched in your dictionary and found out the meaning of the character he wrote was “Love”. Somehow your heart began to act weird at the thought of how he approached you and wrote that on your notebook…you closed your eyes and imagined only him, without no one around you, reminiscing his mild perfume and strong breath…Ahhh you were starting to have weird things about him.

For some good weeks you tried really hard to keep up with his classes but you were always last. Watching him every time, drove you mad day by day and your mind was somewhere far away…you couldn’t focus at all.

Many naughty thoughts were trespassing your mind, although you were shy in real life, you could swear that if you had the chance you would catch him off the guard and not let him go…because he made you crazy, his gaze when he was focusing on you while trying his best to explain the things…. made you feel hotter and hotter and you had to come out with a plan and make a step – it was now, or never.

It was a stormy day and after your Chinese class ended, you finally took your courage and asked him if you could go to his office later, to help you with some question from your homework, since now you had your regular courses to attend and didn’t have time. He agreed and told you he actually wanted to ask you that earlier, because he felt like you needed his help. You blushed a bit and carried on with your schedule, thinking about how to approach him later and make him yours…

Everyone was in a hurry since there were no classes left and outside the storm worsened. You headed to your teacher office, while people were passing by you in the opposite way…one by one, everyone headed home before the weather condition would get worse. But you had to carry on with your “seduction plan”. You couldn’t wait longer and this was your opportunity since you were practically left alone. As you climbed the stairs, you could only hear your footsteps and the thunder outside. There was no one left in the building. Except you and Si Cheng professor…

You arrived in front of his office and knocked at the door. With a clear voice, he asked you to come in. As soon as you entered his office, you could see it was pretty cozy, decorated with paintings inspired by Chinese art and it was very neat and clean. He asked you to take a seat beside him, as he pulled a chair for you, telling you it was better being by his side so he could correct your writing every time you would make a mistake.

Suddenly you couldn’t think of making any move, he was really serious about teaching you and you were nothing of special, you thought. You were just a normal girl, you had your own charms, but not in a seductive way like your glamorous classmates…your self-esteem dropped down in a second.

You took the seat near him and opened your textbooks and started your study session with him beside you…for some good hours you spent the time only studying with Si Cheng professor correcting your mistakes. He was praising how good you were doing this time and felt proud it helped you to improve your Chinese learning.

As he suggested a short break, before finishing the last part of your homework, you heard a sudden thunderclap sound, and scared, you literally jumped on his lap holding him tight. You were really, really scared because of the sound and your heart was beating fast… Thunders were the scariest things you could not bear in your life…

But you realized after a while you were actually on top of your teacher, grabbing him by his neck, with him holding your hips, surprised at your unexpected reaction…

Before saying anything, you kissed him abruptly…you had to do it before regretting it for the rest of your life. If he made you embarrassed from the first day, you thought you could bear it a little more till the end of semester…

He took your head into his hands and pushed you, looking a bit flustered…

What are you doing? Do you even realize what you just did? I am your professor; we can’t have this type of relationship…

I’m sorry teacher, but I can’t bear it anymore…it was you who wrote the “Love” character in my notebook and in my heart since the first day. It is your fault and now I’ll have to punish you for this. From this moment, I’m not your student anymore. I am just a woman who wants to crush your feeling just like you did it with me all this time” finally you released your thoughts along with your wild self.

He was left at a loss of words… You continued to kiss him back and unbutton his shirt, while your hands were slowly going down to release his belt. He then gave in with the feeling and stuck out his tongue to kiss you harder. His hands slowly pushed you to stand up and undress your pants as you took off the shirt by yourself. You felt reassured, at least you wore a decent underwear this day, you couldn’t face another awkward moment…one more time and you could be called the “Queen of embarrassing situations” …

You stripped all of his clothing and pushed him back on his chair, while you rolled down slowly your panties. He started to touch himself watching you teasing him…your mind has gone blank in a second, like there was another person taking over your body.

Never, ever you would imagine yourself being a dirty and naughty girl…but here you were. Sitting in your teacher’s lap all naked and horny, while he pushed himself into you…

You took the lead and started to twirl while going up and down on him, with your hands grabbing his black moist hair. His mouth opened slowly leaving out shouts of pleasure and you could see clearly his beautiful white teeth…his plump lips were desirable and you started to lick them again, for his pleasure…

I hope you could be the first and the last of me! Promise me one thing, please be my secret mentor… I just want to do everything with you…” you whispered while you were biting his ear lobe.

