real moicy sketchs….

yeah I fall…………….in loveeee~~ 

I always thought that being Moira’s couple has to be hard beacuse she is so dedicated to her job and science…..

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well I see that I at least I can make a proper Moira on side face so, let’s see If I can do another perspectives of her
some of these sketches are not my ideas there are

Moicy   @mercymaker​ gifs (and this is literally what I do when I play Moira and there is a Mercy on my team….surprisingly they usually respond nicely!! Moira with glasses @shamrae  idea of a comic that Iike because I never imagine a Moira looking like that but in my headcanons she have contact lenses just because I see a little circle on her eyes in the game….but it have no sense that she have that issue, she experiment with herself to have that hand and the enough amount of money to operate but…. Still like it

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AAHHHH I’m not dead I’m just…..SO bussy, I hope I will be free at july

btw some moicy skecthes that I did some time ago and now I just finish them

hope you like them!!

I’M SORRY I needed to do ir again the colors was wrong sniffff