moishe house

I’ve been in and out for a while

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t posted much lately. A LOT has changed in my life! 

1. I graduated!!!! On May 17th from Moore College of Art & Design with honors. Illustration major and Creative Writing minor, what whatttt. 

2. On that same day I moved! It’s both strange and very refreshing to not live on campus anymore, but I won’t think my retirement from Reslife will hit me until I start hearing about orientation in the fall. 

3. The place I moved into is called Moishe House Philadelphia. It’s a part of a much larger organization called Moishe House and they run close to 80 houses in 17 countries. They subsidize part of my living expenses in exchange for programming and leadership in the 20s and 30s Jewish community of Philadelphia. How awesome is that? I get to participate in everything from Shabbat dinners, learning retreats, and the National Conference every year! To my reslifers out there, if you thought you do a lot of programming… I have to do 7-10 programs a month! 

4. I got a job! Kinda. I’m interning in the design and concept development departments at Lenox Corporation. If you have nice dishes, wedding gifts, Dansk cookware, or a lot of Christmas ornaments, you probably have Lenox products in your home. It’s been an awesome experience getting to work (and get paid) as a full time illustrator and designer. Now to figure out my career as this internship ends in August. 

5. I’m also trying to launch my freelance business so in between all of this I’ve been networking and doing freelance graphic design work for a few different companies. 

So yeah, I’ve kind of been really super busy since the middle of May. I won’t be posting about Reslife anymore (except for reblogging you lovely people) so I won’t be offended if I lose a few followers. But when I can, I’ll be posting more about being an adult and I’ll still be glad to answer as many questions as I can about my reslife experience. I love you all and I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life, so be patient. 

And to celebrate my graduation I leave you all with one of my favorite graduation speeches of all time, given right down the street from me at UArts.