You…you…you…. just need to lead me, I’ll be here for you…” he stuttered as he felt his climax coming.

You released your deep breathing and slowed down for him to regain his consciousness since you overworked him like there was no tomorrow…

I can take you to places you still don’t know, so please remember this moment…No one can have you, except me…Do you understand what I mean, Si Cheng?” it was the first time you called him by his name.

He showed a pleased expression and nodded as an approval since he still couldn’t breathe properly and talk after all the over-pleasure you gave him.

You dressed yourself quickly, then kissed his forehead. Outside, the storm seemed to have calmed and since it was pretty late you needed to go back to your home.

Tomorrow, come over for your study session, you still need to improve your writing. I’ll bring some good books for you…oh never mind. Please come to this address when you finish your classes, we will have some dinner before… “he wrote quickly on a piece of paper and handed it to you before leaving.  Actually it was his house address…so exciting!

He hugged and gave you a peck before leaving, suddenly leaving you shy about what you did…You were slowly coming back to your normal-self…Did you have any personality disorder? … No, no, you thought better, you actually did everything you have planned all this time…without regret!

When you arrived at home and crawled in your bed, after taking a long hot shower, you couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt. You were thrilled at the thought of you, as a normal girl finally seducing him for real…Si Cheng was a pretty hot guy, he was young, smart and looked like he really received your feelings in a positive way…he wanted to meet you again…

You fell asleep thinking about what you would do the next day at his apartment…Suddenly you started to dream about him dominating you…just like how you did it with him a while ago…

Authority Issues pt. 10

Professor Barnes x reader

Notes: smut, fluff, teacher-student relations, angsty

Summary: Candice reveals her intentions and Bucky is completely done with this shit. 

Description: this shit is on fire

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You felt tears burning behind your eyes as you slammed your own door shut behind you. Leaning against the cold surface you let go. Your knees gave out and you sunk to the floor, as a loud sob erupted from your throat.

Why would he keep this from you? Being married isn’t something you just mention randomly in between conversation, but he knew everything there was to know about you, and you thought it was the same the other way around. You’d never felt so betrayed, all the more so because you loved him with every fibre in your being.

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Forget About Me

Request: #3 with jaebum 😍

3) “You smile. I smile. That’s how it works.”

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Got7′s JB x Y/N

Type: fluff

I shuffled around in the kitchen in my small apartment and huffed as another piece of moist hair flopped onto my forehead. It was unseasonably hot in Seoul for the middle of October and I felt like I was suffocating with all of the windows in my apartment all but nailed shut. I pushed up on the glass to the window behind my sink and groaned as it didn’t budge. Readjusting my grip and letting out a few grunts did the trick as the glass was freed from the track below and sprang upwards, letting in a slight breeze. 

I heaved a sigh and leaned back on my counter, proud of my small accomplishment. Although I had let the sidewalks of my city into my kitchen, it was nice to have an occasional cold wind blow through my cramped space. My air conditioning had been on the fritz for weeks now and opening the one small window turned the area from a sauna to something a little bit more bearable. 

I happily tapped at my phone to once again begin to hum to some music as I cooked. One of my favorites, Don’t Forget by Crush, began to fill the four walls of my apartment and I smiled at the smooth sound of the singer’s familiar voice. I couldn’t tell you how many times I had listened to this song. 

It made me think of my love life, which was mostly the tragic musings of a teenager, but there were some incredible sparks peppered in that I wouldn’t be able to forget if I tried. I thought of my own current relationship and felt myself getting teary eyed as I chopped at the vegetables in my hands. 

“Damn onions,” I grumbled, flipping on the sink and washing my hands before I began to rub them over my saddened eyes. I sniffed a few times, closing my eyes and allowing my body to sway to the music. 

I was in a relationship that was for the most part, long distance. Yes, he was occasionally located in the same city as me, in the complex across the street no less, but we might as well have been worlds apart. His work kept him so busy, and my life wasn’t any less stressful with the students I taught and the lessons I had to prepare in my free time teaching English. All that we hung onto was our love and the time we did get. 

“If you and I become estranged someday, if we could never meet each other…don’t forget, don’t lose,” I whimpered, my eyes remaining shut as I sang. “Even if you are holding another’s hand, if you are somewhere I cannot go…don’t forget, don’t lose.”

