A Theory on Moiraillegiance

It’s already been stated that Eridan and Nepeta wear their moirails colors

Eridan’s rings (back when he and fef were moirails)

and nepeta’s hat, tail and shoes

Now the question is why? Why do these two wear their partners colors, while Feferi and Equius do not? What Nepeta and Eridan have in common is both Eridan and Nepeta are lower on the Hemo-spectrum than Equius and Feferi.

Here is my theory. The moirail with lower blood will wear the highblood’s color, not out of devotion, but for protection.

We all know Alternia is a pretty violent place, and there is no consequence for a highblood killing a lowblood. We also know that moiraillegiance serves as a means for soothing and controlling highbloods who would otherwise be dangerous. AND we know that moirails can be extremely vengeful when their parnter is killed.

So in order to prevent accidentally killing a highblood’s moirail and setting them off on a murderous rampage, the lowblood wears the highblood’s color to show they are “taken”. 

Eridan doesnt wear as much pink. He is a seadweller, and immune to most hemo-spectrum related killings. However, his moirail is the Heiress, and pretty damn important, so it thus marks his importance as her moirail. It also warns his potential killer that they have the wrath of the heiress on them if they were to actually kill him.

Nepeta on the other hand, wears a whole lot of blue. Since she is practically a lowblood, she needs to make it pretty clear that she’s under the protection of a blue-blood.

So basically, wearing your moirail’s color is a warning sign. Equius and Feferi allow Eridan and Nepeta to wear their blood colors as a “bitch step off this is mine” sign to people who might want to hurt them.


You who have pulled me out of the 

by acting as the

that guides me home.

You who quiets the

that makes my

boil when my

is overturned with thoughts of

You who has given me the 

to take that

that I need and the

to heal my wounds.

I thank you.


is now full of

and I can look towards the rest of my

with a smile.

A little poem made for a moirail.

Idea taken from this wonderful poem.

Sollux<>Terezi, for a friend of mine who requested it. Enjoy~

If you can’t read the dialogue, this is what it says:

TA: iit2 not even that iim up2et 2he2 dead– ii mean,, 2he 2eem2 pretty happy now and all, but 2eriou2ly, TZ, iive had two mate2prit2 and ii kiilled them both.


TA: ED wouldnt have kiiled her iif ii hadnt fought hiim liike an a22hole. ii shouldve been the biiger troll.


TA: yeah, ii know. 2tiill feel2 liike it2 kiinda my fault, you know?

GC: … Y34H. 1 GU3SS 1 F33L TH3 S4M3 W4Y 4BOUT VR1SK4.

Homestuck Song Parody: To Hold You When You're Weeping

A parody of “The Dancing and the Dreaming” from Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon 2, revamped to fit the alien concept of moiraillegiance from Homestuck.

1: I’ll try to put your mind at ease

Whenever you are frowning

And help you to let go of strife

If you’ll be pale for me.

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why Aradia Dave is perf

• they both like dead things, just picture them bonding over creepy dead stuff and being impressed with each other’s collections

• obvi but they’re both time players so just imagine lots of timey-wimey bullshit shenanigans, like playing tag and time hopping to cheat like how cute is that

• they both have dealt with their own deaths- aradia dying and dave seeing himself die countless times

• aradia would totally be able to make Dave smile and break his dumb stoic resting bitch face

• Dave would introduce Aradia to earth action-adventure movies and they would have marathons of like Indiana jones and Jurassic park and shit like that

basically it’s a perfect ship and there’s no downside, you’re welcome goodbye

Troll Romance: What it is and what it isn’t.

So I haven’t been on Tumblr much today, but from a little while checking my dashboard in Cognitive Psychology, I’ve seen several posts about the quadrants that have been quite off from what we’ve learned from the comic.  So, in hopes to correct the spread of misinformation, I’m typing up a rundown of what each romance is and isn’t.

Before I begin, the most important thing to state is that, to trolls, all of these types of relationships are explicitly romantic.  All of them.  Pale is not just “bffs” and Gray is not just “dispute management”, they each have more complex romantic elements to them.  The bulk of this post will be under the cut.

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