moist cookies

Cookie Clicker is more than a game. Cookie Clicker is more than “some dumb tumblr fad.” Cookie Clicker is a deep and emotional peek into the horrors of civilization at its worst and most cold-hearted.

You see, the cookies represent satisfaction, achievement, success, you name any of those things; they’re the cookies. Notice how in the beginning you just make the cookies for yourself and you’re happy with it. That’s all fine, but soon others start noticing how good the cookies are, and they start giving you praise.

You like that, but do you let it stop there? No. You keep making more and more cookies to keep feeding your ego, which only gets bigger and bigger. Soon, you make a work force- a slavery system based on cookie miners and grandmas. You keep hearing more and more about how the cookies are tearing apart civilization from the ground up, but you don’t care. You just keep making more “cookies” all the same, while old grandma is fading away, telling you that you could’ve stopped this.

But it doesn’t stop there. Look past the game; look at yourself. You keep coming back to this game. You don’t even know why. Hell, I even have it open in another tab, watching as I get more and more “cookies.” You, I, we, nobody even knows why they’re still coming back. Even the maker of the game says he’s “kinda starting to regret” this game. It’s almost as if the game composed itself as a warning to us to be happy with what we have. The game itself is its own “grandma” in that it serves as the warning factor, only watching and hoping that society itself doesn’t crumble under a Rocky Road of chocolate. Now think about all of this the next time you want to go and make more “money.” More “power.” More “cookies.”