A crisp, clean voice cut the air, and I didn’t need to open my eyes to know who it belonged to. “Hope the moment sitting face-to-face and looking at each other would last forever. Actually I’m worried time would envy us. Don’t change, always by my side. Together forever my love.”

“Jaebum,” I said quietly, a smile growing on my lips as I opened my eyes. JB was leaning against the sill outside, smiling in to my kitchen from the sidewalk. 

“I heard a beautiful songbird as I was walking by,” he sighed, his eyes hidden in his smile. “I thought I’d join her for one of her favorites.”

“Get in here!” I gasped, my hands balling into fists at my sides in excitement. I half hopped, half skipped to the front door and waited as the handle turned slowly and my boyfriend appeared. 

“Jagi,” he hummed, his arms open. I collapsed into his body and took handfuls of his sweater into my palms. I couldn’t let go of him. His familiarity immediately calmed me as he backed me into my apartment and shut the door behind him, finally wrapping his arms around my waist. 

“Jagiya, I don’t know if I can breath,” he chuckled, running a hand across my hair absently. “So tight, cutting off air.”

“Sorry,” I whispered. “Actually I’m not sorry…I missed you.”

“I missed you too, silly girl,” he chuckled. “Did I scare you?”

“Why would you scare me?” I asked, my eyes widening as I leaned back to look at him. 

“You know, strange man, singing at your open window? Or is this what you’re used to when I’m not around?” he asked, making one of his trademark derp faces. 

“Oh yes, Jaebummie,” I chuckled. “Matter of fact, I usually invite them in as well and let them know I miss them.”

“Well frankly I don’t know if I’m alright with that,” he said, pursing his lips, eventually breaking into a smile. 

“Yah!” he gasped, taking me into his arms again and spinning me. “God, you don’t know how much I missed you.” He attacked my face with kisses as we continued to walk backwards into the living room and plopped us both onto the couch. 

“Jaebummie!” I gasped, pushing him away so I could look at his handsome face. “What are you doing back in town so soon?”

“I wanted to see you,” he sighed. “You smile, I smile. That’s how it works.”

“Although that’s an incredibly cute response,” I cooed, cupping his face in my hands. “What are you doing home?”

“Our second date in New York got cancelled,” he sighed. “Nothing about us, just some promotional and managerial mistakes we couldn’t avoid. I didn’t really mind to be honest. Of course I’m upset to disappoint ahgase…but I have an ahgase here too.”

“You do,” I nodded, tucking my head beneath his chin and closing my eyes, listening to the muffled thud of his heartbeat. 

“But I have to ask…why are you listening to those sad love songs…crying in your kitchen?” he sighed, rubbing circles with his fingertips on my hip. 

“I was just…thinking,” I sighed. “If you and I aren’t together…if we can’t handle this life…if you’d forget about me?”

“I could never forget about you,” he sighed, pushing his face into my hair. “But want to know the best part?”

“Hm?” I hummed. 

“I won’t have to forget about you because I’m going to see your face every day, for the rest of my life,” he whispered. “I promise that.”

“And how can you promise a thing like that?” I croaked, my voice breaking at every syllable. 

“Because me being around makes you happy. You smile, I smile, that’s how it works. Remember?”

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Samurai!Tae x Reader AU

Reader POV kind of | Tae’s POV

Word Count: 2.8k

(a/n): A reminder that this is set in Japan, and I tried to avoid using Japanese terms, I’m a total nerd for the Japanese culture and all that Sengoku era stuff and definitely the samurai part (cOUGH RUroNI KEnSHIN BITCHES).

Also sorry if you are waiting for an update on Interference and Cursed, I have Interference ready and I’m in the middle of writing Cursed and another AU lmao. Also lets ignore the stupid title lmao. I really wanted to write this ‘cause that gif is so beautiful.

Big warning: this is kinda cheesy in my opinion lmao, I’m sorry if it sucks

When you first met Kim Taehyung, he was a mere boy, orphaned and living under the parental guidance of the owner of the clan you were serving. He was a boy brought to Japan from a conquest in Korea, who the high ranking general decided to take under his wing.

