riloi-deactivated20130214 asked:

so are you super super duper excited about college? (i am and im a sophomore i need to calm down lol)

I am super excited and was also looking forward to this forever, it seems!! But yet again, I’m a bit disappointed in myself. Ever since I was wittle I wanted to go to NYC for school and get out of the small town kinda thing for good and I’m scared that I might be moving to the exact same kind of small town area?? I didn’t know I wanted to do art until this year and procrastinated and dreaded about making a portfolio because I had already convinced myself I wasn’t good enough. I still want to transfer maybe?!?

But I’m still soo excited to meet lots of new people. I really need that!

Sorry this is a long-winded answer, haha!! In short: YES!! and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, MAN!! AIM FOR THE HEAVENS

riloi-deactivated20130214 asked:

hello, i think you're cool. how exactly do you get away with being barefoot? do you go barefoot everywhere? how does the weather affect your bare-footedness?

You don’t have to get away with anything. It’s not illegal anywhere in the US, including restaurants. I barefoot everywhere. Except certain places I’m finding that love to give me a hard time, so I wear them only in a certain area and make sure they see me remove my shoes as I’m done dealing with them.

The weather hasn’t changed much since I started. We’ll see what I decide to do this winter.