You, born into the status of a peasant, watched the little boy with brown hair and chocolate eyes grow up into a disciplined warrior under the teachings of who he sees as his father. Being approximately the same ages, you’re appointed to tend to the Korean boy. Despite being someone of the opposite sex, you help him wash up, dress him, and bring him his meals.

“(Y/n),” tween Taehyung says as you hurry over with a cloth and cup of water, his brown hair moist and sticking to his forehead as he fans himself with his hands. His wooden practice sword is discarded on the grassy ground, his body collapsed beside it.

“My lord,” you greet politely with a low bow before placing the cup on the raised wooden, outdoor walkway. He peels himself off the ground with that boxy smile etched on his face, clambering onto the wooden floor and sitting cross-legged before you.

A smile graces your face as you gently dab the cloth over his glistening face.

He pouts.

“Call me Taehyung!”

Similarly, teenage Kim Taehyung says the same thing as you wipe away his trickling perspiration and give him his cup of water with a bow. He eagerly chugs down the heavenly liquid, the water soothing his dry throat.

However, as he smiles at you and returns to training, this time with an actual sword, you can’t help but sit there and revel in the gorgeous being that is the boy in front of you. Under the blazing sun, his sweaty, tanned skin never looked so appealing to you. The sheen of sweat that covers his golden flesh is seemingly glittering under the sun. The sleeves of his robe are rolled up to his shoulders, showing off the muscles of his flexing biceps and triceps to your wandering eyes.

You blush, smacking your hands on your cheeks to rid yourself of such thoughts. But as you let your eyes once again fall on this growing boy, you’re adoring the strong determination that sharpens his chocolate orbs, internally screaming at the simple way he lets one hand take hold of the sword so he can use the other to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

He must feel your eyes burning into the side of his head, turning to catch yours before he sends you a boyish grin that has your heart pounding.

You’re completely taken.

You know however that your feelings for the adopted son of your clan’s leader, were highly forbidden, and would only be burdensome for Taehyung. You could only store those thoughts away, and bear with the pain of watching this boy grow up into a man that would soon be wed to another more worthy woman.

“I’m going to war soon,” Taehyung whispers years later as you help him wash up, scooping up amounts of water in a bucket and pouring over his back, “I’m going to win.”

You have no doubt he will, the young boy you watched grow up having become a fine samurai in your eyes. But there’s that dark side of your thoughts that prods at the what if - what if he gets hurt, falls in battle. You shiver at the thought, unable to picture the horrible image of the man you sincerely loved dead at the hands of the enemy.

Instead, you let yourself focus on his broad back, face flushing as you let your hands splay across the softness of his tanned flesh. You remember your younger self, not caring about the bare boy in the tub you have to wash. But the you now is conscious of his nakedness, not understanding why he hadn’t had the bright idea to get a page yet.

“If I had, then you would be lonely (Y/n),” he coos jokingly, snickering as your hands falter to cover your mouth, “Do you not like spending time with me?”

Shit, you think in embarrassment before continuing to wash his body with your head lowered in defeat, why must I speak my thoughts so carelessly?

“It’s not like that Lord Taehyung…” you start unsurely, setting the bucket in favor of a cloth that you hand to him to dry off, “But wouldn’t you be more comfortable with another man tending to your every need?”

He hands you the cloth, watching with sharp eyes as you fold it and prepare his sleeping robes, helping him into the silken white garment.

“Why would I need anyone else when I’ve already got you by my side,” he says as you tie the sides together, “There’s no one else I’d trust as much I trust you.”

“Don’t say such things my lord,” you scoff, feeling your face burn as you bow and leave his side to clean up after him. How could you hide your growing feelings for him if he says such things to you?



You look up with a frown to meet the warm chocolate eyes that gaze down curiously at you, watching as you tighten the armor around his front. His tall form is decked out in dark armor, guards that equip his arms and legs with a helmet held in his hand. Two swords are held at his belt, no doubt soon to be covered in someone else’s blood.

You can’t help but admire how incredibly charming he looks in armor and his brown hair pulled back into a top knot, a sash tied around his head to push the short strands of his bangs off his forehead. His face is blank however, no smile to be found as he watches on silently and waits for your response.

“You’ll win,” you finally say as you take the helmet from him and observe the intricate designs on the stiff material, “And you’ll come home, I’m sure of it.”

And he smiles to your surprise, that stupidly handsome boxy smile that captures your heart as he takes the helmet and fits it on his head.

You bow one last time as he leaves to rally up the army and head out for battle. That stupid smile of his is the last thing you remember until the day he arrives back atop his stead with the rest of his army following behind.

They’re all wounded and bloodied, even Taehyung as he searches through the crowd of servants that line up at the entrance of the castle to congratulate his victory. When his eyes are focused on you, the furthest away from the hoard of people, he relaxes and smiles.

“Told you we would win,” he says later on in his room as you kneel in front of him with a basin of water, a cloth, and bandages.

“I never doubted you in the first place, Lord Taehyung.”

With his armor stripped off, you peel away the robe and wince at the gashes that run along his arm and abdomen. You glance at his face before you take the cloth and dip it into the water, quietly dabbing at the blood smeared around the opening of the cut.

“Were you even worried the least bit?” he scoffs playfully, making you look up and blush at the closeness between you both.

From this distance, you’re aware of the small cut on his chin, deep enough for the scarlet fluid to secrete from the narrow wound. Your hands stop and your attention is moved to the cut, rising to run the wet cloth over his chin.

“Why would I worry?” you ask as you return to tending to the gash on his abdomen, rolling the bandage around his midriff until it’s properly dressed. “I trust in your capabilities.”

“But do you trust me?” he blurts out, halting your movements to tend to his slashed bicep.

You stare at the dried up blood that had trickled down the length of his arm when he’d gotten cut, your hands finding the power to continue working and clean up the trail of scarlet that stains his tanned skin.

“Of course I do,” you say, submerging the cloth into the water basin, the clear liquid now corrupted with tendrils of red from the blood you cleaned up, “Why?”

It’s your mistake to look up, freezing under the appearance of that smile that spreads across his face.

“No reason.”


You never wanted to have to see Taehyung hurt and bloodied again.

It isn’t until one night, a conspirator within the retainers wrecks havoc in the castle. Footsteps and yelling echoes throughout the halls as you search for Taehyung to ensure his safety. You’re so focused on looking for him that you end up in the hands of the traitor, the ice cold metal of the sword positioned at your neck with his fingers digging in your waist.

“Hurt a single hair on her and I’ll have your head in a second.”

The deep voice is familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time, it’s absolutely chilling, making you shiver. The blade at your neck presses further against your neck, the sharpness of its edge cutting into your soft flesh.

“Take a step forward and I’ll have her head,” your attacker threatens, “Or you can drop your swords and I’ll spare her in exchange for your life, my lord.”

Your eyes shoot up in an instant, widening when you see Taehyung there with his sword unsheathed and in a stance ready to fight. His eyes are far from warm, they’re dark, sharp, and swirling with emotion as he glares at the retainer. You don’t know this man. There is no sign of his signature boxy grin, the curving eye smile, the brightness that sends warmth to your universe.

You hiss, trying to helplessly jerk away from the sword that continues to bite into your skin.

“Let her go and face me like a man rather than a coward!”

And then you’re sent hurdling to the floor as the two men lunge towards one another with the intent to kill, to murder. You scramble as soon as you crash land, crawling as far away to keep from burdening Taehyung.

You watch them clash with shaking eyes, your body quivering as you wince at each clang and sharp clink of their swords colliding. Taehyung endures a few slashes at his arms and sides, the blood seeping through his robe. One final block and counter, he slices upwards then down before piercing his blade right through the chest of the traitor.

You turn away, waiting for Taehyung to finish up and soon enough approach you. You’re not expecting his clothes and skin to be splattered with scarlet, eyes frozen as they stare back at you. He’s not the boy you grew up serving.

And he stays that way until you raise a hesitant hand to swipe your thumb over the red that covers his cheeks, further smearing it. His eyes soften, mouth pulling into a meek smile as he lets his sword handle slip from his fingers in favor of sliding his hands over your cheeks. His eyes trail downward to the cut on your neck.

“He hurt you…”

You smile and nod, “He did, but I’m safe now… you’re safe…”

His smile widens and despite the image of him injured and covered in blood, the terrifying coldness that had replaced the warmth of his eyes, you fall deeper in love with this man.


Perhaps the attachment you secretly have towards Kim Taehyung was bound to come to an end at some point as he grows more older and well-known. The memories of a few nights ago replaying in your ears over and over again, reminding you of your place as a servant, someone unfit to stand by his side.

At that time you were heading over to his room to serve him dinner, glued to your spot in front of his door when you overheard the conversation inside.

“I expect you to consider the proposal from the Higuchi clan,” Taehyung’s adoptive father said, voice stern but gentle, speaking to the boy he had taken from his homeland and brought overseas to another, “A concubine, if not a wife I suppose if you see it.”

You should’ve seen it coming, but you’re more devastated than you thought you’d be when the time would come that another woman would come to stand by his side instead of you. At some point in time, Taehyung would have to find himself a proper wife, or at least a few concubines.

And yet you can’t accept the thought, having grown up watching the Korean boy grow up into the capable man he is, a dignified samurai, and a simply beautiful person that you couldn’t have.

You dread the day the daughter of Lord Higuchi arrives at the castle, her slender body clad in elegant robes and intricate accessories. Her skin is porcelain, lips blood red and full, hair long and decorated. She’s simply gorgeous, and further makes you envious as she smiles tenderly at everyone.

It’s painful, but you force yourself to serve Taehyung and his lady guest for the day, preparing them tea and lunch served in the garden.

When you pour the tea in her cup, you can’t help but look down at your attire in shame compared to her. The simple kimono and obi that is barely of any competition to her extravagant one and haori that is draped over her shoulders. Until you notice that it is not hers, that it belongs to Taehyung, and your heart sinks.

He must’ve noticed the way your expression falls, but you avoid his confused gaze and excuse yourself.

That night, after the daughter has long left, and everyone is heading off to bed, you sit out on the outdoor walkway. It’s quiet and serene, the moonlight illuminating the dark garden you’re looking over.

It’s almost soothing your breaking heart until the creak of the wooden floorboards alert you of someone and that someone takes a seat beside you.

“You’re usually in bed by now.”

You turn your head, your heart speeding up at the sight of Taehyung, his features glistening in the glow of the moonlight. His eyes are glittering, staring right at you warmly as he smiles.

“You disappeared as soon as lunch was over,” he said, tearing his eyes away from you to glance over the tea garden.

“I was busy,” you lie, looking down and wishing that he’d just go away and stop making your heart go crazy.

“I suppose…” he sighs, leaning back on his hands, “So what do you think?”

“Think of what?” you ask, half knowing what he’s implying of.

“Of Lady Higuchi,” he replies simply, never turning or looking over at you to gauge your reaction. It’s like he knows how it pains you to hear the name of his future wife, the woman that’s not you who will stand by his side.

She’ll get to love him, to hold him, to kiss him, to call him hers, everything you’ve wanted ever since you’d realized your feelings for the boy as a teenager.

“A fitting woman for you, my lord,” you answer after much thought, each word painful to even grit out, “Beautiful and polite…” Everything I cannot be, only a servant that has no right to stand by you.

“And what if I were to say that she was not the woman I only have eyes for?”

You blink. What? Was there another woman? A woman you had no knowledge of?

“The woman, my only love… She’s gorgeous, even more radiant than the ever bright sun and glittering moon, even more breathtaking than any star I’ve ever seen.”

Each word he says weighs you down, it’s torture, knowing that he’s hopelessly in love with another lucky woman.

“If only she knew…” he whispers, deep voice usually a caress to your ears, but now poison and pain as you’re about ready to yell at him that it’s enough.

“When she’s the one who’s been by my side all these years, serving me and taking care of me, being like this is not enough for my selfishness, I want to call you mine - (Y/n).”


When you look up, he’s gazing down at you, chocolate eyes warm and loving, full of adoration and kindness as he takes your hand and blesses it with a kiss on the back. Everything about the passionate flame that blazes behind his irises is sincere and you can’t help the blood that rushes to your cheeks.

“You’re lying,” you whisper, feeling your eyes well and sting with salty tears, “What a hurtful joke this is.”

“Don’t cry,” Taehyung whispers, tugging on your hand until it’s splayed over his chest, the beating of his heart fast against your palm, “I’m in love with you (y/n).”

“I’m unworthy… your father would never allow it…” you start off when clearly you wanted nothing more than to leap into his arms and return his declaration of love.

“He won’t,” he agrees, “But that doesn’t mean I won’t fight for you.”

“You’re the only one I trust, the only one I want to stand by my side forever.”


Just a nice casual haul today! My local Asian beauty mart is so easy and I’m in love ☺️☺️☺️

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